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  • CPU
    Intel Core i7 5820K @ 4.5GHz (1.15V)
  • Motherboard
    MSI X99A Gaming 7
  • RAM
    32GB HyperX Fury 2400MHz @ 2666MHz
  • GPU
    AORUS GTX 1080Ti 11GB
  • Case
    Silverstone Kublai KL07
  • Storage
    Samsung 850 Pro 2TB
  • PSU
    BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 11 750W
  • Display(s)
    ASUS VG248QE 144Hz 1ms (DisplayPort)
  • Cooling
    CoolerMaster Nepton 120XL + BeQuiet SilentWings 3 120mm HS
  • Keyboard
    Cherry Stream 2.0
  • Mouse
    Logitech G502 Spectrum
  • Sound
    Creative Labs Sound Blaster AE-9 with MUSES OP-Amps + Altec Lansing MX5021 2.1 (HiFi modded)
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 64bit

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  1. Wasn't there some other test where Apple's latest phones had one of the lowest RF radiation levels? The one where there was a lot of criticism of some Chinese brands? Can't find it...
  2. None make the "whoosh" sound which is disappointing...
  3. Probably some binding contract with Intel after the switch from PowerPC to x86. They used Radeon graphics because Intel had nothing remotely as powerful, but for CPU, since they collaborated with Intel to port MacOS X to x86, they probably still need to use Intel because of that even if AMD has better offerings this moment. That's my guess.
  4. People need to drop the mAh mentality nonsense (just like with resolutions on all these stupid tiny displays). My XR doesn't even have 3000mAh yet it lasts longer than any Android with 3000mAh battery. And after a year of use, it's still at 100% health. I only charge it to 80% and that hasn't ever been an inconvenience for me. I expect it to last without any change for so long I'll probably flip the phone before it gets degraded for it to become an issue.
  5. @nerdslayer1 That's just false info. Battery degrades in other phones as well. And they are not replaceable for ages. Accusing Apple of something everyone is doing and creates a problem of its own is just dishonest. I checked official costs for battery replacement when phone was new and it was 80€. 80€ for a phone that initially cost 850€ is not absurd, Apple or not with its premium BS. As for W1 and H1, they are essentially Bluetooth compatible chips. They have better experience with iPhones because they are specifically designed to work great with their phones. They just work like regular bluetooth earphones on Androids. I got them for my Windows 10 laptop coz wires were getting a bit in a way and were inconvenient for watching from couch. They work just fine, minus tap gestures. But that's not Apple's fault imo. There is probably some app that adds that even for Windows or something...
  6. Which is what I'm waiting for. My 5820K is good enough for now and I see no point in upgrading. Upgrading to AM4 at its end of life is also rather pointless. So, ideal will be AM5 and DDR5 release to upgrade. Partially early adopter of new tech but AMD has enough experience now and support from vendors it'll go without much issues imo.
  7. So much drama over phone cases that are made by 2 Chinese manufacturers and it doesn't even matter who "designed" it lmao. Reminds me of quote from movie Armageddon... "American components, Russian components, all made in Taiwan!"
  8. There are actually more Qi chargers around than there are people with Lightning cables... My charging pad supports 9V charging, but I'm kinda afraid to use it in this mode since Apple and entire community is so vague about everything over 5V charging and only mention PowerDelivery "standard" where I'm powering it from a powerful QC3.0 adapter. Coz when I place it on at 9V operation, it shows 1A charging rate or slightly more. Which would mean 10W which can't be the case with iPhone which supposedly has 7.5W limit. Unless my charger shows raw rate which with included wireless loses would end up being around 7.5W or less in the end... My pad has a realtime charging display indicator and shows amps and voltages used for charging...
  9. There is also SSD caching. Basically you stick a 128GB or 256GB SSD into system, buy PrimoCache or eBoost software for under 30€ and pair it. It'll significantly speed up things without sacrificing capacity or having to move all the data. Still, having full SSD system is the most optimal way to go. It's just the best and even 2TB SSD's aren't that expensive anymore and they'll serve even more power users easily as the only storage device.
  10. I also have Haswell. With 6 cores, 12 threads and clock of 4.5GHz. Old, but still very much relevant
  11. I'm already charging my iPhone XR with the Qi pad almost exclusively. I only plug it to my QC 3.0 charger directly if I'm in a hurry and need quick charging. If I'm honest, I wouldn't mind it. Assuming they can deliver fast charging if needed.
  12. Bootups, waking from sleep and recovery from crashes was quite noticeable. I ran it 24/7 anyway so it didn't bother me all that often, but the spinup time was quite noticeable compared to older drives that had less platters. I think I had 750GB Samsung F1 before this WD Caviar Black that had 2x 375GB platters iirc and it was way faster at spinning up. But yeah, all that is past for me. Running SSD's exclusively in all my devices for years now and boy it's like living in a future No lag, no scratching and grinding, just pure silence and speed.
  13. Startup times are also longer on multiplatter drives. I've had a WD Caviar Black 2TB that had 4 platters (each 500GB, I think it was the first 2TB drive released back then). It took quite few seconds for the drive to spin up that huge mass of platters up to operational speeds.
  14. I wonder if HDD's could still be viable solution for the future if we manage to split heads to individual ones between each platter. Imagine having 1 head per platter, so you'd have 4 independent heads on 4 platter drives. It could read and write to 4 platters fully independently.