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  1. I see, i see I may have to look into that, I haven't really had too many issues with this car specifically, the whole me having car issues all the time was a general statement lol. I think any form of vehicle just hates me
  2. I had our local AutoZone run the ODB2 on it because I was having some other issues too. I believe the only things that came up were the o2 sensor and the oil position switch. I'll have to double check the printout
  3. Hello friends! I swear I'm always having car issues of some sort Getting straight to it. I have a 2004 Honda Civic EX model (auto) basically if i were to accelerate too hard and get to 4k rpms, the car starts like jumping and lurching or something and absolutely will not go any higher. I mean it's not that much a problem, I don't really have a need to get up there, but it's power I can't use and I feel like i'm a granny driving slow. lol
  4. There's one at our walmart that I admit was really tempting. But i felt like going all out because of the money lol
  5. I have the Dell Inspiron 13 7375. This thing really seems to be lacking in terms of performance. I guess other laptops had a BIOS update to increase allocated VRAM, but I guess Dell didn't get the memo. I may just send this one back and try to find a better one as I'm honestly unhappy with it. At first I thought it was the memory as I thought for sure an 8 and 4 gig setup couldn't be dual channel, but I was wrong. The cooling on this system is also godawful. so heat might be holding it back. Would you recommend me buying one of those fan pad things? Or just send it back, because I have until Oct 31st to do so.
  6. Well CPU z says it’s dual what else could my lower performance be? Older driver version?
  7. I see the conflicting issues now. I didn’t think to scroll down more lol. I’ll do it and let you know
  8. Nope. I was able to remove both without an issue. I’m just really curious cause I’ve been told that both have to be the same size and speed. And various google searches say the same. I’m just confused like here, for example: http://www.tomsguide.com/answers/id-3397331/laptop-dual-channel-ram.html
  9. I’ll take a look. I’m just asking because from what I’ve seen, the only way to have dual channel is two sticks of the same size and speed. And my performance is a bit behind from you see on YouTube. But this may be an exception seeing as it’s a laptop. I’ll take a look
  10. So I bought this laptop https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07DF9KKRD/ref=ya_aw_od_pi?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and it’s got 12gigs of DDR4 2400. But it’s an 8 and 4 gig configuration. My guess is that it’s not actually dual channel, but using the extra 4gigs as an overflow if needed. I’ve noticed the performance is a bit behind the videos I see on YouTube. So if I add another 8gig stick of the same memory, would I see gaming improvement?