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  1. I might sound like an idiot, but are EPS and 4x4 CPU connectors the same thing?
  2. How long do they usually last? I don't mind needing to replace every year or two.
  3. I've heard that the CXM series is really bad, or not that good.
  4. I'm trying to get some items for an upgrade for my system, I have everything else I need, all I need is a power supply. And I'm trying to keep the total under $300-$320 range. I don't really know what to look for at all when it comes to Power Supplies, so if someone could link me one that's on either Amazon or Newegg that has a min of 550w would be great. Thanks! Edit: I did find an EVGA one that was a 750 GQ, but the thing was 110 dollars (am on a budget), and I did not need 750w.
  5. I do not have the case. @WoodenMarker But it does say that it supports up to 2 120mm fans in the front
  6. Well, I'm actually transferring all of my stuff out of a pre built into this
  7. Oh, alright. Well it's saying that the eBay servers are down so I can't contact him rn.
  8. Really? I see them normally for like $350+ in some places.
  9. @zlolslavez do you think you can link me a mobo that's a good deal, that can get me by with no issues, AM4 socket and DDR4
  10. I'm relatively new to PC building, that includes looking for parts. I'd just like to know if these look sus. This Mobo and This Graphics Card
  11. I'd just like to know how this build will preform, on This motherboard. 1070 (Not OC) Ryzen 1700 (Not OC, I don't plan on OC in the future) 2x8 GB Just want to game at 1080p "the 1070 is overkill for 1080p" and have flexibility for max settings for games such as Mankind Divided
  12. Will there be any heating issues? I am using a stock cooler for the CPU. and a founder's 1070, which obviously only has one fan