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  1. I am trying to figure out a way to make a simple app for a fitness tracker wristband called the Jawbone Up. The company sold probably hundreds of thousands if not millions of these bands, but went broke and liquidated everything. They literally took down their servers for the bands, making them 100% cerifited E-waste. They are supposed to track sleep and act as a step counter, as well as give vibration for notifications and alarms. There is no way to do this, because all the information was stored on their servers, which isn't completely stupid in theory because you could switch multiple devices and have all history, but they freaking took the servers down without making the app open source or anything. So I am wondering if there is a way to read the bluetooth so I can make a simple app for it. How would I go about doing this?
  2. Rosss

    Is Star Citizen a giant scam?

    yah so must mainly be the parts. I was just comparing it to the run of the mill engine rebuild.. Do they just source it to a machine shop?
  3. Rosss

    Is Star Citizen a giant scam?

    seems ridiculous price for an engine rebuild.. Is that only because the parts are expensive? Like sure you need special tools.. but a 400% premium seems redick. On a related note, i'm going to attempt to rebuild my pathfinder's engine that died when it gets warmer.. Wish me luck
  4. Need to stop procrastinating 24/7, fk me

  5. Now, I do not know much about Star Citizen. Maybe you all can tell me if it's living up to the hype. It's just that I recently binge watched all of the WAN show archive, and they mentioned Star Citizen quite a lot, back from like 2012 when it was still fresh (and they talked about how they can't wait for it to be released as if it was on the horizon). Seeing as it's been in development for so long, and got funded quite a lot-- what's going on? Like, is the stuff they made/developed years ago even usable now? Is it a no-man's sky case, or did they maybe scrap a bunch of work they weren't happy with? Has respect for Chris Roberts dwindled? In the archive they were so fond of him lol Thanks for the info-- I'm too lazy to do a historical study on this, so I figured maybe some peeps who were along for the ride can explain it!
  6. context was kinda there, they were just comparing the two processors. It was for their laptops - I think their last gen had the HQ's and new ones have the H, but the way they display the data is really misleading. It just goes to show that you can display data in a way that is true but very misleading in order to manipulate people very easily
  7. It actually confused me for a few minutes, i didn't know what I was looking at lol
  8. nvm, got it to work with a different cable lol, but i'd still like to do it with instant showing up rather than refreshing file explorer and all the pictures already in the DCIM
  9. Anyone know of a way to do this? Simply hooking up to usb-c doesn't seem to work
  10. I believe there is, just go to their website and sign up; it has free courses. I'm trying to relearn algebra/calculus with it. Just started last night though.. I got decent grades in HS because I literally just memorized the steps for every type of problem we'd have. But I have the hardest time conceptualizing math so i'm hoping this helps so I can actually understand what i'm doing lol
  11. So you can have a look at it below; The thing I don't quite grasp is that if you know that the spot the previous guy landed on wasn't a winner --and you take the next one-- you are effectively taking one of the bad rolls out, aren't you? If you choose to spin again, you have a chance of rolling the same color / number that the guy previous to you just rolled. I don't know, it's just trippy to me and the explanation doesn't cut it in me mind
  12. of course you are right, but i'm just saying what i'll try to argue. I mean it's AT&T after all.. Even if I was 100% right it's going to take a lot to get it resolved.. Either way I still feel it's deceptive to advertise port forwarding on the router and not mention anywhere about the strict ass NAT and or requirements to get it working. (being a business and paying up).. The WAN ip is a private IP. But my ip browsing the internet is the same thing as i'd get if i'd tether with my phone, which is a public IP.. Is there by any chance a VPN method of bypassing NATs?
  13. I think that's just the default on mine; but i've tried everything under the sun with subnets and gateways etc. I'm 99.9% sure it's a NAT problem Well I may try to contact AT&T then.. They only give out public ip's if you pay like $500 and are business i'm guessing? I'll try to argue that the whole router itself is false advertising I guess. Maybe they'll just blame netgear but maybe I can convince them to just let me have this apn thing because it will justify my purchase at little cost to them lol
  14. So is it possible to port forward on a virtual router? Like if I use my laptop as a hotspot while using the valid DHCP i'm getting from the LTE?
  15. hey guys, so I can't seem to figure out how to get my MR1100 Nighthawk LTE AT&T Router to work as a modem.. It actually may be impossible. (i've done google searches and many have problems and say Netgear has never resolved some issues, but also I don't fully understand how it all works). For example, if I want to be able to port forward, do I actually need a static ip issued sim card? Or should I be able to do it even though the ip changes on LTE? Anyways, here are my settings.. I'm just gonna leave them all to be thorough. I once had them talking to the point where I could be connected to the router and get to both admin pages via their gateways (after changing dns weirdly which was probably a coincidence and stopped working), but I didn't have any internet connectivity still.. Tethering the Lan port into my laptop's lan port works pretty flawless, but when I try to connect it to the WAN of any router I can't seem to use it as a modem (access point works). There probably aren't many different options that could be done on the router side, I've tried automatic config dhcp and static ip, and all the other options my Linksys EA6900AC Router