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  1. Andrew.Schickowski

    verticle mount

    i have the rosewill cullinan mx x370 asrock pro and rx 580 armor
  2. Andrew.Schickowski

    verticle mount

    i have the rosewill cullinan mx
  3. Andrew.Schickowski

    Slow Hard Drive

    its most likely just the age of the drive and its slow rpm
  4. Andrew.Schickowski

    verticle mount

    my case has a slot for a verticle mount graphics card, would i still have to buy an after market holder from cable mod or cooler master
  5. Andrew.Schickowski

    Ryzen Ram Issues?

    mostly all modern mother boards allow you to do that. i looked at your list and it seems to look all good
  6. Andrew.Schickowski

    Build upgrade 6600k to 9th gen?

    if you have to get another mother board i would suggest getting a ryzen 2700x but if for some reason your an intel fan boy go for a 9600k or an 8700k
  7. Andrew.Schickowski

    Building a Minecraft Server, need CPU advice.

    almost any processor will run minecraft smoothly i thought this question was a joke at first
  8. Andrew.Schickowski

    Extremely slow rendering With 20 core Xeon

    you could be over heating or just the slow speed of your cpu at only 2.2 ghz
  9. Andrew.Schickowski

    vertical bracket

    So i just orderd a cooler master vertical bracket on newegg this morning and i was wondering if anyone has used this before and if its a good quality product.
  10. Andrew.Schickowski

    Gaming/Streaming for $1000.00 USD?

    the 2600 is enough with an rx 580 which could be around that price
  11. Andrew.Schickowski


    I just build a new system with the ryzen 1700x and was wondering if the ml120l from cooler master is enough to keep the temps reasonable
  12. Andrew.Schickowski

    is the rx 570 4 gb vr ready

  13. Andrew.Schickowski


    does anyone have information on reballing? and if so i was going to reball my xbox one console, but what if instead of re soldering the standard xbox one apu i soldered on an xbox one x apu? is it at all possible and if not why
  14. Andrew.Schickowski

    things you would change in this build Gaming build?

    well for about the same price you can get trident z rgb ram and you have a good chance of finding a gtx 1080 thats much cheaper than the rtx 2070 and they both preform very similarly.
  15. Andrew.Schickowski

    Stuttering even with freesync

    when running games with free sync you have to have v sync enabled in the game settings of what your playing