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  1. I'm currently using an i5 7400 CPU, but I want something a bit more powerful. What would be a good upgrade that works with a H110 board? Does an i7 7700 work? Thanks in advance.
  2. I can't check right now, but it doesn't look too different @Crunchy Dragon Wow, if that's my PSU then I don't think I should OC anything...
  3. Now, I don't really know how to name PSU's, but it says that it is a SPI500 80 plus silver @Crunchy Dragon (if that tells you anything)
  4. I was thinking of OC'ing my 1060 (6gb) (it is the MSI Armor OC version), but I'm aware that this will draw more power. My power supply is 500 watts. Can I OC safely, and if so, how much? Also, is it really necessary to OC a factory overclocked card? My CPU is an i5-7400 if that's relevant.
  5. Just looked it up, you're all right of course. The motherboard is not an H310 board, rather an H110. I'm guessing that i7's like a 7600 or 7500 is what's compatible then...
  6. I'm unsure, but I think I would need a new mobo as well with a ryzen?
  7. Hi! I've been noticing that my CPU (i5-7400) has been struggling as of late. I am therefore considering upgrading to an i7 8700. I am wondering if the 8700 will be compatible with the same motherboard I have now. The motherboard i have is the MSI H310M PRO-M2, and it should have the required slot. I am also wondering if this is a sensible upgrade, if not, what are some other good options? My GPU is a 1060 (6gb).
  8. I went to this website http://thebottlenecker.com/ and it said that I had a 10% bottleneck. Is that bad?