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  1. Thank you im sure the 3600 will fix that planing on crossfire
  2. if it is i was already planing on getting the 3600 next week
  3. ah im using a 2400g so i only have 8 pcie lanes to begin with maybe that is the problem?
  4. oh and i was incorrect the green qled light was on so im having a boot problem that being said the white gpu q led passed with is weird from what im reading if it was a gpu boot issue both the white and green qled would be lit
  5. Yes was sloted correctly and power cables were in correct as well. Board Rog Strix x470-f Gaming Gpu Xfx 580 xxx edition
  6. Trying to move my gpu down from top slot to the middle one.... but when i move down to middle the pc boots fine acording the the indicators on the motherboard but i get no input on hdmi. if i move back up to the top slot it works fine. i tryed restting cmos and looking in bios i didnt see an option to change the the gpu to the middle slot or anything like that Help Please!!!!!!
  7. Ok so ive been looking around but i havent seen anything on my problem.Im a first time system builder and first time overclocker, and im having a very hard time overclocking the vega 11 and getting it stable.Playing around with the voltages ive managed to get close (Meaning i no longer get video tdr failure or other bsod's) but in gaming i kept having huge frame drop ( From 50-55 down to 10-11 Fps) about 2mins in to my game and it would last for about 10 to 15 seconds go back to normal and about 2 mins later it will do it again and will keep going thru that cycle....now ive found the problem but im not sure why its happening or how to fix it but... When runnging game in window mode i had ryzen master open i back ground where i could see the yellow cpu speed peak Gage and i noticed that when the fps drop happens the cpu peak speed would drop from 3.9 ghz all the way down to .6 ghz when the cpu package reached 70c and then go back to 3.9 once the temp droped 10c or so (i also confirmed this with hwmonitor.) My question is does this seem right? i mean my cpu cooler is rated for 150w tdp im not even hitting half of that.... if any body can help id be really gratefull.Build....Asus Prime b540M-ARyzen 5 2400GBe quite pure rock 150 tdp (yes im pretty sure it on right)Ram Patriot Viper 4 ram 8gb 4x2 3000mz Oc to 3200 stable in dual channel236 gb western digital sata3 m.2 ssdthermaltake 500w psu 80+ bronzeClosest stable oc....cpu clock= left stockcpu voltage=1.35Apu gfx clock= 1500mzApu gfx voltage= 1.25Soc voltage=1.175