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  1. ryan_lennoxbradley

    Issues with Elgato HD60 S

    I recently bought an Elgato HD60 S. I have had a couple of problems since unboxing. The first problem doesn't really matter to ME, however, it is something to note before buying. Some Notes: Elgato software is the only one that works on my system so I use that. The second problem I really care about and I want to fix before my 5hour twitch stream on in 2 days 1. If I connect my Xbox/PC I have to close the software, unplug the USB cable, Unplug HDMI input on the card, reopen the software, plug in the USB then wait for the software to recognise there is NO SIGNAL and THEN plug in the HDMI input cable. 2. After FINALLY connecting the Xbox/PC to the card and getting it to work, rather than the instant gameplay preview (STRONGLY advertised btw, ) being 1-3 frames delayed, it was delayed by 2 Whole seconds. The worst thing was this delay showed up in the recording and twitch stream.
  2. ryan_lennoxbradley

    Fortnite BR Locker items Randomly dissapearing

    I recently bought the merry marauder skin, ginger gunner skin, gingerbread picaxe & Glider. The picaxe & Glider dissappeared from my account for no reason 2 days ago (WORST LATE CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER)
  3. ryan_lennoxbradley

    Get Xbox Vbucks on Fortnite PC

    Hi, 12 hours ago, I bought "2,500 (+300 Bonus) V-Bucks" in the Microsoft store and I was wondering how I could get them to appear on my PC account. I can't just spend the V-Bucks on my Xbox because I don't have Gold so, therefore can't log in on the Xbox. I have already synced my Xbox and Epic Games accounts. Also, buying Gold isn't an option. Thanks
  4. ryan_lennoxbradley

    Mx master 2s for gaming

    Hi, I was wondering wether I should buy a mx master 2s as I only have enough money for one mouse. I do alot of photo/video work and a bit of casual gaming. I only play Fortnite and most reviews say it should be okay. Most reviews say there is low latency. Having a 4000 dpi sensor should make it easy to do quick turns and customisable buttons to make a "low dpi mode" for sniping. Thanks!