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    AMD A10 7860K 12 compute cores, 4 CPU, 8 GPU
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  1. I'd imagine that they would in fact allow for several different types of usage such as mice, keyboards, and USB's and cards as you said. Sure, Apple isn't really known for this sort of thing, but remember, USB's can be plugged into iPhones for data transfer. Perhaps Apple will even make a smart keyboard or even a new type of dock where it can project to a TV, or even a monitor to use it similar to a desktop. I think it will be interesting to see what actually happens if Apple does actually do this. @Crunchy Dragon I have edited my post to include quotes from the reputable source I acquired this news from. I have not been able to find any posts similar to mine.
  2. Apple might be making iPad's with USB-C in the future? Could be interesting.... could make for a much more power-user experience on an iPad. https://www.businessinsider.com.au/apple-ipad-pro-usb-c-rumor-2018-9 It could even make the iPad Pro a more tempting device as a laptop replacement. Essentially, USB-C could give the iPad Pro a lot more use as a primary standalone device rather than just a tablet that accompanies a computer.