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  1. Time to contact seasonic I guess. Thanks you all for the help, really appreciated!
  2. Just a clarification: when the 18+10 pin cable is connected to the psu, no matter if the 24 pin has a jumper/mobo conected, THE moment I flick the power switch on, the fuse or whatever it is called just jumps (basically I am out of electricity at any ports within my house)
  3. Tried different outlet, same shit. There is no point is trying a different power cable, because the psu does work, but only when not having the 18+10 pin connected.
  4. Just received my GX 550 from seasonic to do my first build and I plug all the stuff in (outside the case first, obviously) and try to turn on the whole thing. The moment I flick the power switch on on the psu, the electricity in my house just goes out. Tried using it with nothing but the 24 pin and jumper and still the same. I just cant flick the on/off switch on the back of the psu without going dark... When the 24 cable is removed I can turn on the psu, but that is not so usable So faulty cable, faulty psu? Has anyone seen something like this before?
  5. I can get this fella 100$ new rn so instead of impulsively buying it I'd rather hear some opinions on it. Short specs: 1080x1920, 1 ms response time(MPRT), freesync, IPS, 75Hz, 21.5''. My only concern is the marketed response time (1 ms MPRT). From what I've read backlight lighting is used to achieve this response time and that has to be turn down when using VRR like freesync, so you cant tell how bad/good the response time is when using Freesync. Another option I was eyeing is the AOC G2260VWQ6, the only differences being the TN pannel and genuine 1ms response time. Also the looks, I like the acer one more. I'll be moving from a Samsung SyncMaster 205 BW so I'm pretty sure both displays gonna feel amazing to me. So, should i buy it or just wait for Black Friday in case a better deal comes?
  6. I would ask this on a website from my country. but there aren't any, so i am just gonna hope some of you guys know what i'm talking about. So I am looking to build a new pc and i stumbled upon some great deals on a sh site(only does business within my country) that had brand new SEALED components, with no warranty unfortunate, for damn cheap. At least when talking about motherboards. Does anyone know if there is a catch? The guys who usually sell those kind of stuff have lots of offers, like 5-10 type of boards(both for am4 and 1151) and every cpu that launched recently(all ryzen chips + all 8th & 9th gen intel). Not even gonna start on gpus. The thing is they are all "sealed, brand new" but without warranty. I live in Europe, Romania if that matters.
  7. Interesting, Will i lose any significant performance by going with an i3 9100f(boosts to 4.2) and a dual rank single chanel 16 gb stick? Also do you think 16 gb will be sufficient for the next 4-5 years? In gaming I really think it will be fine, but i got no knowledge of 3d programs and what they require(gpu play a role there as well<?>).
  8. While trying to put together a relative low end itx system (rx 570 + r3/i3) i got this feeling that 16gb of ram wont be enough for the next 4-5 years (also might have to do some 3d stuff which might req a better gpu and cpu). No matter what brand I'll go for (intel/amd) i will want upgradability(gonna swap cpu and/or gpu if needed). As I said, I might need to do some 3d stuff and i dont know if 16 gb will be enough for that. And that led to dilemma: Will a DUAL RANK memory stick perform as well as a DUAL CHANNEL ? what are the pros/cons of each config? Also I'm gaming on 1080p.
  9. Thats the thing, I have no ideea what boards use t topology so I cant look at anything yet
  10. What are some inexpensive am4 boards with t topology memory channel? I was wondering if it would be cheaper to go with 8gb of ram in dual channel and add 8 latter(2 more dimms).
  11. a little worse in terms of power delivery/ efficiency?
  12. What is the main difference between those two boards? I know both mortar and tomahawk use the same controller (RT8894A)in the same phase config (4+2), but the mortar use 2*SM4337 (HI fet) and 2*SM4503 (LO fet) while the tomahawk uses 2*4C029N (HI fet) and 2*4C024N (LO fet). I want to know is there is any difference between the boards on overclocking and such, i dont know wich pair of mosfets are better.
  13. Right now I got a rx 570 4gb with an old i3. So I have several question regarding zen processors. First, I was wondering how much would a better mobo affect my ram oc if I plan to get something like 3000mhz cl 16/ 3000mhz cl 15 (hynix chips) and overclock/ fine-tune it. The boards I have in mind are b450 mortar from msi, ab350m pro4 and b450 hdv(this one also has only 2 ram slots) from asrock. Second, still regarding ram overclocking/ tuning, how much better would a second gen ryzen oc the same ram modules as listed above(3000 cl 16/3000 cl 15) compared to a first gen ryzen(asking because ryzen 3 1200 is 25$ cheaper here than the 2200g). Third question: how much better does second gen ryzen oc compared to the first one? So what frequency would a 1200 run compared to the 2200g when both would be oc'd at the same voltage, and lets assume they are similar quality in terms of silicon. Last but not least, would it be worth it to get the 2600 if I plan to upgrade my gpu in 4 years? I just cant figure how cpus will age now since amd entered the battle again. I know zen 2 is around the corner and that's why I'm trying to clear all my questions regarding first and second gen ryzen, so I can make a simple, clear decision when third gen ryzen is launched.