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  1. either faulty vrm or old bioses
  2. really? where have you seen such an exemple? wondering if they were running 6/8 cores at what voltage and if they had proper aiflow for the vrm heatsink. I mean i've looked on to many videos/forums about am4 boards, and those pro4 boards do not seem to be that bad. Here is an exemple of HardwareUnboxed doing a vrm temp test on different b450 boards(the ab350 pro4 is basically the same with the b450 fatal1ty) edit: results graphs start around min 10
  3. im not 100% sure the vrm components are the same, but they are still 3+3 phase. yeah msi, gigabyte and asus all got their board nicer with the new chipset, but asrock kept the same board and got a different color scheme this time(at least with the pro4 series).
  4. in this case the boards are identical (except the chipset ofc) so i would there be any diference?
  5. I dont have the board yet, nor the cpu i was just talking hypothetical because i want to save some money on my upcoming build. I was saying 1.4v in case my cpu could actually hit 4.1-4.2 ghz at that voltage, i was thinking not to go past 1.35v unless the chip is "golden". anyway, the b450 is 10$ more expensive, and i dont care at all about storemi, why would i go with that?
  6. Hi, I was wondering if the asrock ab350 pro4 (3+3 phase vrm) would be enough for a ryzen 5 2600 overclocked to 1.4v for daily use. I will zip-tie the fan that comes with the stock heatsink to the vrm heatsink, so temps wont be a concern. I watched Buildzoids video about the pcb break down and it seemed to be a decent enough board in terms of power delivery. here's a link in case u want to see it aswell:
  7. I've not purchased the ram yet wondering if i should spend the extra 10$ on the higher clocked one
  8. So I was wondering if with overclocking you can get a 2400mhz kit cl 15 1.2v to match the freq of a 3000mhz cl 15 1.35v. I'm just trying to figure out how much ramping the voltage would benefit the kit. Also, beside the main question, I'm also wondering how high memory freq most ryzen cpus hit on b350 chipset.
  9. bubnu

    qck+ le vs qck heavy vs hyperx fury XL

    are there any quality problems you've experienced with qck heavy?
  10. bubnu

    qck+ le vs qck heavy vs hyperx fury XL

    forgot to mention that i will be using my mouse with 800 dpi mostly so I'll be lifting the mouse quite a bit. thickness gets bonus points here
  11. Hello, i need to make a fast decision: which pad to buy. they are all around 30$, the fury xl being 5$ cheaper. So the pads i was looking for are the ss qck+ LE (normal one not on stock), ss qck heavy and the hyperx fury xl(big boi). I will be using ths pad with a g102 and if i decide to go with hyperx, i already have an hyperx alloy fps that has some absolutely amazing rubber feet(i cant move it at all). i wont be changing the pad for 5 or so years if possible and braided options seem quite nice.
  12. bubnu

    logitech g102/203 or ss rival 110

    nice guide you have there! i think i will wait a day or two and try to go to a shop so i can test both of the mices. Do you know any of them to have quality problems over time? i see none of them are rubberized (wich is great cause rubber gets shitty in like 2 years of sweaty palms) but is the side rubber grip on the rival 110 going to have troubles in time? i overall like the ideea of buying a logitech mouse just because it is known to have great tehnology and stuff, but again i'm looking for the the best mouse shape, sensor and build quality i can find for some cheap money.
  13. bubnu

    logitech g102/203 or ss rival 110

    Forgot to mention i mostly use between 800 to 1000 dpi without mouse acceleration and i heard some mouses are not so smooth at low dpi.
  14. Hi, i was wondering which one i should get. i have a fairly small to medium hand size (lenght 17 and width 9). I use claw grip when things get sweaty but my fingers are not extremly arched(they dont form a very high upside down "U" shape) they are more like the shape you see on fingertip grip styles. in rest like daily tasks i mostly palm grip or just let my hand fall on the mouse and sit comfy. They are both 25$ rn and i just can't decide. ALSO I use the side buttons A LOT so i would realy want them to feel good and have decent accesability.
  15. bubnu

    ryzen 5 vs ryzen 3

    Thank you all for the quick answers regarding my dilema! b450 tomahawks are no longer avalabile in my country for some reason(out of stock everywhere) so i'll most likely go with the asrock b450 pro4. Have a nice day/night!