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  1. RocinantesFlight

    What games should I get?

    Definitely XCOM! If it's still active go check steam Christmas discounts, I know they do good ones at least for the first part Replay value is good too, lots of difficulty modifications.
  2. RocinantesFlight

    Minion Masters

    Hi guys, https://store.steampowered.com/app/489520/Minion_Masters/ Anybody tried this game? I got hooked up and played for 20h, like it pretty much. But I haven't played anything similar, some reviews say it's pay to win late game, but so far I haven't noticed that, do you have any opinions on the game?
  3. RocinantesFlight

    Russia threatens to ban Google

    Not all, VPN market is so big right now Russians will definitely have a freedom of choice for once. I'm using Surfshark myself and it's one of the rare VPNs that work well in China, can't see why it should be different in Russia
  4. RocinantesFlight

    What actually is the cheapest place to buy steam keys?

    I found some really good deals here https://www.fanatical.com/en/
  5. So this came as a pleasant surprise, like every other VPN I expected Surfshark to go for Christmas discounts, but they added a wonderful twist IMHO. They are pairing up with Surfrider Foundation, which I had to google up, they are a non-profit organization that focuses on cleaning up the oceans, a noble cause. It's posted on their landing page Surfshark pairs with Surfrider Foundation They are offering a good deal for 1.99$/month, but once you are making the payment you can choose to donate to Surfrider, furthermore, Surfshark will double that donation from their own pocket. You noticed I use Surfshark and I like the VPN very much, but environment-friendly VPN is pleasant news to me.
  6. Here goes The State again with "protection" of poor encrypted citizens. The only outcome I can think of (apart from weakening the cybersecurity overall) is major business migration out of Australian markets. As mentioned in comments above I'd like to see Australian government writing a letter to ProtonMail to provide them with decryption methods. https://surfshark.com/blog/the-aussie-government-chose-to-ruin-your-security In this blog post, there are some reactions and comments and a brief analysis form cybersec experts.
  7. RocinantesFlight

    Bethesda Support Leaks Fallout 76 Customers info

    This is for sure a consumer rights violation and people have all the reasons to be angry about it. You can't advertise a high-quality product and then ship whatever leftovers there are.
  8. RocinantesFlight

    Bethesda Support Leaks Fallout 76 Customers info

    Nonsense. So when you fill in some "unencrypted" information on a sheet of paper, say, signing documents, getting a discount card at your favorite shop, going for some lottery hype which includes your mailing address, whatever, - and then the person just hands those sheets over to the guy next in line. What, were you dumb enough to believe he won't?
  9. RocinantesFlight

    VPN Question

    I'll add Surfshark to the list. It's perfect for family use since it supports unlimited devices, you can buy one account and use it wherever you want for no additional cost, I used it to access Netflix, - no problems there. And in case there's something you don't like there's 30d. money back guarantee Just don't try free VPNs, a big chance to be sold to some third party ads animals.
  10. RocinantesFlight

    Fall out 4

    https://taleoftwowastelands.com/ This mode is supposed to join both games, Fallout 3 and Fallout NV, into one single game. It's been in Alpha for like forever, but from what I'm seeing now it looks like done. Anybody tried it?
  11. RocinantesFlight

    Is Blizzard on suicide watch yet?

    Absolutely, I was a Blizzard fan since Diablo 1, and there were huge, successful releases: Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, Starcraft franchise was perfectly kept (I consider second a truly good game). But that recent...yeah HOTS is fun, but is it the leader of MOBA? Not really. Haven't tried Overwatch, so can't speak about it. Heartstone is good for sure, but these are just relatively good games, lots of them around, Blizzard just doesn't stand out. More and more they become a company oriented at sales instead of unique and astonishing content. What they are doing to Diablo franchise is a disgrace.
  12. RocinantesFlight

    Fall out 4

    The negativity comes from fallout 1&2 fans, Fallouts were all about dialog and deep narrative, the combat was out there, but you were able to avoid it, talk through it, solve quests in various ways. It's from the times when RPG was not all about gathering news items and buffing yourself to shoot around a lot. From the perspective of F1&2 F4 is more sims than an RPG game. If F4 and F76 were under a different name it would get different ratings, but the direction Bethesda has taken with this franchise deserves heavy critique.
  13. RocinantesFlight

    Fall out 4

    Fallout 1&2 are truly masterpieces of narrative and variety of meaningful options, but of course, the graphics are 1997. New Vegas is another story, Bethesda hired Obsidian team to develop it, there were guys in it who worked on first Fallouts so the story you get is top-notch, the graphics are really nice and with all DLCs installed you'll get tons of gameplay hours. Good dialogs too.
  14. RocinantesFlight

    Is Blizzard on suicide watch yet?

    Blizzard is for sure changing and the old school blizzard fans don't like it, me including. I think Heartstone is the only game left, which somehow keeps the community happy. The expansions are pretty nice and if you're an old player you can build meta decks without paying extra, on the other hand, I'd never pay for it since it is pretty expensive and the chance of getting something good is pretty bad. What I really don't like is really bad legendaries, so if you get those on the beginning of expansion you're either screwed or go pay up, and get another useless legendary. But overall the game is still fun and with dusting mechanics, you can scramble at least one meta deck and bore yourself through the season to rank 5. What I hear about other games is low level. If the rumors that they're not the devs of Diablo: Immortal are true, then what kind of renowned company does that? Bethesda at least hired Obsidian when they had troubles with Fallout 3, but here we get some Chinese game reskining? Pathetic. And yeah, when was the last time Blizzard announced smth really good that wouldn't force you to buy skins? They had really great single players and I do miss that a lot.
  15. RocinantesFlight

    Top 5 Black Friday VPN deals, Surfshark 83% OFF

    Yeah, lifetime subscription doesn't sound very reliable, I can understand big discounts during discount seasons, but you know how they say: if it's too good to be true...it probably is.