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  1. I finally fixed it, it turned out that the part was simply damaged or something, I took it to one service guy and then he tried on multiple different OS's, driverpack, driverbooster and all that, every single driver we could find, we even contacted the distributor of that part and they gave us a driver that couldn't be found online and nothing worked, then the shop where I bought it asked to try it out themselves and they also couldn't do anything after a few days, so they put in another pcie card of the same type and...it instantly worked. So...yeah, in case you come across a problem like this, especially if you buy lower quality stuff, it might happen that you simply bought a faulty part.
  2. 2 updates: 1. like the first post says I tried uninstalling stock drivers windows installed...or I think I did that, but I think I actually made bad things worse, this is how device manager looked before and then how it looks now after, the USB 3.0 root kit and the Generic usb hoob (the third in row) isn't showing up anymore, I tried restarting and putting the card again, but didn't work. I didn't yet try to boot up the system without the pc, then shut it down and put the card in again and see if that works. 2. I sent an email to VIA, here's their response: VL805 has no vender USB3.0 driver, it use Win10 inbox driver. Windows should automatic install USB3.0 driver for VL805 card. This is obviously not the case, I tried with Driverpack, but I guess it doesn't register the card because I deleted something in the device manager (the root kit or usb hoob), so I need to get those 2 back and then try with driverpack or something
  3. I took the chip out, it's an VLI 805 chip and their site says that there is Windows 10 support for it https://www.via-labs.com/product_show.php?id=48 but I can't find a win 10 driver for it anywhere, I found some older drivers that say win xp, 7, 8, 8.1, but they don't want to install
  4. This is the one, not the best pic, but it's almost 12am here, so I'm off to bed, I'll look at it tomorrow in more detail https://www.ewe.rs/proizvod/pci-express-kartice/pci-express-kontroler-4-port-usb-30-KON00328
  5. I bought a chinese Maiwo 4x usb 3.0 pci-e card, which does actually come with a cd, but in my case I didn't get a cd (bought from a local shop), I complained, but the most they know is to point me to the device manager, which I already knew. Anyway the model name as far as I could figure out is Maiwo KC005 and I have the receit, so I could return it, but I have a load of things to do in the next few days, so I really don't want to give it back, then search local shops to find another pci card,etc. here's their website, obviously in chinese, I did a little google translate searching, but there's a lot to cover and maybe I missed something and maybe someone here actually speaks chinese http://www.maiwo.hk/ I'm using Win 10 home, on the box that I have it says that Win 10 is supported. The device manager btw. does recognize there is something, but clicking on auto update or whatever it's called just says "the best drivers are already installed", so that's not working.
  6. I am going to buy a Windows mixed reality set and noticed it also requires a Bluetooth 4.0, I don't have that on my motherboard (at least I don't think and my phone isn't picking up any bluetooths, here's how it's called h61mlv3 ) So, I found this https://www.emmi.rs/wireless-kartice-bežični-adapter-asus-usb-bt400.11.html?productId=44888# Is that what I should look for? I have an older CPU, strong, but older, so I don't want to buy a new bluetooth mobo and have to buy a new cpu for it and so on, so this would be great if it's what I'm looking for.
  7. I'm a bit low on the budget (saving up every penny for a car and vacation), so I don't want to spend a lot, but I'm wondering what kind of a case should I get for a RX 470 OC with a I5 3450? The cheaper ones either have no visible air intakes on the front, even though they can supposedly have front fans mounted (so I guess they take air from the front edges?) and the other ones are cases where there's one fan on the back or for example two 120 fans in the front and one 80 in the back. Would these be any good or should I try to find one that has one front 120 and one back 120 fan? My current case has no case fans at all (a old 2008 office PC case) and it's been going to an un-exitable standby mode when I play some more demanding games, so I always have to restart it manually. The OC is also not reaching what it should (I get higher FPS with 1240mhz, than 1270mhz that's the factory OC) I'm from Serbia and this is the cheapest place to buy hardware, just click on the first arrow where it says Cena (price) and maybe you can find something good (napred 120 means front 120 and pozadi 120 means back 120), preferably something lower than 5.000 (50-ish usd) https://www.emmi.rs/konfigurator/proizvodi.10.html?go=true&Id=10&categoryId=218&sortBy=Price1|ASC&offset=0
  8. Nope, I just got an RX 470, you can find it used for really cheap like 100-120 dollars and it is extremely worth it, in games where I got 20-30 fps on very low settings on low resolutions with the 7730, I can now get 60+ on high or very high settings on 1080p, I am not limited to low textures and so on.
