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  1. Partner RTX 2080 Card Question

    I know waiting sucks but if you want the best deal wait for 2080ti and 2080 to come out and prices on 1080ti should come down, 1080ti and 2080 perform basically the same in gaming and the 1080ti will most likely be cheaper. If it doesnt get any cheaper and they stay the same price get the 2080 only because if their the same cost might as well have the rtx included
  2. CPU I5 6400 UPGRADE

    well then if he cant do either than the best option is to spend a bit extra getting a new mother board and i5 8400
  3. Lower CS:GO fps after CPU, RAM & motherboard upgrade

    Have you done latest drivers
  4. CPU I5 6400 UPGRADE

    If your mother board cant over clock then just get i5 8400 its a good value cpu for gaming
  5. CPU I5 6400 UPGRADE

    i would get the 7700k and overclock to 4.6 or 4.8 over clocking is easier than it seems and youll get great performance from it
  6. Case airflow

    vacuum sealing your pc couldn't change the type of heat it emits it will still output normal heat while also damaging your parts.
  7. for around 1000 you can the dell xps 13 0r 15 being the screen size and it has a gtx 1050ti inside which will be good enough for you yo play any game at 1080p
  8. Case airflow

    I have no idea why you would want to do this as your hardware would suffer, but it possibly emitting radiation would not happen.
  9. Best Movie Tablet

    I would get the new standard i pad for 329$ on amazon or apples website its fast has a good screen and battery life.
  10. static noise after card swap

    it could also be drivers make sure you check the audio ones
  11. How does sand break phones and speakers?

    if sand gets into phones it gets all over the components and jams it up some newer phones like s9 have prevention over it but older phones most likley wotn
  12. Is my CPU or GPU more of a bottleneck for gaming?

    its hard to say about upgrading anything because the 1500x and 1060 should easily get well over 60fps on 1080p with almost any game but if your looking to step up to 1440p then pick up a 1070 or 1080
  13. Cool things in Germany?

    When i was there i saw the neuschwanstein castle, it was amazing, its the castle walt disney modeled the cinderella castle after definitely something i recommend seeing .
  14. Memory in wrong DIM slots?

    memory could be bad but if your using dual channel both modules have to be the same
  15. Which ram kit should I get?

    yea you just never wanna go in blind and screw up other settings in your bios