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  1. FlappyBoobs

    Desk suggestion

    Order 2 electrically raising desk legs from amazon. Order a plate of wood that you like from your preferred wood supplier. Screw them together and you have a nice desk that can be height adjustable.
  2. FlappyBoobs

    Scrapping Google Auth protected page

    If you setup 2fa on your Google account and login manually (triggering the 2fa once) you will not get the 2 step verification again. Then you can automate the login (using selenium) with a simple button click using chrome's autofill for the credentials.
  3. FlappyBoobs

    What is active directory

    In simple terms it's Microsofts domain controller.
  4. FlappyBoobs

    Missing camera features on Galaxy S9

    At the bottom of the camera screen (just above where it says photo) there are 2 buttons. The right one is "selfi" mode and the left is "groupfi" mode. Click the group icon and you'll get 8mp as an option again.
  5. FlappyBoobs

    LG 27UL650 - Yes or No?

    It seems like the 650 is brighter and has thinner bezels. See the comparison here: https://www.displayspecifications.com/en/comparison/2a469eefe
  6. FlappyBoobs


    It's not bullshit, it's fact. I actually have a 3570k (overclocked to 4.2Ghz), and a 1060 6GB the 1060 is bottlenecked by the CPU in all games. The GPU never gets above 70% usage. EVER.
  7. FlappyBoobs


    That CPU is a bottle neck even for a 1060.
  8. FlappyBoobs

    Help Upgrading Alienware x51

    The CPU is still pretty relevant (should be a 4th gen i7). RAM is DDR3, 8GB is enough for gaming, and 16GB is more than enough for it so if you already have 8Gb just save your money. GPU you should look at getting a second hand 1060 6GB or RX580 for it and then you will have a really good performing 1080p gaming machine.
  9. FlappyBoobs

    Why old games support only 4:3 Resolutions?

    Because there was no such thing as widescreen outside of cinema at that time. Everything was 4:3, including TV, that's why TV shows like the Simpsons, family guy and Friends were all in 4:3 as well until the later seasons.
  10. FlappyBoobs

    Best free AV software

    Then you do something that suits your current environment. It's not hard to do, hell you could just talk to your parents about taking on more responsibility in order to increase your pocket money, that's an easy one. Take something they pay for already, and do for them instead. Or you go somewhere where your work IS needed. I am not thinking that at all. I am saying that I was also once a teenager with the same opportunities as you. You seem to be stuck on the fact that I painted fences and mowed lawns...But I also cleaned houses and apartments (people live in your city right? so then they need cleaning services!) I just told you what I did, you can come up with your own suggestions. People own pets in your city right? so look after them, walk dogs etc. You could also start up your own magazine, online or paper, you could create a mobile app to generate revenue, start a you tube channel...any thing that makes you money you can give it a try but you have tried NOTHING and then expect something to come out of it. Telling me to be quiet because I got on you case about the fact you want help with freeloading just makes me laugh. The situation I am in was not luck or circumstances, it was hard work and effort and it started when I was at an age where working in my country was illegal. Also like I mentioned, I grew up in a city, it also had no gardens or fences, so you know what I did? I got on my fucking bike and I rode to an area where they DID have gardens and fences and started asking them if they would like to employ cheap labor. All of this is besides the point, you still shouldn't be stealing software, and using "it's against the law for me to earn money" as an excuse to break the law is just hypocritical.
  11. FlappyBoobs

    Best free AV software

    You live in a city with 600k people and you can't work out a SINGLE way to earn a little money. You are not me you don't have to mow lawns or paint fences, you can come up with your own Ideas. I notice you don't want to explain why you are okay breaking a law that benefits you, but not breaking a law that means work for you. As for your last comment, I am also not in the US, and I don't live in surbibia, I also grew up in a city, but guess what! That didn't stop me. Like I said before, start with checking your attitude. I am giving you shit because you deserve it for happily saying that you need help with your illegal activities in a public forum.
  12. FlappyBoobs

