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    Intel Core i7 5820K @ 4.5GHz (1.15V)
  • Motherboard
    MSI X99A Gaming 7
  • RAM
    32GB HyperX Fury 2400MHz @ 2666MHz
  • GPU
    AORUS GTX 1080Ti 11GB
  • Case
    Silverstone Kublai KL07
  • Storage
    Samsung 850 Pro 2TB
  • PSU
    BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 11 750W
  • Display(s)
    ASUS VG248QE 144Hz 1ms (DisplayPort)
  • Cooling
    CoolerMaster Nepton 120XL + BeQuiet SilentWings 3 120mm HS
  • Keyboard
    Cherry Stream 2.0
  • Mouse
    Logitech G502 Spectrum
  • Sound
    Creative Labs Sound BlasterX AE-5 + Altec Lansing MX5021 2.1 (HiFi modded)
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 64bit

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  1. @Rohith_Kumar_Sp Yeah, you're right, no one is forcing me to buy and/or play that one single game that even supports ray tracing and even that only for reflections XD
  2. Or, you know, paying for them... I mean, isn't that the success story of Steam? They didn't go back to physical copies, it's the only reason why physical copies basically disappeared. I literally can't be bothered to pirate a game because buying one is much more convenient and easy. I can't even be bothered with cracks anymore. So, what do you think will drive the sales? Insisting on archaic outdated cinemas I literally can't be bothered to visit anymore or a service where obtaining legal content is so effortless that it's not even worth bothering with torrent sites and chasing whateverTube sites that host pirated movies? Only real reason why cinemas still exist is because movie industry is stuck in the past and they stubbornly refuse to move forward. All they know is cry about piracy and do absolutely nothing to bring content faster and cheaper to the consumers. All industries have to adapt to consumers, just movie industry thinks its something special and they dont' have to. So, anything other than Youtube Movies?
  3. I'm wondering, is there any service where you can legally watch latest movies? On most paid services like Netflix, they arrive in months, same on HBO for example. Why isn't there a service where movies are slightly cheaper than cinema ticket and you can watch them as soon as they are in cinemas? I'm too lazy and not too big of a fan of crowds and I'd like to watch latest movies in comfort of my home. Recently I've seen some news about Youtube Movies which is alright except some prices are absolutely bonkers. Months and years old movies for 6€ and up, even up to 18€. Which is just absurd. 4-5€ a movie, even if only leased for lets say 6 hours would be reasonable if that means I can watch any new movie right away. So, is there any? I have no problems paying for content (within reasonable limits of course), but availability is absolutely garbage. And then they wonder why piracy is so widespread...
  4. RejZoR

