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  1. Hey! I thought I would ask here, since I'm kind of out of the loop on this stuff and I'm trying to do something new. I'm a digital artist so far, not professional or anything, just hobby, and after seeing people on youtube animate, I kind of want to do that too. I tried Adobe programs, however, that was really confusing and I have no basis in it, so completely lost at what anything is or how to do anything. Is there some animating programs that are a bit simpler for animating sakes? Mostly hobby and to start at something and eventually grow and get better at it. thanks for your time!
  2. AshwinRox

    LFG on Destiny 2!

    Yeah I do, and with all the raids and nightfall missions, I'm trying to get a nice fireteam going
  3. AshwinRox

    LFG > Fortnite > TS3-Server

  4. AshwinRox

    best keyboard for typing?

    I've only used a couple of keyboards, one was the razor and the other which I currently have is the corsair cherry mx. i realized I like mechanical keyboards, my preference for them is because I like the clicking feel. There are bonuses to it being a gaming keyboard as well as the RGB effects, but I think you can accomplish the same level with another mechanical keyboard not as high end. I will say, my one regret is that it does look a little baren with the keys out there, but I can remove them and actually clean under them, which means fixing any jams are just so much easier.
  5. Well the main reason I was looking for those times were specifically for boot times. I already have a 1TB hard drive to store my data and games. I wanted to mainly place operational programs on it and operate off of that, then I was planning to reroute such things like pictures and major library folders with a different destination in the 1TB hard drive and run off of that, to mainly preserve me M.2 hard drive the best I can. Though I will say... those performance benchmarks sound pretty important for comparison, though, not entirely sure how to check that out myself. One other Question I got since I looked at the parts you sent, for that processor, I was wondering, what Cache is proper when using it? I used Dragon voice recognition for some dictation and I know there is some requirement to have a processor with a good enough cache to properly run tahat program
  6. So I looked into the SSD, and currently, I've been actually interested in getting the Samsung M.2 mainly since I can get a cheaper one, but when I see the speeds: VS The Left being the Samsung and the right being what you suggested. With about double the price, or I found the drive on sale for 100, I think there is twice the difference. However, there is also the pro, and I don't really know if there is another quality of M.2 I'm supposed to be looking at. If there is, teach me please, cause I am still new at all of this. I've mainly wanted to do M.2 cause I compared the speeds with a regular SSD for an upload speed of 500MBps I really like this Build so far! Thank you for it. As much as I do, I actually need to include the PSU in there since I want to upgrade to a modular one. The hard drive is SSD, though I don't know if I am using the terminology wrong here, I am still new to all of this. Though thanks for the price on that 1tb hard drive, that is really nice! Same with the Corsair
  7. Thanks for all the tips! I'm gonna look into it. I need to make a couple corrections here. The 1tb drive is SSD The air cooler was second hand, but I have an issue where the fan doesn't want to keep being attached to it. I want to swap out the PSU for a modular one. The one I have is good, Bronze rated, but it leaves excess wires which have been a pain for management. I appreciate all the suggestions and I'm gonna take a good look into all of it
  8. Hi! Ever since I built my first rig about 5 years ago, I've been having a blast with all that I can do, and how far it could get me. And ever since VR hit the market, I've been slowly getting ready to start my slow campaign of a new and more proficient build. Current PC Right now, My current build has a 1tb hard drive, a Nvidia 660 graphics card, 16gbs of DDR3 ~1800 ghz of ram and a couple other things, and an AMD processor with air cooling. I actually do a lot on this pc, I run 3 monitors, my art based programs, some music and sound editing, as well as gaming. To be honest, a big chunk of my build is actually second hand stuff. The graphics, mother board and processor was all part of someone elses build before I took them myself. As a first time buyer, I screwed up, and ended up missing a back plate for the mother board, and paid pretty much the same as new price for all the parts with the expectation that I would at least be taught how to put it together. I ended up doing it all myself unfortunately and the best i was offered was a static shock bracelet to prevent any unwanted zaps while I built it. Buyer's remorse was my motivator to start trying to research and figure out what is the best fit for me. I've actually been watching Linus tech tips for a long time trying to learn the ins and outs of how a computer works. And after all of that, I'm still lost as to what I should be looking for. Planned Use My primary use of this computer is to turn it into a gaming rig and turn my previous computer into a streaming PC to decrease the load on my computer. I would however be expanding my uses, to editing, digital media, as well as hobby stuff. I know I was told a workbench was something that could handle anything and everything I want it too, but I feel, I'm not professional, though I have access to some professional programming, I'm still in the process of learning the tools of trade, like animation. It would take me some time, but all of this is in a hobby level, nothing professional, at least, I don't know if I can make it so. Searching As for what I can say on my own, and what I want minimum in my build, I am aiming to right now start off with a motherboard and processor before anything else. I do have some requirements: There is at least one m.2 slot on the mother board for me to install an SSD on it for my OS I would like the max ram for it to take be either 32gb or 64gb. I would like to start off with two 16gb ram cards which I'm hunting for on Black Friday I want to make sure the Board had ddr4 support on it The possibility to have two graphic cards installed, but to be honest, I'll probably be only using one Conclusion At the end of the day, my plan for this entire build is to do something under a grand where I have a skeleton of a functioning PC that does all the basics. I would like a fast processor with hyperthreading, which would be awesome, cause I learned about it from Linus and I want to see it in action really. I'm looking for a good motherboard for where I can say in the future, instead of building a completely new computer, I can just do things along the lines of swapping out a processor or ram for better performance. Stuff that I can say, I have 32gb now, next year I'll upgrade it to 64gb or something along those lines. I hope I wasn't too detailed or demanding too much here. I just know that after looking at a lot, and talking to sales people, I tend to run into the problem of the best and meet my needs use. I don't want to have to go through and buy a whole new motherboard and processor just because I came up short. This is the first time I'm building on my own so I would love some advice on how I should even approach what I would need. Thanks for taking the time for reading all of this, I know it's a lot, but I read the pinned thread to include all of this info.
  9. AshwinRox

    LFG on Destiny 2!

    Hi! I just picked up destiny and finished really pumping up my Hunter til around 300 light level. I would like to get a good fireteam going to really get to max and start playing crucible for real
  10. I'm looking for a group too. Sadly, I'm not as skilled as you, and haven't put as much time as you have into the game. I would really like to get more serious and competitive. I've been trying, but at the end, soloing the competitive scene doesn't always bode well. I'm happy to try and make a group if you are still looking for people
  11. AshwinRox

    LFG > Fortnite > TS3-Server

    I love to play some fortnite. Though I'm rather a bit more on the save the world side than multiplayer. I would like to actually start playing more competitive