    Best free AV software

    I was also a teenager at one point, I mowed lawns, cleaned houses, painted fences, basically did everything I could to work my ass off to buy the hardware and software I wanted at the time. You want things handed to you on a plate, but are not willing to go out and even START to try to do it your self otherwise you wouldn't have jumped to the "fast food joint" job, you'd already know there are a TON of things a teenager can do to make money...it's just that you don't want to do it, clearly. "it's illegal for me to work" well guess what buddy, it's also illegal to pirate video games, but your morals seem to be okay with that version of breaking the law. Like I said, I don't give a shit that you are a teenager that can't work, that just means you have to miss out on having the nice things until you can afford them. Do you think that someone came up to 19 year old me one day and just GAVE me a sports car? Fuck no, I worked my ass off for years to be able to afford that car, same with my PC when I was 14, I worked solid for 6 weeks doing odd jobs around the neighborhood and then went to the PC shop and bought my components. Turns out that some people are willing to work for their goals and dreams, others want to sit back and have them handed to them or take them for free.
  13. FlappyBoobs

    Best free AV software

    I don't care what your excuse is, you are wealthy enough to get the hardware and pay for an internet connection but apparently not wealthy enough to buy the (much cheaper) software. If you can't afford something you can't just take it, that's not how the world works dude. Because of how I feel about free loading gamers, I recommend you install McAfee, and tick every option for every piece of additional software it offers you.
  14. FlappyBoobs

    Require a desktop for office use

    Get a new Dell and buy the 3 year support pack as well. (depending on your hardware refresh schedule you may want to get extended support). It's worth the money because it is for a business and you are currently down a PC which will cost more in a day that the support pack costs for 3 years. I have a Precision 5820 and it's an excellent machine for work, although I upgraded the CPU, RAM and SSD when it was bought and it was a bit pricey it was totally worth it for my use case. I can't recommend any other manufacturer because only Dell has the support that a business needs. HP support sucks balls, they don't vet their repair partners as well and HP are a replacement service rather than a repair service (Dell will send out a tech with the parts you need and do an onsite repair, even for cosmetic damage). If you have the inhouse skills and budget for spares then self building is always an option, it saves money and you get better performance, but you need to have spare parts in stock at all times in order for it to make business sense.
  15. FlappyBoobs

    Advice in IT

    There is no problem with making mistakes...even big ones. For example I once, many many years ago, forgot to include part of a where statement in an update query and wiped out an entire database of orders for the countries largest travel agent. (A problem made worse because the DB admin had never tested the backups, meaning most of the heat was on him, for obvious reasons, I argued that I shouldn't have had to do it direct on production anyway, but hey, I'd already warned them it was a possibility in previous tasks). The thing that makes or breaks you is how you deal with those mistakes. I always "got away with it" because I instantly hold my hands up and say "I fucked up" and ask for help. Some managers and colleagues think that if you make a mistake you should fix it because it is your mistake, this is not how it should be, a good team will pull together, if one person fucks up then the TEAM fucks up and it's the team that should take ownership of an issue, but they can only do that if they know about it straight away. The main reason is that it is rarely your fault for messing up in the way you do. Adding the wrong status, forgetting a step or jumping in at the wrong point are all things that are related to having way too much work to do. From time to time you'll just have a "brain fart" and mess up, don't worry about it, fix the issue and move on with your day. Put it this way, me wiping out data, causing months of support work for half the police force in the UK, stopping court proceedings for a day in the entire south of England and crashing a van into the loading bay of a Pirelli factory (causing enough damage to have my company at the time pay £50k in damages) put me in the position (or at least didn't affect my ability) to work at JPL (NASA)....so really, don't worry about small mistakes. Many of us industry veterans have stories that will make your toes curl in comparison, and were all still here, hell alot of those people became CTOs at one point. The best advice I could give you is to communicate, communicate, communicate. If a task is delayed from 1 week to 3 weeks most reasonable people will thank you for the update and leave you to it. (sales guys tend to be assholes to everyone so don't take what they say to heart, and just direct them to your manager when they kick off). The thing that gets people agitated is the unknown, so the moment you have a status update tell the relevant people, that will make your life as easy as it can be. You remove the stress of getting things done in a rush, you remove the stress of disappointing people at the last minute and in general you remove the need to fight fires one after another (you end up with more of a controlled burn than a wild fire). Bonus mistake that happened at my first company: we imported a lot of records into a courts system, and the "ethnicity" column in the DB was set to be 6 characters for some unknown reason....so when we encountered a person with the ethnicity "Dark European" it truncated, and displayed to the court, "Dark E" luckily it was spotted and fixed quickly, and everyone involved had a good laugh about it. No harm no foul.
  16. What ISP do you use? Is it a shared service? (e.g. university halls, apartment block) What DNS do you use? No UK ISP actively blocks VPNs, however if you use Virgin Media with a superhub then you can get a ton of problems with connecting to them. One thing you need to do is disable their option for active packet inspection, it destroys your internet speed and causes these sort of connection problems. You should also think about turning the superhub into "modem" only mode and use your own switch to share the connection.
  17. FlappyBoobs

