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  1. I'm aware that SFF are difficult, but I think the Sugo is too big to fit in my backpack. But I can't tell from the images though
  2. Hi LTT Forums I have for a while dreamed of building a small form factor build that would fit in a backpack (roughly the size of a XBox One X or PS4 - preferably smaller). And it should pack a punch. I have had my eye on the Dan Cases AFX-v4 for a while. But I have never seen one in real life or worked with it physically I was wondering if anyone else had and can share their experiences with both long time use and possible badass builds. Other case suggestions that can fit a full system with GPU's the size of RTX 2070 or higher will be appreciated also
  3. Hello LTT Forums I need your help regarding finding an active video adapter. I am in possession of a "Packed Pixels v1" transportable monitor. It take a DisplayPort signal that can only come from DP or Thunderbolt ports. Herein lies my problem. I switched laptops and now no longer have a displayport nor thunderbolt in my I/O. I need help to suggestions to find an "active HDMI to mini-DP" adapter that can convert an HDMI signal to DP-signal. Can any of you find something? Because all I seem to stumble upon on Amazon is DP to HDMI and not the way round I need it to be. Thank you in advance!
  4. I wish I followed relational algebra more closely at uni. Would have made this problem so much easier. Thank you for this!
  5. For full disclosure I come up with this query. It's ugly AF and it runs, but it takes about two to three minutes to complete SELECT p.project_id, p.hourly_rate, ex.sum_elapsed FROM projects p JOIN ( SELECT i.project_id, SUM(iv.seconds_elapsed) AS sum_elapsed FROM issues i LEFT JOIN intervals iv ON i.issue_id = iv.issue_id AND (i.internal_note NOT LIKE '%SKIF%') AND (iv.dt_start BETWEEN "2019-03-01T00:00:00Z" AND "2019-03-08T23:59:59Z") GROUP BY i.project_id ) AS ex ON p.project_id = ex.project_id AND p.project_name NOT LIKE 'K - %'; I haven't yet compared it to your work, but I'm almost certain that these are somewhat similar. I have 82 possible projects, 53.094 issues and 69.972 time intervals as of last friday. So some sort of handling has to be done in order for it to run in a timely fashion.
  6. Hello! I have a question regarding some tables I want to join to retrieve information about some time spent on different projects. I have three tables: projects p COLS: | id(PK) | project_id | project_name | deleted | hourly_rate | issues i COLS: | id(PK) | issue_id | issue_name | is_open | project_id | internal_note | intervals iv COLS: | id(PK) | manuscript_person_id | issue_id | interval_id | seconds_elapsed | Now - I need to join these three together so I get total elapsed seconds in a project based on the issues in the given projects. The the `p.project_name` must not start with the prefix "K - ". The `i.internal_note` must not contain the letters in the following order "SKIF" I have written a query that fetches all projects that doesn't contain the prefix "K - ": SELECT p.project_id, p.hourly_rate FROM projects p WHERE p.project_name NOT LIKE "K - %" And I have also written a query that finds all issues in those projects that does not have the "K - " prefix and internal_note does not contain "SKIF" SELECT i.issue_id, i.internal_note FROM issues i JOIN projects p ON i.project_id = p.project_id WHERE project_name NOT LIKE "K - %" AND i.internal_note NOT LIKE "%SKIF%" My problem now lies in tying these together with the summed up elapsed seconds from intervals grouped first by i.issue_id and then by p.project_id in the end so I will end up with a result that looks like so: | p.project_id | p.hourly_rate | some_join.elapsed_seconds | ----|--------------|---------------|---------------------------| 1 | 836 | 900 | 367929 | ----|--------------|---------------|---------------------------| 2 | 928 | 950 | 367929 | ----|--------------|---------------|---------------------------| 3 | 1125 | 942 | 367929 | ----|--------------|---------------|---------------------------| 4 | 1337 | 827 | 367929 | ---------------------------------------------------------------- etc..... How would one suggest to attack this problem?
  7. Public service for those who needed the code in brackets. Second of all - Why are you using your setName() in your constructor? I would define the name value in the Student class as private - use the constructor to set the name on creation of the object and then use the public function setName(String name) to change the name later on and make a getName() function that return the name, if necessary. Like so: public class Student { private static int numberOfStudent=0; private String name; public Student(String name) { numberOfStudent++; this.name = name; } public String getName() { return this.name; } public void setName(String name) { this.name=name; } public int getNumberOfStudent() { return numberOfStudent; } } Then your call to the testclass would be: public class TestStudent { public static void main(String[] args) { Student stu1 = new Student("John Chan"); System.out.println(stu1.getNumberOfStudent()); // usage of getName function System.out.println(stu1.getName()); } } Hope this helps
  8. Hate to be a sucker on this one, but HTML and CSS are technically not programming languages. These are markup and styling languages. For a language to be considered a Programming Language I believe it has to be Turing Complete
  9. As so many already has told you, it's really not the language, but your reasoning/problem solving skills that you develop here. Your first programming language should be one that's used widely and has loads of support on forums and documentation. I would start on something like JAVA or C# because these languages are Object Oriented and Strongly Typed. When you have grasped the core concepts of one of these languages I would recommend starting on a Weakly Typed language like Python or JavaScript to see the differences. Link to article about this subject. Loads more info on a simple google search. So in short - I would recommend learning one language first and then branching out. A good site for learning code for free is CodeCademy
  10. Right - I have now switched from Display Port to HDMI and the quality has been fixed, but now of course I can't get more than 60 fps. So it's either crystal clear image atm or 144 hz - can't seem to get both.
  11. Sorry to say that, that I already tried that, and it didn't work. I will have a look if there's a firmware update for the monitor. Might be that.
  12. The weird thing is that my camera doesn't pick up on the subtle errors. I looks like there is vertical lines running all the way down the screen and when text or icons are small enough the text gets distorted. Otherwise everything is clear. It's mostly read text and colors that get distorted. Or at least it's that which is easiest to see the distortion on.