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  1. You answered your own question if you are not running the lastest games. Your cpu will be good for a long time for gaming, if you are seeing to push into higher-end gaming, then either get a current 290/290x or wait for a 880 which will perform much the same as a 780ti, but for less money.
  2. Mmmm... okay. I would say 3D gaming died in 2011 but that would imply it ever began. There are no current 3D games on the market fyi. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_stereoscopic_video_games Also AMD isn't "stupid ass" if you feel that way, perhaps you should sign up for a more biased website. Nvidia.com comes to mind. I see you edited your post to cut out that silly non-sense, my above post still applies, however.
  3. Time in the bios is no longer the same as time in windows. If bios is out, then yeah - reset it. If it's windows, select both your time zone and check "synchronize time via the Internet" He may need to select a new time server, in which case use uk.pool.ntp.org
  4. AMD 280 or if it's cheap enough an 280x /thread
  5. Are you getting any artifacting? Have you installed new drivers recently? Changed displays? If you click on your secondary screen it will auto-minimize your game. Some games can't be alt-tab back and will leave a black or white screen in it's place. Try a windowed version of furmark and check it's temps and see if it runs stable. Not the best method, but it's still a good indicator of temps/stability. http://www.geeks3d.com/20140313/furmark-1-13-0-download-gpu-burn-in-stress-test-opengl/
  6. Either get what Sauren mentioned, as the Vapor-X 290x is amazing - or get a regular 780ti. The kingpin won't be doing jack-shit on it's stock cooler any more than any other 780ti without some extreme measures taken. Here's a thread dedicated to just that: http://www.overclock.net/t/1459307/official-evga-780-ti-classified-k-ngp-n-owners-club Notice how any air speeds don't exceed any other 780ti. it does reach some impressive feats on water/LN2 though... l
  7. Uninstall the drivers from control panel, run http://www.guru3d.com/content-page/guru3d-driver-sweeper.html as well. Also, make sure you don't have GedoSaToTool or some other injector starting with windows - it can really fuck up some games and make it hitch. Install the latest 14.7 drivers, they seem to run fine.
  8. XFX's cooler can still allow an r9 290 to throttle - which is terrible. I had to actually take my XFX back with only having it for 3 days. I have had over 8 290's including some 290x's of just about every card for a mining rig - the XFX is hands down crap. Every other brand did just fine.
  9. The vapor card just looks sooooo good. Have you seen the tek syndicate video of it? It's brand new. MMMM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvBSKEpro5k&list=UUNovoA9w0KnxyDP5bGrOYzg Edit: also it's super, super quiet.
  10. Yes it can, some games like bf4 it can play on mostly high settings no problem. I have a 6970 as a secondary computer - so I know first hand.
  11. That vapor X is amazing - no idea why you would rather have a 780 over it! 780ti sure, but that won't fit your budget.
  12. Totally worth it for me. I have an Corsair H60 with 2x ultra kaze attached. This allows me to push some volts to allow my 2500k to reach 4.8ghz stable. It's been like that since the 2500k was new. Long story short: my 2500k OCed runs nearly as fast an 4670 at stock speeds according to synthetic benchmarks. I do not ever exceeed 70c, my average under load being 56-64c according to my longtime running AI suite
  13. +1 for image stabilization As for Dbrand - I like their wood-skinned ps4... so fitting.
  14. Sp910? Weird. I have a few SP920's, isn't that newer? Why would they want you to detail their older drivers? ...or am I fooled by the naming?
  15. Not always. Install win 7 brand new comp 2 months ago and it was set to on. Install another ssd on another comp, it defaulted off. Both windows 7 - which is supposed to detect non moving drives and turn defrag off. Both Adata drives.
  16. I really hope its something to pull me away from Intel. I need the old AMD back!
  17. It's already strongly hinted to come to PC via Activision commenting on it. Steam also has a listing for it set to be released march 2015. That being said: steam also had halo 3 listed.. So yeah. Either way - if it does come out, I suspect a crappy port.
  18. I could totally use an 10tb drive EASY. I rip all my videos/music in the highest quality. Hell, a single bluray is like 20 gigs. Currently I have 4 HDDS and two SSds stuffed into my HTPC.
  19. Hmm fractal core 1000 comes close. It's also only $30. I have one stuffed under my TV stand its so tiny.
  20. When, oh, when, will Netflix finally convert over to HTML 5..? They have been toying with it for years now. Needless to say: Microsoft's silverlight doesn't exactly work on Linux. There is a few workarounds, but it defeats the purpose of a dedicated low-powered HTPC; as running Wine requires some CPU horsepower. This is, IMO, the only thing holding your favorite flavour of Linux from being the ultimate living room media centre. Netflix themselves have hinted and teased. 'Even said they had a building working in-house. This was almost two years ago!
  21. IPS > everything else. It's not an opinion - it's fact! Also there is no such thing as 144hz It's just marketing.
  22. Socket 754 + hot summer day. Room mate and myself watching TV, heard a "CRACK". Look around; thinking nothing of it. 1-2 minutes later an even louder "POP" followed by smoke - which almost instantly set off my fire alarm, giving both of us a good scare. The plastic bracket on the 754 socket broke and the heatsink pop'ed loose, causing the CPU to burn a black mark all around the area and blowing several open-top capacitors up. Worst part about that - was I was strapped for cash at the time and couldn't afford a new computer for almost a year. I... had...*sniff*... to play console!
  23. <3 the Matte finish screen. So many are glossy!
  24. You didn't mentioned it in the review - but my favorite thing is the fingerprint resistant backing! Also it will work on my carrier :rolleyes: