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  1. Yeah, no kidding! I got a 360 Slim through a deal with the internet service provider I was using.
  2. I did that in 2007. First 360 I bought. Got my heart broken and decided to buy myself a console to salve the wound. I still have it around here somewhere.
  3. Lol! I have a playstation classic brand new in a box sitting right behind me.
  4. Ahhhhhhh. So it is less that you want it to play games and more that you want it because it is awesome, in a janky sort of way. I get it.
  5. Why not just use a raspberry pi? Retropie emulates a lot more than this machine and will likely cost you less money and headaches.
  6. You do understand that it doesn't play 360 or PS3 games, right? It is quite low powered and can only emulate Gameboy Advanced level games.
  7. I wish. I own a license for Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn on the PSN store and I would love it if I could get the PC versions for free.
  8. That whole area is very expensive to live in. And hey, perhaps he is trying to live economically to be able to save up and afford to purchase a home at some point. The place doesn't seem all that small, since we are only really seeing the living room area. I just think Anthony has a load of stuff. And I am pretty sure LMG likely pays its employees really well. I just get the feeling Linus and Yvonne understand how much the people who work for them contribute to the success of their business.
  9. Kids today will never understand the joy and frustration of typing in a program from the back of the Compute! Gazette, debugging it (lol, finding typos), and then saving it to a tape before getting to play the game. Or learning how to program sprites using peek and poke.
  10. This. However, for full on VR the recommended age is 12 according to Sony and 13 according to Oculus. My Quest gives me eye strain after more than 45 minutes of gameplay, but I take it off and rest my eyes for a few minutes and then I am ready to go again. As for the furry stuff: 1) It isn't any of our damn business. Kink shaming is bad! 2) What consenting adults do is generally fine. I love the red panda plush!
  11. I have been trying out VR as a way to get more exercise. I have settled on FitXR (formerly BoxVR) as my go to exercise program. If you haven't tried it out, give it a shot. It is fun and makes exercise seem a lot more fun. Also, good choice on the TV and I absolutely loved the bookshelf of vintage gaming!
  12. I think they were sticking to things that some hapless individual might do when building a system for the first time. The reset wire idea is diabolical though. Bravo!
  13. I am so fortunate compared to some of you! I have a level entry home, and our main living area is the upper floor. Our central air keeps the upper floor at ~23c. That means my nerd cave on the ground floor is usually ~15c, allowing my system to run nice and cool! And it get to 40c here during the summer, but not all that often. Also fortunately, I live in a semi arid climate, so our humidity levels are pretty low.
  14. The Platinum has RGB fans, the Pro XT doesn't. And I think there is a difference in the pump design as well, but don't ask me what it is.
  15. You made an account to comment on the daylight savings thing? That is pedantry at its finest!