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  1. Findiculous

    Connectors problem.

    RGB needs to be connected up to the RGB headers. Once again the video talks about that. As for display - thats a different issue if you have a GPU installed. Make sure you have connected the display to the GPU properly. Also make sure the GPU is seated properly in the slot and the power connector is plugged in properly.
  2. Findiculous

    Connectors problem.

    He is literally talking about it at 4:24 when saying which header he is connecting the pump. He then goes into the cables a minute later which includes the fan headers. Regardless, when in doubt, consult the manufacturers manuals that came with your mobo and aio
  3. Can check newegg. Plenty of options on there to get some ideas https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834316435 Im not sure what you consider "light"
  4. Findiculous

    Need a new graphics card for under $400

    Well technically you could find a GTX 1070 for that price (and maybe 2nd hand 1080). RTX 2060 is new generation and hits your budget. A little downscaled would be the 1660Ti and then below that is the 1660. Alternatively, the Vega 56 on AMD's side also fits in this budget and can trade blows with the RTX 2060
  5. Findiculous

    PC part picker challenge

    You should probably make sure that HE is comfortable with building a PC. Its all well and good you saying "just take care when you do it" but not everybody feels comfortable putting a system together and if done wrong you can end up out of pocket by quite a bit. We all start somewhere true. But if he as an individual does not feel prepared to put together a PC himself with case, cable management, thermal paste, cooler, RAM, install OS, set up boot order (if required), it could be too much for a beginner or somebody who hasnt done the research/isnt confident to do it themselves. So again I would recommend your friend browses craigslist, ebay etc and you can help him by filtering out the scam builds which arent worth the money and recommend some systems with decent hardware for the price which will run at the desired spec. Another benefit of purchasing second hand, is that not only can you find a good deal, but its quite a nice introduction into upgrading components piece by piece rather than a complete build from scratch.
  6. Findiculous

    PC part picker challenge

    He would be better off browsing craigslist for a second hand pc. More bang for buck if he looks in the right place. Has he ever built a pc? Though its not exactly difficult, it can be daunting.
  7. Findiculous

    4K Gaming Build

    If you decide on 1440p, grab yourself a VA or IPS panel with a high refresh rate and low response time. If you stick to wanting 4K then grab the 2080Ti and then the same as above with VA or IPS monitors. The size of the screen is up to you on both how much you want to spend and how close you usually sit to your monitor.
  8. Findiculous

    4K Gaming Build

    If you are desperate for 4K, you want a 2080Ti. And you will want to research monitors very carefully to find the right one. A high quality 1440p monitor will run circles around a poor quality 4K monitor regardless of what components you have.
  9. Findiculous

    4K Gaming Build

    I have had corsair components for years. Their warranties are great, customer service is really good. My current system uses a lot of their fans (12 to be exact), their H150i Pro cooler, a PSU and DDR4 RAM. All lighting and fan curves controlled through icue without issue.
  10. Findiculous

    4K Gaming Build

    Well for one thing, if you want 4k at 60FPS, be prepared to pay more on the GPU because the 2080 isnt going to cut it in some games unless you downgrade settings. If you want a more consistent performance at 4K at least at the moment you will want to go with the 2080Ti. In any case though, 4K gaming really isnt worth it for the price. And by price I dont just mean monetary value. 4K monitors come at a cost of higher response times and lower refresh rates. 1440p is the sweet spot for gaming.
  11. Findiculous

    Help with video card upgrade

    I cant quite tell how long the card can be here but here are some options from pc partpicker (long list and not 100% accurate) https://pcpartpicker.com/products/video-card/#a=0,1&sort=-memory Other options include (short list): https://graphicscardhub.com/single-slot-graphics-card/ Edit: Alternatively, if you are having problems deciding, you could opt for a wifi dongle via USB instead of the Wifi card you currently have installed. Would free up the space in your system for a larger card. Edit 2: Also be aware you might encounter bottlenecking due to your CPU. You would probably have better luck with an AMD card over an NVidia card. For example, you will likely be able to get more benefit from an AMD RX series card over an NVidia 1000 series card.
  12. Findiculous

    BSOD with new keyboard

    Did you try with the keyboard plugged in again? kmode exception not handled has been associated with a term for a faulty driver so its possible that some corruption happened when you installed the keyboard at first.
  13. Findiculous

    The Simpsons Hit & Run WINDOWS 10

    Could you not just use an emulator instead?
  14. Findiculous

    What is the best 2080 to buy?

    NP end of the day they all function basically the same. Some have better out of the box boost clocks but in most cases you dont really see a difference. Highest boost clock out of the box I think is the ASUS ROG Strix so if you want premium with no issue of the cost then you can get that if you like the way the colors are. Other reviews say the Zotac card has the nicest RGB but I wasnt sold on that one and i didnt like the back black either (though you can get custom backplates seperately online). https://appuals.com/best-nvidia-geforce-rtx-2080/