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  1. The main issue with normal Windows 10 pro are 6-months features updates what often conflict with pro software, especially old one. And MS store, well, all trash they push trough it... And I have minimal use of Windows UI, just to start my programs. Even Windows explorer last time I used a lot back in early 00's (thanks to total commander) :D
  2. I found the issue is there if I limit any websites access to my installed fonts via about:config in Firefox, as part of security settings.
  3. There is no issue with any drivers, for example LTSB from 2016 is supported by till now. Upgrade from older LTSB2016 to LTSC2019 went without any issues.
  4. I will try installing that font. The first link load: I doubt it <.< Speedtest just showed (with vpn disabled) 560 Mbit dl speed over Wifi
  5. Unfortunately, that does not work
  6. Hello, On LTT forum as well as on Floatplane website I see text instead of icons OS: Windows 10 Firefox 62 ESR (uBlock disabled)
  7. Hello, The LineageOS installation works fine on my Redmi 3 Pro. And the only problem is that the CPU does not wake up from the low-power state: the frequency is still low, and only one processor core is active. Did anyone have the same problem and have ideas on how to fix it?
  8. Eh, so sad what there is no that type of edition for home use. :(
  9. Hello, As indicated I am looking for Windows 10 LTSC. Is something changed and is it possible to buy somewhere (MS Store, Amazon...) a license key? Back in the past I tested Win 10 LTSB 2016, where everything was so perfect, no windows store, no cortana, no feature updates and much more cool things like that...
  10. Since I have an issue with outlook on metered connection and there is no solution what satisfy me ( ) I tested both with office365, IMAP connection and Exchange+DAVMail (this one is a bit slower). And both seems to work just fine. Do anyone seen already a comparison betwen these two type using MS 365 mail service? Is there any hidden issues? Thanks!
  11. Hello, I am looking how to disable meter connection warning in Outlook 2016 without changing network settings (I want Windows still meter amount of data for my mobile connection). Every guide I found only show how to switch metering connection to regular one. Do anyone know, is it possible to just change Outlook parameters?
  12. Found the solution, if someone have the same issue: https://skillforge.com/hide-drives-in-windows-explorer-via-registry-setting/ In my case the drive was hidden via HKLM instead of HKCU.
  13. Hello, Do someone know how to fix an issue: Windows 10 is freshly installed When I mount an external drive or a virtual drive as "Z:\", drive does not show up in windows explorer. Still I can see the drive in Double commander, for example. I can access the drive via Windows Explorer by typing "Z:\" If the same drive is mounted with another letter ("Y:\", "N:\", etc.), this disk appear in Windows Explorer, no issue there.
  14. Tlpwka

    AMD Wraith Prism strange speeds

    Check temps with something like hwinfo. If fan spin up and down in idle, change default pmw curve in bios or in fan control software