    Lab Grown Meat gets closer to see consumer plates

    I don't have any prejudice for this stuff really. I already eat "meat" products that are made of milk and vegetable proteins but have texture and taste of meat. I'm not vegetarian and I always defend the fact that humans are omnivores, but if we can actually do that, then why not. Cars liberated horses, maybe these meat growing farms will do the same for cows, pigs and chickens. I just hope it won't be like the scenario from The Island with a slightly different twist...
  5. @Carclis That's because GTX 1080Ti had abnormal performance to price ratio at costing around 200€ more than vanilla GTX 1080 while delivering around 45% more performance. That's huge difference for small premium. I can only recall such "abnormality" during Radeon HD4000 and HD5000 series that actually doubled the performance of last generation while costing about the same as last card on launch. @daimonie GTX 1080Ti prices are absurd right now because everyone was saying "take GTX 1080Ti instead of overpriced RTX2080". Since production has stopped or is limited, prices increased. When GTX 1080Ti was released, it was 800€ in top aftermarket designs (like Strix or AORUS) and their price dropped to around 600€ not long ago.
  6. You're a helpless case. If basing a verdict on quantifiable metrics isn't objective thinking, then I don't know what else to even say to you. Wtf "all trucks are overpriced cars" even means? RTX 2080Ti is an overpriced truck even when you compare it to other trucks lol
  7. Counter what points you've made!? You didn't state bloody anything other than repeatedly mentioning crystal ball and number of promised games using ray tracing. Jesus. How many times I have to repeat all of its characteristics for you to get it? Physical measurable characteristics that I've stated several times already. Price and performance are both quantifiable because we know both of them. This isn't a prediction or discussion about unreleased product. We're talking about actual card.
  8. Lol @mr moose , it's not that you don't understand something, you seem to refuse to understand. @Carclis for example gets it. You just don't. People just think that if you have ray tracing, everything just magically renders into existence with zero work. Guess what, it doesn't work that way. Through that and the fact how long it takes to implement any of it tells me (see, prediction!) it's not that easy. Reason for it being, even if ray tracing materializes lighting, shadows and reflection by itself, you need to define physical properties of materials, something which rasterization doesn't use in same form. Ray tracing engine needs to know what kind of properties materials have. Their reflectivity, refractivity, texture, all this affects how things are then sent to output. Otherwise ray tracing will just output everything at 100% reflectivity, making everything stupendously shiny and reflective regardless of material used. Source: I've worked with offline ray tracers for years. Even when tool was literally based around ray tracing as the only method of rendering things it took ages to fiddle with materials to make them look right in the end. "Crystal ball" was when I was making predictions for RX Vega before it even came out and failed at prediction. For R9 390X I only missed the naming scheme. Prediction is when you actually have a functioning GPU in front of you and you see how it fares. That's not "crystal ball", that IS prediction, because I'm basing it on measurable parameters. And DLSS isn't superior. I see you're gobbling up NVIDIA's PR material like mad. It's just an advanced upscaler. It makes alright results. But really, it makes image almost more blurry than FXAA. And we all know how people hate FXAA in general... They also missed the opportunity of making it a generic feature that would work with any game out of the box without special code. Because it could, but they've decided not to.
  9. @mr moose Well, apparently yelling shit at you is the only way for you to somewhat get it. When something costs basically 400€ more than last gen by offering virtually nothing useful, I'd say that qualifies for stupid expensive for most rational people. But hey, whatever boats your float. The fact mid range won't have RTX has already told me how well it'll do with adoption and how long it took them to finally get just 1 game which doens't even fully uses ray tracing capability. One game for which we had to wait months and only uses it for reflections is exactly that. I can't help you if you can't see that. You also seem to really like shoving those DLSS numbers to make things more spectacular, an overglorified "Ai" upscaling resampling algorithm. If only people knew 99% of shit companies advertise as "Ai" are literally algorithms we've used for decades. Having few IF statements in the code doesn't make an "Ai"... Insults? If you see yourself as stupid, then it's not really an insult anymore... I've said don't act like you're stupid because I'm assuming you aren't... When you buy an already riidiculously priced card and you're not sure if it's going to shoot flames out of its side, I'd say that's a freaking big deal. I'm not projecting my opinions on anything. It's called observation and prediction. So far in 15+ years, I've only cocked up prediction for RX Vega. And even that was its performance speculations without actually having a silicon at hand. I do for RTX 2080Ti. Not to mention literally entire reviewing world complained over pricing and recommends GTX 1080Ti instead, but somehow I'M projecting. LOL Again, "getting traction". ONE title. Other 8 still entirely unknown when they'll even arrive.
  10. If I get murdered, they'll never figure out because I don't have any of these snooping devices... Ha!
  11. I never said ray tracing is stupid or pointless. It just happens that the statement is correct for this moment. Ray tracing is CURRENTLY a pointless gimmick. Hardware, despite being capable of doing it is just not fast enough to be doing it at any acceptable rate. The way top of the line 1200€ card runs it now is what one would expect from a 400€ graphic card... And yeah, I'd rather play a game with "faked" effects that runs at basically locked 144fps than have real effects that run like a turd down a mild hill... Reason for this being the fact that "faked" effects are so convincing 90% of people wouldn't even be able to tell a difference. All while running 5x faster. Because in all honesty, I haven't seen anything really jaw dropping that would make me think otherwise. Ray tracing in its current form hasn't shown me anything really convincing. I've seen perspective correct soft shadows. I've seen real time reflections. Something as basic as Unreal Engine 3.x does all that. UE4 even more convincingly. So, yeah, fake it till we can actually run it across all cards, making it a default technique. Until then, faked ones all the way.
  12. Which part of "THE CARD IS STUPID EXPENSIVE, ISN'T REALLY ALL THAT FASTER IN RASTERIZED RENDERING, IS STILL REALLY SLOW AT RAY TRACING, HAS 1 GAME AVAILABLE WITH ONLY PARTIAL RTX AFTER MONTHS OF WAITING AND TOTAL 9 PLANNED SOMEDAY" don't you understand? Oh and they are a ticking bomb as well apparently because if you bought Founders Edition or one based on its reference design, chances are it'll go in flames. Come on dude, don't act like you're stupid... Literally the only reason one would want to buy one is because it's the fastest single card for RASTERIZATION on the market. Not by much, but it's the fastest. Which puts that small 1% of 4K gamers as potential buyers who don't care about price. Meaning adoption of RTX will take forever because devs don't have incentive to spend tons of extra work for that 1% of people that will actually have ray tracing capable cards. That's just the reality of it and you should be aware of it unless you just dropped on the graphic cards scene and you don't know any of the past... RTX will get traction when even low and mid end cards can use it, and not at 600€ price tag... Ray tracing is cool and there is no doubt it'll one day become a default standard for reflections and stuff, but that standard won't be now. Expect it to gain traction with RTX 4060 cards when they come out... RTX 3060 just won't be it yet when it comes sometime in following 1-2 years.
  13. RejZoR

    Apple is first to market with a foldable device

    Quality stainless steel isn't ferromagnetic either.
  14. RejZoR

    Apple is first to market with a foldable device

    Stainless steel could be way thinner and still be stronger than aluminium. But everyone sticks frigging alumiunium everywhere. Phone just mildly bumps the ground and it has a massive crater in the frame. Idiotic. Aluminium is soft. When will companies get it that lightness isn't the only thing that matters...
  15. RejZoR

    Sharp Aquos R2 Compact: Two notches in a phone

    How about placing those damn cameras on the frigging edge of the phone without chewing into the screen?