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  1. Honestly, given the 1080p gaming you are doing, I wouldnt go with any of them. Grab a 1660ti or 1660. On the other hand, if you bump up the resolution, grab the 2060 super/5700XT (whichever is better priced) and grab a 1440p monitor. Bottlenecking (if any) will be minimal but it depends on the title. 1080p taxes more around the CPU and only when you start pushing up to 1440p/all the max settings, does the GPU start coming into play more. So to get the full effect of a new GPU, you would want to consider the jump from 1080p to 1440p.
  2. Try a different port/cable (I notice that the B85m has HDMI and DVI-D so try the other cable into your monitor if you can) You mentioned here (but not in the original post) that you have a GPU so ignoring the GPU try running a display from the motherboard directly
  3. Still closed = backup into partition was just to store files from the OS whilst I sold off my PC but keep all files. Temporary measure. Never intended for long term
  4. From what you said about your friends RAM didnt that mean that you tried his too?
  5. Just to clarify: You went to a friends and put your hardware into his system and it worked Then your friend came to yours and put HIS hardware into YOUR system and it DIDNT work? Because if that's the case, you might want to double check your monitor as its the most likely culprit. Check everything is connected properly. Maybe connect the display to something else like a console or another computer to see if you get signal.
  6. If you're going for value, you actually cant beat what you already have. Since you already have it, you get it for free. Even with the new Ryzen CPU coming out at a good price, with a 7700k using 4 cores 8 threads you have more than enough performance in games and you dont need to spend on a new MOBO either. Considering that you can get good framerates using 2nd-4th gen intel chips even now then really you have a good few years before your CPU is even considered "not able to game with".
  7. If you're comfortable enough to try it, then take it all apart and put it all back together again (reseat GPU, Cooler, CPU, MOBO etc). Something (anything) could have come lose in the move which is causing the issue. Also as the above response, you can also clear CMOS.
  8. Because its ebay and you find a lot of items which can be sold as "for parts" because they are broken. Many try to sell broken parts on sites with less quality checks like ebay, craigslist and facebook marketplace etc. Luckily, ebay has buyer protection unlike the other 2. Always be prepared when buying used old hardware that it may encounter issues. Just grant yourself lucky that the issue presented itself right away as in some cases an item may "function" fine without you noticing something is wrong, and then when it eventually shows that there is a problem, you may be outside of the returns window
  9. Couldnt tell on the rad support from the photos but good to know. Only reason why I mentioned it was because after intake through the radiator you will naturally be running a slightly warmer circulation through the build (and as the lower GPU has less space I would have opted for cooler air) but as its not possible to mount to the top, that makes sense for your set up. Cleaning up the cables is a benefit to airflow and dust management. Its not just about looking nice. If you just move them away from the central; part of your build and tuck them away, it will help you more in the long run. What kind of hardware are you looking at for your small pc? i3-8100 or ryzen 1600x?
  10. Timestamp 4:28. For each gaming machine that you want to run off your computer you will need 1 dedicated gaming capable graphics card" Also this question was posed a couple of years ago with the same outcome: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/663973-is-it-possible-to-run-2-virtual-computers-off-the-same-gpu-with-modest-performance/
  11. Personally not sure of the name as it doesnt scream "devil" at me. Also if it were me, I would have mounted the radiator to the top as an exhaust and have 2-3 front intake fans instead to supply cooler air into the chassis. Maybe also worth looking for sleeved GPU cables and clip the rest of your cables off to the sides of the chassis to move them out of the way.
  12. Both the 2080 and 2080Ti will function near identical for gaming with a 1440p monitor since modern titles dont need that much VRAM though of course that depends on the titles and graphics settings you want to play - none of which which you have mentioned. A bottleneck would be possible but likely minor. At 1080p, the CPU is used more which would probably show a more noticeable bottleneck. But beyond that, its mostly down to the GPU anyway so you shouldnt see much of a bottleneck if you overclock your CPU (can also upgrade it and your motherboard later). However, the 2080Ti is a big purchase. You could go with the 2080 instead and overclock a bit which would save you money for future purchases of components (or have the saved money go towards that monitor you are thinking to purchase). Also would be worth waiting a bit to see what comes out from AMD in a couple of months as this could create a more competitive market for the next generation and better prices.
  13. Plague Inc Evolved. Strategy virus game. Wipe out humanity. Have fun
  14. Thats basically describing an RPG. I will just list some less obvious titles of genre and let you decide Overlord 1+2, Dungeon Keeper, Dungeons. Age of Empires Series is another strategy game. World domination means Civ series is the best bet though