  9. I recently bought a used Galaxy S7 and it works great, I checked all the software and outside look things to make sure it's not a replica or something, it works lightingly fast in comparison to my previous Galaxy S4, but...the camera seems to always add blur everywhere and all the time unless I touch on the furthest object in the screen, for example if I want to take a picture of my dog, I point the focus on him and sometimes it is good and sometimes it adds blur on for example his legs or parts further from the head, so basically I need to spend a few seconds every time to make sure the focus is alright. My previous galaxy S4 also had depth/blur, not as much, but it had it, however the camera didn't require me to move the focus around so much, I often didn't even need to touch anything on the screen and I'd get a crystal clear image. What should I do? Also, I know about the pro mode, there's an option there to make the depth focus on the furthest point, but it doesn't seem to put it on the furthest point, since if I take a picture of the wall on the other end of the yard, if I take a picture normally by touching to focus on the wall, the image will be clearer than the one with the pro mode, so I don't know what to do
  10. Yes, but if I do it with a editing program, aren't there weird spots where for example a wall behind me is blured on my sides, but not blured in smaller spots around my head, neck,etc? Sort of like a green screen that isn't done correctly or something
  11. I'm wondering, how do you exactly make those great looking photos where the background is blurred, so that you are really highlighted? Do you do that in Photoshop or do you need an expensive camera for that...or can you do it with a smartphone camera as well (Galaxy S7 in my case) ? I live in a poorer area of the world and a flat one, so I don't really have any good backdrops, so those blurred photos could be great to use as an alternative, but I'm not sure how to make them and I can't buy a expensive camera just to make a few pics and then not use it anymore.
  12. I wasn't planning on buying new either way, but I'm not sure which one to get of these two
  13. Since I'm from east Europe and can't (and don't want to) spend a lot of money on anything newer than a Galaxy S6 or Xiaomi A2, which one of these would you say has the better camera? Particularly for low light and for filming (both pictures and videos) in bright daylight, sun,etc? As far as other things go, I think their GPU's are comparable? The CPU's are both octacore with decent clocks, the S6 has 3gb RAM and the Xiaomi has 4 (for 32/64gb version) and the Xiaomi has a bigger battery, but it also costs slightly more where I live. I've heard great stories about S6's camera, but I don't really understand the aperture size difference effects, so perhaps someone can tell which one is better.
  14. I myself have a PC and I use malwarebytes, regcleaner and avast (free one) to run a full scan every 2, 3 months, but I keep it turned off almost all of the time, by doing these 3 things I never had any issues since at least 2016 when I upgraded to Windows 7, which I still use, I had a few smaller malwares, but that's about it. However now I chatted with a girl I like and she said that her laptop "is full of viruses", I of course offered to help without thinking and she asked if I can make it so that "photoshop doesn't crash every 2 minutes". I suppose that she has internet on it, so I can download malwarebytes and run a full scan, maybe regcleaner as well, but is there something else I can try? Maybe some free and light antivirus? I guess I could download Avast as well, though I'm not sure if that would be needed, especially since it is very large. I never really used a laptop, so is there anything important that differentiates it to a PC as far as programs go or is it all the same, but with lower specs?
  15. I know, I know, I should get a win 10 (which does vpage optimizing better), but for now I still don't feel any need to get it, I can run any program out there (except perhaps Forza), so I'm going to keep the 7 for now. Anyway, I have 8 gigs of RAM (I can't afford 16 gigs for now) and I occasionally get a bunch of microstutters in some games like Gta V, CoD WW2, AC Odyssey,etc. , the FPS is above 60 and it isn't falling and I also tried the memtest program for testing RAM, so it isn't a hardware problem, but it's probably related to the vpage, since the stutter issues started when I changed vpage files to add more MB for some large Arma 3 map mods I downloaded. I have 2 HDD's and 3 drives: HDD 1: C - Windows,etc. D - Programs, older games,etc. HDD 2: E - Large new games My vpage is set to System managed on C and D and None on E (hdd 2), is this a good idea or should I set it to none...or maybe something else? I am only looking for a temporary solution until I can afford 16 gigs, I might change to windows 10 then as well, but for now I only want to know what's the best setting for the vpage on my current system.