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  1. IncrediblePony

    number of student plus 1

    Public service for those who needed the code in brackets. Second of all - Why are you using your setName() in your constructor? I would define the name value in the Student class as private - use the constructor to set the name on creation of the object and then use the public function setName(String name) to change the name later on and make a getName() function that return the name, if necessary. Like so: public class Student { private static int numberOfStudent=0; private String name; public Student(String name) { numberOfStudent++; this.name = name; } public String getName() { return this.name; } public void setName(String name) { this.name=name; } public int getNumberOfStudent() { return numberOfStudent; } } Then your call to the testclass would be: public class TestStudent { public static void main(String[] args) { Student stu1 = new Student("John Chan"); System.out.println(stu1.getNumberOfStudent()); // usage of getName function System.out.println(stu1.getName()); } } Hope this helps
  2. Hate to be a sucker on this one, but HTML and CSS are technically not programming languages. These are markup and styling languages. For a language to be considered a Programming Language I believe it has to be Turing Complete
  3. As so many already has told you, it's really not the language, but your reasoning/problem solving skills that you develop here. Your first programming language should be one that's used widely and has loads of support on forums and documentation. I would start on something like JAVA or C# because these languages are Object Oriented and Strongly Typed. When you have grasped the core concepts of one of these languages I would recommend starting on a Weakly Typed language like Python or JavaScript to see the differences. Link to article about this subject. Loads more info on a simple google search. So in short - I would recommend learning one language first and then branching out. A good site for learning code for free is CodeCademy
  4. IncrediblePony

    MSI Optix MAG271C Monitor blurry icons and text

    Right - I have now switched from Display Port to HDMI and the quality has been fixed, but now of course I can't get more than 60 fps. So it's either crystal clear image atm or 144 hz - can't seem to get both.
  5. IncrediblePony

    MSI Optix MAG271C Monitor blurry icons and text

    Nope - wasn't that either
  6. IncrediblePony

    MSI Optix MAG271C Monitor blurry icons and text

    Sorry to say that, that I already tried that, and it didn't work. I will have a look if there's a firmware update for the monitor. Might be that.
  7. IncrediblePony

    MSI Optix MAG271C Monitor blurry icons and text

    Still no news here I still need help
  8. IncrediblePony

    MSI Optix MAG271C Monitor blurry icons and text

    The weird thing is that my camera doesn't pick up on the subtle errors. I looks like there is vertical lines running all the way down the screen and when text or icons are small enough the text gets distorted. Otherwise everything is clear. It's mostly read text and colors that get distorted. Or at least it's that which is easiest to see the distortion on.
  9. IncrediblePony

    MSI Optix MAG271C Monitor blurry icons and text

    The image compression on the website makes it hard to determine what's wrong I'll find another example
  10. IncrediblePony

    MSI Optix MAG271C Monitor blurry icons and text

    The reason is not the distance from face to monitor - as I told in my post, I have two screens, both 27" both 1080p one 60hz main 144hz - the 144hz one has lost clarity it had, not more than two days ago. Something has gone haywire, but I'm not sure what.
  11. Hello forums I have run into some problems regarding my monitor and image quality. It appears that smaller fonts and icons on my main monitor is kinda blurred and on my second monitor the text and icons are crystal clear. I use the MSI monitor because it's 144hz and great for gaming. Both monitors are 1080p 27" monitors. My second one is an ACER monitor which I use for coding, media etc. The attached images show the differences in quality. I don't know if compression makes it hard to tell. I have tried making adjustments in DPI in the windows display options. I have tried calibrating the monitor in windows. I have tried changing settings in the nVidia control panel. The monitor is connected to my nvidia GTX 1070 graphics card through display port. And I have updated every single possible video card or monitor driver I can imagine. I'm at wits end here. I don't know what to for for any more to find some answers. Please help. Because I spent quite a lot of money on this monitor for FPS gaming, and I can't seem to get a crystal clear image. [EDIT] Since the images were no help I have written in the comments below my reasoning/troubleshooting steps. See if you can help please. I don't understand what's going on here.
  12. Wonderful Thx for your help and patience I might wait for a bit though, I have my eye set on either a desk pc build or a tiny case build just for the thrill of it
  13. Well, it's not completely true An example, my system should be able to run PUBG at 1080p max settings at 144hz - but there are many inconsistencies in my framerate. Likewise, my PC should be able to handle Kerbal Space Program, even with larger crafts, but when I make a Mk3 SSTO Vessel, my framerate TANKS bigtime (I suspect, processor or MOBO issues) CS:GO is ofc not a problem and neither is games like Witcher 3. I have no benchmark tools for my system, because I cba to actually purchase Cinebench or 3d Mark or whatever those tools are called
  14. I don't necessarily feel any bottlenecks, and on every benchmark list I have seen out there, ther 2nd gen i7 k processors still kick it all the way up there with the ryzen 5's and 6th gen i5s and even higher in some cases. The question was really wether or not I had any serious bottlenecks in my system, because It's been a while since I upgraded any internal things in my PC So if I had any glaringly obvious bottlenecks, that's where I would start. Otherwise I would re-evaluate my harddrive and/or case setup