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    Have a crap Mac and spend a lot of time gaming on it.

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  1. REX8836

    Help with a pc build?

    i prefer the looks of the case but if you could think of a better one i would appreciate it but its not needed.
  2. REX8836

    Help with a pc build?

    I think i can mark it as solved right after i know this, how many usb ports on the motherboard and do they aligne with the spec omega rgb, and the corsair 570x crystal One agin thanks
  3. REX8836

    Help with a pc build?

    Thanks so much
  4. REX8836

    Help with a pc build?

    Thank you soo much, both of you there is a case i kinda like (spec omega rgb) do you think all these parts could fit that? (If they dont you dont need to chnage the list)
  5. REX8836

    Help with a pc build?

    [I APOLOGISE IN ADVANCE FOR THIS BEING WRITEN LIKE CRAP my phones keyboard is tiny] So I decided that its time for me to not use a macbook air and get a real pc. I made this list with no real research i tried to get under 1.5k aud but failed im just wondering how can i make this cheaper/compatible. (Headset, keyboard, and mouse are not needed) (I decided it would be smart to post this before i went to sleep so i wont reply for the next few hours)
  6. REX8836

    Is this a good PC?

    me (I kept speaking about "my friends pc")
  7. REX8836

    PC List for 5k aud?

    wait what board?
  8. REX8836

    PC List for 5k aud?

    Thanks a lot! This build looks really nice.
  9. REX8836

    PC List for 5k aud?

    fixed the list
  10. REX8836

    PC List for 5k aud?

    small work loads but other then that no
  11. I know I have mentioned this pc alot but its my friends first pc and his parents said it has to last him about 8 years so he's going all out, he has made a list but I want the opinion of some of you guys first. Or to make your own list. Here is the link to his one. https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/TCggZR btw try and do 1 monitor (2 if you know a good one) he has keyboard, mouse and headset. criteria: 5k aud or under 1 monitor for media (preferably 4k) and 1 gaming one and made to last 8 years.
  12. REX8836

    SSD choices

    is 860 evo good?
  13. REX8836

    SSD choices

    ssd budget 500 aud
  14. REX8836

    SSD choices

    2tb hard drive but what ssd? this is about my friends pc he wants a big ssd im saying get a really fast one and install your best games to that.