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  1. noxdeouroboros

    SteelSeries QCK Hard Pad alternatives?

    Hi all, could someone recommend me a hard pad other than SteelSeries QCK Hard? There is LOGITECH G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad, a bit pricier, but would it be any better than SteelSeries one? Or are there something even better out there?
  2. noxdeouroboros

    SteelSeries QCK Hard Pad alternatives?

    Thanks for your help, I think i'm just gonna buy steelseries one as you pretty much addressed my concerns about it. One more question though, does the mouse slides easily on it, without too much friction? Is there much more friction than on a cloth pad?
  3. noxdeouroboros

    SteelSeries QCK Hard Pad alternatives?

    Stealth logo is still a logo though. I would like to try aluminum, any options for those razer excluded? BTW is that steelseries hard pad easy to clean?Does it scratches easily or not? Never had hard pad of theirs.
  4. noxdeouroboros

    SteelSeries QCK Hard Pad alternatives?

    I dislike Razer offerings due to ugly logo of theirs. I would buy something more expensive, just not razer. Something without any logos would be perfect,but can't find any. I'm just considering other options, I had steelsteries mats for as long as they were around, looking for something else to try.
  5. noxdeouroboros

    asus tuf m5 mouse

    Where do you live?
  6. noxdeouroboros

    asus tuf m5 mouse

    Not better than your logitech IMO. Just get new mouse feet and your'e good to go.
  7. noxdeouroboros

    noise cancelling headphones cheap?

  8. noxdeouroboros

    noise cancelling headphones cheap?

    What's your budget?
  9. noxdeouroboros

    What should I name my PC

    nocte argentea
  10. noxdeouroboros

    Foldable Wrist Rest

    I'm 99% sure that it won't.
  11. noxdeouroboros

    Toshiba X300 7200RPM 4TB HDD

    My friend has one, no complaints so far,good drive for general storage IMO. There are plenty reviews on it, look them up.
  12. noxdeouroboros

    Alarm Clock?

    Try this one : https://www.microsoft.com/lt-lt/p/alarm-clock-hd/9wzdncrfj9xg?activetab=pivot:overviewtab
  13. noxdeouroboros

    Western Digital WD Red Pro vs Red

    I'm building a NAS and considering should I pay extra for the Red Pro version? The additional price is not that significant, but I will be getting 6+ of them, and it adds up, and become pretty big number. So are they worth it? I have the money for pro version, but don't want to waste that money. Any opinions would be appreciated, but would mostly like to get opinions based on something.
  14. noxdeouroboros

    Have you ever seriously damaged your phone?

    I completely destroyed my phone by driving over it in my all terrain wheelchair that weighs over 200 kg/440 lbs, still worked, but was completely mangled,it was Nokia Lumia, so not that weird that it still worked.
  15. noxdeouroboros

    New to SSDs - ADATA SU800 vs. SanDisk Plus

    I have Adata SU800, few of them to be exact, haven't encountered any problems, really happy with them. I would recommend su800 for anyone looking to buy well priced and pretty good overall SSD and not looking for extreme speeds, just a decent SSD. It has dram, and decent speed,so in my book, that's good enough.
  16. noxdeouroboros

    Ducky or Anne

    Who proved that? Some youtubers? It must be true then.. Back to the topic, I like Anne Pro more, but it does not mean it's better. I don't like the look of ducky. IIRC anne weighs more than ducky, hence the flex. But if I would carry it around I would get a lighter one. That's personal. Few people stated their opinions, just as did you. If you had both boards you could talk about facts..
  17. noxdeouroboros

    Ducky or Anne

    What's with resurrecting old threads?
  18. Just make sure to do regular backup and you are good to go. I would use them to store bigger files, games.
  19. How old are those drives? Very old I assume?
  20. noxdeouroboros

    i need a 250GB m.2 SSD

    Where did you say that then?
  21. noxdeouroboros

    i need a 250GB m.2 SSD

    Huh? You said new. You did not specify that it must be from ebay. I would not buy Mushkin, those other 2 are decent. They are cheapest new ones there is, with warranty, I doubt those you found on ebay has that.
  22. noxdeouroboros

    i need a 250GB m.2 SSD

    https://www.amazon.com/Blue-NAND-250GB-SSD-WDS250G2B0B/dp/B073SBV3XX/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=250GB+M.2+SATA+Internal+SSD&qid=1557729960&s=electronics&sr=1-5 or https://www.amazon.com/Crucial-MX500-250GB-2280SS-Internal/dp/B077SL4FZG/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=250GB+M.2+SATA+Internal+SSD&qid=1557729960&s=electronics&sr=1-4 There is this one also : https://www.amazon.com/Mushkin-Source-M-2-SATA-III-MKNSSDSR250GB-D8/dp/B07DWFJY9X/ref=sr_1_14?keywords=250GB+M.2+SATA+Internal+SSD&qid=1557729960&s=electronics&sr=1-14 cheapest one there is, but I would not buy it.
  23. noxdeouroboros

    i need a 250GB m.2 SSD

    There aren't any new ones in your price range..
  24. noxdeouroboros

    Moving Windows 7 - Help?

    What do you mean by "turned on"? This video guide explains how to clone your drive with Acronis True Image :