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  1. There appears to be a new process to augment already existing lithium-ion batteries. This will be used in EV batteries, aka cars to; in theory, GREATLY extend the range of an all-electric car to an estimated 1600km per charge! This would put electric vehicles ahead of virtual every single gasoline powered sedan for range. Here is the original article with an embedded youtube video.
  2. Thanks for all the replies, guys! Yes all that is done. I've followed a guide from the Asus rog website written by one of the staff. I think my board is just fubar.
  3. I have an 2500k OC'ed to 4.6ghz via "Off-set mode" The board: Asus Maximus IV Genie-Z Ram: who cares The card: Asus R9 290 (stock cooler, bleh) -------- So before I begin, I'll have to tell my motherboard woes: Sometime ago my Asus board used to allow my 2500k to OC nice and stable to 4.8ghz, which I might add was quite rare. I did a bios update and it has since not been able to break 4.6ghz without more juice then I feel comfortable giving. Long story short; between the bios update and my overclocking all my USB ports on the board have fried. Whether this has to with either the update or my overclocking, I do not know. I did not find this out until I have lost both my mouse and my mech keyboard - which totals an easy $300 for the two. I have since installed an 2 port USB 3.0 card, which takes up precious space as my board is an mATX board inside an incredibly small Fractal core 1000 case. I then had to also buy a powered hub to run from the card so I can use SOME of my devices. *** So my question(s) is this: I game, is my CPU holding me back? I also (re)encode a ton of (music) videos for my car's headunit. Should I suffer through no USB ports and wait for skylake, of which I presume I would get the most bang-for the buck. Or, rather, would the new coat of pain on Haswell, aka Broadwell, be a noticeable upgrade NOW for gaming and encoding? Also yay USB ports. Note: from synthetic benchmarks my 2500k is superior than an 8350 and not quite, but close, to a stock 4670k. PS: I'm going to Gigabyte for my next board.
  4. Save me from Samsung, HTC! Save me! I need forward facing speakers!