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  • Birthday 1994-02-17

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    Photography, pc games, and modding stuff in general.
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    Hey there! I'm a photographer from Mexico trying to get a living from it, don't be rude plz :)
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  1. lalo_caballero

    USB HUB's

    I was looking forward for some studio monitors cause all the video editing (edm photographer and videographer) so i kinda need the highend audio, but not that kind of money LOL
  2. lalo_caballero

    USB HUB's

    Yeah probably... For example the speakers I have are from centuries ago they are powered by usb. I'm still new to Mac environment so I have a lot of things to learn.
  3. lalo_caballero

    Rate the Photo Above you

    10/10 this is really great you have some great eye right there! I like how you play with the perspective and the lines take you to the end of the studio. Here is one of mine:
  4. lalo_caballero

    USB HUB's

    Hey guys, I just bought a 2012 Macbook Pro 13" already max out in upgrades so it runs smoothly. The one problem I really have is that I only have 2 USB ports and that just doesn't works for me I need at least 7 for peripherals such as mouse, keyboard, sound card, EHDD and so on, preferably 10 usb ports for anything extra that i would like to connect. The real question here is, what usb hub is the best in this case? I think speed is not as important for all to work good but im not sure. Hope you can help me.
  5. lalo_caballero

    Troubleshooting changing HDD from Dell to HP

    Good to know, time to get the hans dirty. I'll keep you post if any problem.
  6. lalo_caballero

    Troubleshooting changing HDD from Dell to HP

    One last doubt, it is possible to install the driver even if the hardware is not on the laptop?
  7. lalo_caballero

    Troubleshooting changing HDD from Dell to HP

    Both are Intel, so I don't think there will be compatibility problems. I extract the drivers from the HP laptop on a External HD, is there a form to batch install the drivers on the Dell? Yep, HP ready on Legacy.
  8. lalo_caballero

    Troubleshooting changing HDD from Dell to HP

    Thanks for that quick answer! Both laptops are 64 bit How to know which ones would be need installed? BIOS let you chose from UEFI and Legacy Just checked and Dell's MBR and HP is GPT Or there is a way to copy the entire computer to the other?
  9. So yeah, I need to change a HDD form a Dell laptop to a HP laptop, in which the Dell is freaking old but has a lot of sensitive information of the company and the HP is pretty new, Dell one is running Windows 7 and HP running Windows 10. I already try swapping HDD just like that but the laptop didn't turned on, I entered the BIOS and change to Legacy (I think) Boot and it started but didn't pass from "WIndows needs to be repair", try that but didn't work, I think that it's a Drivers problem but not quite sure. I hope someone could help me. Cheers bros