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  1. It was a hassle but I finally got it! cheers OP.
  2. Thanx for the quality of your content, I don't find myself trying to choke a person while explaining a new technology to them. For that I thank you. Ooh and yeah, I want that JZ YO....
  4. To add to the OP: This website lets sync your Steam Wishlist and notify you once a good deal is happening in many stores. http://isthereanydeal.com/
  5. My code: 5AQB8-NDLTC-HTI0F
  6. Where can I reach them?? are they here in LTT?? Edit: Never mind, I already checked. Ridiculous prices. Makes me want to finish my degree and go back home.
  7. Where do you get corsair products in Malaysia??? Everywhere I ask it's like I'm buying two of anything.
  8. I'm a sucker for scratch builds. Automatically followed before reading. Is the final design finished?? if so please post it.
  9. Done. Although I think the question for the effects on the social life should be open ended. Good luck.
  10. I live for these kind of builds. A board this epic needs a bigger case, don't you think??
  11. I do the same thing for all my friends and family members thanks to this dock. HDD Dock You can also get cheaper options. But this one is a beast.
  12. Now you got me worried. Try to get Parallel or VMWare Fusion on OSX to test it. just to be safe. Good luck