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  1. Best Books To Learn About Microprocessors and GPU's

    @DocSwag Much appreciate for the help. But interactivity is the key currently because at this point I dont want semiconductors written in a textbook manner. However I will certainly check out the book. Thanks my friend.
  2. Best Books To Learn About Microprocessors and GPU's

    Thanks my friend. I agree that whitepapers and wiki are the best bet.
  3. Best Books To Learn About Microprocessors and GPU's

    The book seems more like a manual and facts rather than explaining everything from scratch. Thanks thought my man.
  4. Best Books To Learn About Microprocessors and GPU's

    Yes my friend, thats where the issue lies. My eyes strain when I stare at too long into wiki, but my question is out of several books in this world, which is the best one written interactively.
  5. Hello, I am a normal Electronics and Communication engineering student. I am very interested to learn about Microprocessors, GPU's,from basics, architecture and fundamentals. I am willing to start from basic and slowly develop my understanding over time. Problem is I have no knowledge about this(I just started my engineering course but am sure they won't teach about these things.) Can someone recommend really good books which teach about the architecture, fabrication, and all the things that form a processor or a GPU in an interactive manner, this is apart from my studies for personal knowledge development. Several books I have checked start from the old 8086 Intel processors, even thought that's fine, I believe modern processor knowledge is important unless the traditional ones influence the modern design drastically. The book I am trying to look for is like "Ignition! is a history of liquid rocket propellants" which several of you might have heard of. It is written in an interactive manner with plenty of jokes. It is the kind of book I am looking for but whatever the best is, I will take it. Give me suggestions gentlemen. and for the record I did google search books for all these things, what I did find was Quora posts with people badly advertising different books that are totally worse.
  6. PotPlayer Extensive Guide For Best Video Quality

    I have a question, if by default I select MadVR without trying anything from section 2 and 3 will the video performance be better or should I go back? Thanks for making this extensive guide. This guide is well written and PotPlayer is itself a solid player and I never understood the hype about VLC, maybe because its open source?