    This is a scam right?

    It is not sold by amazon, but by a company called Telecom Online. However it is covered by amazon, so if there are problems you can just send it back FOC and get all your money back. Amazon don't give a crap, they will just accept the return within 30 days, especially if it is not what was described. Also, sent you a PM.
  18. FlappyBoobs

    Computer won't boot to 64 bit OS

    The .Net installer requires certain versions of programs in order to install. Windows installer 4.5 is one of them. My thinking is that when the installer tries to get the missing components it just uses Windows update rather than a direct link. Manually installing everything it needs should get it to install.
  19. FlappyBoobs

    Computer won't boot to 64 bit OS

    Try updating your version of Windows installer to 4.5 or later. It could be that it's trying to use windows update to get it and again can't find the servers, hence the generic error. https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/942288/windows-installer-4-5-is-available
  20. FlappyBoobs

    Computer won't boot to 64 bit OS

    The error code you are getting is a generic communication one, the most likely cause is that the system cannot reach the windows update server to get required files it needs for installing .NET 4.0, which makes complete sense considering there are no update servers for XP anymore. You should try and find a complete offline installation of .NET 4.0, https://www.microsoft.com/da-dk/download/details.aspx?id=17718
  21. FlappyBoobs

    Google Authenticator transfere

    Have you followed the instructions below yet? https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/switch-google-authenticator-phone/ Doesn't sound like you need your old phone at all.
  22. FlappyBoobs

    Why Nvidia is so expensive?

    It's all relative. Some people are happy with a Toyota and can't understand why anyone would "waste money" on a BMW or an AUDI. Others can see why people would choose them but don't personally think its worth it. And some will just think that if the "luxury option" is affordable to them then why the hell not! Then there are those that can't have anything but a supercar, and those people have multiple Titan cards.
  23. FlappyBoobs

    What motherboard do i get

    Your current board supports upto 64gb of memory, not 8.
  24. Have you recently installed an additional 8gb of ram? If you hav, you need to delete an xml file call something like memorybalancer (Google for the full file name). It'll be recreated next time you open an Adobe product and your ram total should be correct.
  25. FlappyBoobs

    "Gaming" Desk

    A "racing table" with "fighting RGB", shut up and take my money. This: https://www.amazon.com/UNICOO-Adjustable-Standing-Computer-Portable/dp/B07GV6PYX4/ref=sr_1_25?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=1LZM05XYQ82WX&keywords=standing+desk&qid=1564743282&s=gateway&sprefix=standing%2Caps%2C227&sr=8-25 Is a much better desk for your gaming, because you can adjust the height to perfectly fit how you sit. If you sit for several hours at a time gaming then getting the ergonomics spot on is what you should concentrate on more than RGB and speed holes.