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  1. Thanks! The warranty is gone anyway and the thing is that this one is running really hot even for this particular laptop (also the difference in temperatures between cores is like 20°C which I don't think is normal). I was thinking of using thermal grizzly cryonaut, people like it, bunch of different tech channels recommend it and it is non-curing (which I think is good :D). Well anyways, thanks for the tip J
  2. So I recently acquired a new laptop. It is the ROG GL702vsk, well, not really, it is s7vs7700, but that is the Chinese version of GL702vsk (or at least the specs are the same and it looks the same when you open it, even the parts say GL702vsk, it is just the model number that is different). Point is, when I'm playing the Witcher 3, cores 1 & 3 stay at reasonable +-80 °C, while 2 & 4 shoot up immediately to 95, which throttles the whole processor down, I also have some throttling issues regarding the GPU (it runs at around 800 MHz instead of 1400-1600). I did try other games and the problems seem to persist, they just aren't as prominent as in the Witcher 3. Do I change out the thermal paste on this? I know that this laptop usually does run quite hot and doesn't usually boost very high, but the air coming from the heatsinks is quite warm, but not hot per say (my other laptop with a 1050 spits out much hotter air) and it also probably shouldn't sit at 800MHz. Thanks for any suggestions & sorry for any grammar (English isn't my first language) J
  3. Thanks, could you recommend some to me? I really don't know what to use... :]
  4. Kinda dumb of a question... Some laptops have tape inside of them to help the airflow. Does anybody know what tape is that? Recently, I had to replace the thermal paste in a new laptop bc the stock one was garbage and this tape around the area with heat pipes came off. Normally I would just use the electronically insulating tape but I don't want it to melt due to the high temperatures... Thanks for any help J
  5. Hey everybody :D, just a quick question. Does any of you know a satellite internet company (USA, TN) that you can recommend? I'd be really glad for any recomendation :D.
  6. Hey guys, thank you all for helping me, I have not resolved it yet, but I am applying for warranty claim since my charging port stopped working as well :D. (its just braking down, damn HP :D). So once again thank you and may the force of Linus be with you.
  7. Thank you, did not know that, can you explain the difference to me? (Between PROCHOT and BD PROCHOT)
  8. Also when I hold the charger up, it stops the throttling, so I took it apart to take a look and nothing looked wrong, but what do I know...
  9. I do not have any other charger, but I can try and get one.
  10. Also big thank you to anybody that can help me :D.
  11. So, my laptop was running like garbage, so I started investigating. Tried everything (windows settings, BIOS reset, update power management drivers blah blah) and after playing with it for a while (with CPU burner, throttlestop and other things), I noticed that whenever my laptop is plugged in (and the PSU is in the outlet), my BD prochot is throttling the CPU (when the PSU is without power it doesn't happen and it doesn't happen on battery) so my question is: What would you advise me to do? Because I don't want to disable BD prochot to just let my processor toast my laptop from the inside :D, when it overheats and doesn't throttle. images: PSU with power PSU without power battery (PSU disconnected) Also, when I disconnected the PSU (no throttle, it had no power), the BD prochot was going of for like 3 seconds but after that it stabilised itself so...