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    Suffolk, England
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    Gaming, driving, aquariums
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    Battling the evils of unreliable networks and temperamental printers
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    MSI Z370 M5
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    32GB DDDR4
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    MSI Gaming 1070 8GB
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    Silverstone PM02
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    240GB NVME, 480GB SSD, 240GB SSD, 2TB HDD 1TB HDD
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    Acer 27in 1440p 75Hz
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    CM ML240L RGB
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    Razer Blackwidow
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    Logitech G903
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    Logitech 5.1
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    Win 10 Pro 64

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  1. According to EP this was actually done back in April 2018 but has only just become public knowledge. At the time of the attack they forced a password reset on all users so your old password won't work on the site now anyway. Kinda sucks for anyone using the same password for multiple sites though if they haven't changed it in a while. https://www.epforums.org/showthread.php?116692-possible-data-breach
  2. skunkmunkey

    Windows deactivate after motherboard change?

    I've had it deactivate mine a few times after a mobo swap. Mine was originally a 7 licence that was upgraded to 10. Each time I've logged a support ticket with MS. Because it was an upgraded key it can be a little more complicated for them, had them remote in twice and sort by playing around with the registry and assigning it a new key. Didn't make any differnce to my MS account, seem to automatically log the change and keep it linked to my account.
  3. Not if the laptop uses Intel onboard graphics. You'll have Nvidia on the desktop because that's doing the video output, the 9600k does have onboard graphics I think but the GPU will override this
  4. skunkmunkey

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    My latest hunk of junk to play with is this heap, an Old Dell Poweredge2900 that I pinched from the scrap pile at work. For under £35 I've chucked in 2 x Xeon x5365's and upped it to 20GB of 667Mhz DDR2 RAM . It's currently got 5 x 74GB 15k SAS drives in it but I might swap a few of them out and keep two for the OS and then chuck six 2TB SATA drives and use it as a media server or something along those lines. It also has an old DAT72 tape drive, although from looking at the dust inside that drive I don't think it would work even if I wanted it to. Managed to get it to run Server 2012 after a bit a faffing around so bought it a little more up to date than it's original 2003 R2 install. I initially went to reinstall 2003 but then realised I'd need a floppy disk for the RAID controller drivers so had to jump ahead a bit to the later versions where Windows can deal with that itself. I can't even remember the last time I had floppy disks. Just run Cinebench R15 and on the multicore score I think it did alright and scored 538, the single core was a pitiful 74 though haha. To put that in perspective my OC i5 8600k at 5Ghz got 1185 for the multi-core and my Skylake era dual-core G4400 only got 247. I know with the two CPU's it's running at 8 cores but for a pair of processors that I picked up for peanuts I think that's pretty respectable. It's currently running R20 but think it's going to be a while. Plus I still love the sound old servers make when you fire them up, my cat shit herself when all the fans kicked in and it sounded like it was gonna take off! Annoyingly, I can't find anywhere on it to show it's power consumption although I'm going to guess it's probably in the 300W range even when at idle.
  5. skunkmunkey

    Connecting HDD Externally for Diagnostics

    I have no idea whether you can connect power to that or not. The brand name docks can be a little expensive but you can pick cheaper ones up for £25-30, not much of an expense and the amount of times I've used mine to recover data from other peoples computers when they break it's paid for itself many times over.
  6. skunkmunkey

    What's with the trend of 'ditching bezels'

    My Acer monitor annoys me with this, the actual bezel is only about 2mm around the top and sides but then the black 'border' within the screen is another 5mm or so
  7. skunkmunkey

    Connecting HDD Externally for Diagnostics

    Just get a USB HDD dock from Amazon or similar. Has mains power and you just slot the drive into the dock and it's recognised like any other drive
  8. skunkmunkey

    Fx 8350 bottlenecks the rx 2060

    It is a 7 year old CPU, it's not going to keep up with modern hardware even if it was pretty good back in the day.
  9. skunkmunkey

    Windows activation problem

    Not sure why you're unable to contact MS. I've had similar issues when upgrading parts before and they've just remoted into the PC, changed the keys in the registry and given it a new licence after the old one got stroppy about the update.
  10. skunkmunkey

    lately gta 5 is pretty unplayable

    Try rolling your graphics driver back one or two versions, might just have had an update that your card doesn't like.
  11. skunkmunkey

    75hz monitor vs 60hz

    Surely 60Hz is 60Hz, it'll look the same whether it's on a 60 or 75Hz monitor - presuming the other specs are the same anyway
  12. skunkmunkey

    External Storage Solution

    Is there any need for him to have multiple drives? From a quick Google you can get a 4TB single USB hard drive from Seagate for about £100. For an enclosure that supports 4 drives and RAID (the only reason I can see for multiple drives) you'd be looking at about £150 before buying the drives separately.
  13. skunkmunkey

    Options for Playing 4K HDR on TV

    I'm pretty sure the 4790k can output at 4k 60Hz if the motherboard supports HDMI, since it's only playing video files I'm sure that would be fine. If you're already thinking about upgrading your desktop anyway then that seems the most sensible option to me
  14. skunkmunkey

    Network Computers and NAS don't show up please help!

    Have you turned on network discovery and file sharing?
  15. I started out in tech about 3 years in an IT Manager role, like you I didn't have much prior experience. From the very beginning I've told them that I don't deal with anything web design related, you get enough challenges in the day to day management of the infrastructure that you don't want to be dealing with other stuff on top of that. You're better to focus on one aspect or the other or you'll never pick enough knowledge in one area to further your career afterwards as most places will have dedicated teams for each role or will outsource one aspect or another.