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    Is Your Gaming Rig Being Bottlenecked??

    Linus this is in reply to your most recent video, about the new iPhones: Your so dumb linus. Stop looking at factors as small as "Apples September Keynote" for your drop in views. If your dropping views accross all of your channel during September, then maybe you should look at over 50% of your viewer demographic, students. And of courses United States students, I don't know about in Canada, but in the United States every kid who lives here will start school in the beginning of September and by the time there about a week in, homework hits hard and so does everything else. All this other stuff means no time for your videos or YouTube at all. Also you should really think harder about who's watching your videos and who's watching Apple's updates and shiz. Linus almost all of your videos are about non-apple things, so any returning viewers would care less about you not showing iPhone coverage, because they aren't watching you for apple shiz in the first place. Also since most of your video traffic is probably coming from the recommended area after a video you are loosing views there too. If all your videos are about AMD and Intel, then YouTube's AI isn't going to suggest your videos after a Apple one, so if people are in fact not watching your videos during this time. Then there's nothing you can do, because YouTube's AI has already marketed your content towards people other than Apple fans. What you need to do instead Linus, is focus on your biggest loss, school. Find a way to combat that by making videos that apply to our lives or interest us like cool tech under $5, and back to school tech that doesn't suck or maybe a series labeled "real deals" where you look at deals that are actually good on tech, Linus stop overanaylizing your stats and look at the big picture.