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  1. I took the PC to Service center from where I brought the whole thing, even there the condition remained the same , which is PC not turning up after switching on the power button on the case, just the RGB in the Motherboard glows, So the technician replied motherboard might be faulty he would contact the Asus for claiming the warranty and would notify me after 10-15 days, But after I got out and took a few steps towards my vehicle I received a Call from the technician who called me back saying that my PC booted, I went in and I checked , It was working fine, I asked him what he did, He just said the 24 pin from PSU was loose he pressed and interested it harder, and I myself switched off the power cable many times directly and switched it on again in the service center, PC booted, every single time. So I thought problem was solved ,again traveled back 25 km to my home and tried switching on the PC, in my home. THE SAME PROBLEM STILL EXIST, I AM WONDERING HOW DID THE PC TURNED ON IN THE SERVICE CENTER,
  2. moved RAM to another slot, still no response.
  3. my ram model is GSKILL RIPJAWS F4-3000C15S-8GVRB. Yes I updated my Bios, it was like 2-3 weeks before, even after that update, PC was working fine without any issues.
  4. but I have been using my PC with just ONE stick for the past year without any issues,
  5. Yes, I usually update my BIOS. I installed the latest BIOS released by Asus for the motherboard.
  6. My PC is not turning on when I press the Power button on the CASE, I saw few videos, related to this problem, where the suggestion I received was to Try installing a NEW CMOS battery Check if PSU is working by Paper Clip/stapler pin method. I tried both of those suggestion, I got a New CMOS battery, removed the pre installed CMOS battery from the motherboard, installed the new one, Then tried switchingON the pc. Still it didn't turn ON. I removed the entire PSU unit from the CPU CASE, and tested it using Paper CLip method. Since I couldn't get a Paper clip I tried it with Stapler pin, The fans in the PSU started spinning, I think that implies that PSU is perfectly fine. Now I am confused what might be the problem with my PC. I even removed my GPU and connected the monitor with Motherboard's display port, still no response, Yet the RGB components in the Motherboard(ASUS EX 320 GAMING) Glows, when I switch on the Power plug. My PC is barely a year old. This is my PC config AMD Ryzen 3 2200G( disable the VEGA 8 onboard graphics) Asus Ex 320 Gaming motherboard Gskill RAM 8GB(1 X Corsair VS 550 Zotac Geforce GTX 1050Ti BIOS is latest.
  7. Yeah that's true, actually once i tried to lower some memory from ram which was allotted to integrated graphics as i will never play game on this laptop , but oddly i never found any option in the bios for doing such adjustment.
  8. thanks mate, I will definitely do that and post the results soon.
  9. completely in agreement with you, but all i am going to do in this old low specs laptop is just browse , watch online videos or play videos, nothing more than that, so XP isn't just more than enough for this purpose? or can i increase my ram to 4gb, will it help?
  10. Also in my opinion i think Windows 10 32 bit is too much for the laptop with 2gb ram to handle may be that would be the cause, so reinstalling with windows 7 or xp may fix it, please share your opinions. @Benjeh
  11. Thanks bro, i will try cleaning the parts, and reapplying thermal paste.
  12. But windows updates can't be running for 2-3 days , as it is happening for past few days , however i would just use this laptop like 1-2 hours per day.
  13. that's what i am confused as you can see from the task bar nothing is opened expect the temperature monitoring software and ccleaner is running in background but still how the CPu usage is 80%.
  14. But as i said nothing is running in background. I will try installing windows 7.