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  1. So Folks, This is what we have.... HP SFF 8000 with E8400 - dual core - 3 GHZ, 4 GB RAM, Nvidia Quatro 290 crappy graphic card, 250 GB HDD (I think its 7200 RPM) I was thinking can we put some graphics cards in it and make it a bad ass gaming/mining machine. Any suggestion is welcome. I will post the pictures of the system soon (felling sleepy and have to go for a meetup and the staples to pick a monitor, by the way you guys can help me deciding which one to buy ) Stay tuned, any all help welcome in advance. Cheap Thrills....Sia, I Love you <3
  2. Someday, I will be there, where you always want to be in your dreams.

  3. ||HeartBeat||

    PLS or IPS?

    I am confused between these tow, both are of same price at staples ~ 150 CAD 1. LG 22MK400H-B 22-inch HD LCD IPS Gaming Monitor with AMD FreeSync Technology, 1920 x 1080, 75Hz, 1000:1, 5ms 2. Samsung LS24F350 23.5" FHD PLS Monitor with AMD FreeSync Technology, 1920 x 1080, 60Hz, 4ms