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  1. But i just bought this new PSU, and i don't think it's faulty? because my other problem was fixed after buying this one. Also today i bought a same UPS from my friend for testing. also facing same problem with that one. JonnyGURU said said it's a total garbage UPS, So think maybe that's why. it's 50$ 1200va UPS from powerguard. it can actually provide high wattage. But i'm guessing switchover time is too much. So maybe there's nothing to do about it
  2. Sorry I didn't quite understand what you are talking about. I am asking about UPS here. My system isn't pulling more than 400 watts i think And UPS is 720watt 1200va(they're saying) During ups's change over time, when pc is under load it restarts. So ups is faulty and and talking too much time than it should? Or PSU capacitor isn't that big to store the power? Or any other problem? Cause i just can't fine any other UPS to test with.
  3. Hey @Rafi Eshan I'm from BD too, Did you fixed the problem? I'm also facing similar problem like your's But in this case ups isn't showing overload or even turns off, but my pc restart's if i turn off the ups's main power off when my rx 590 pulls more than 170watt I'm using 1200va powerguard ups and corsair cx650 PSU. (the psu is brand new and it's completely fine)
  4. It's powerguard 1200va ups. (it's 720Watt maybe) And what happens? I mean UPS is for preventing turning off pc directly because of black outs. ( if there's no UPS then during power outage pc will just turn off) It does work when GPU is pulling less than 170watt, but when it's pulling more than that and power goes off pc more likely turns off/restarts, but ups is still running, To me it feels like UPS is delaying. cause when pc is idle, and if I turn the main power off pc is now running on the battery, then I'm gonna start gaming/benchmarking which pulls 170watt+ from the gpu, and pc is still running on battery power. But it doesn't when UPS is changing AC to DC power. (I cant tell if it's recent problem, cause I never tested UPS like this before) @Ohsnaps Do you understand this problem?
  5. The PSU was faulty all along, It increased and started restarting whenever i benchmark or even play games, i bought a new PSU and everything seems fine for now
  6. Hi @maartendc It was my PSU problem all along, the problem increased, Also causing my pc to restart when i was gaming, or even benchmarking. So i bought a new PSU and everything looks fine now,
  7. Thanks @Ohsnaps @RonnieOP The problem has been solved after buying that new PSU, I'm still testing for hours and pc isn't restarting, Though 1 other thing, when gpu is pulling 180watt from the GPU if i turn off main power of the ups, Pc restart's, but when it's pulling less than that it doesn't restart. Also i had the same problem with thermaltake PSU, So i'm guessing since it's offline UPS it takes too much time to convert power? or this budget PSU doesn't have bigger capacitor to hold much power when UPS is switching? or maybe also my UPS is faulty here?
  8. Oh well, I also posted about this in quora, Someone scared me saying it won't work lol, Maybe he didn't understand my question or something Thanks again
  9. @LukeSavenije & @Sir0Tek I heard that this cx 2017 series is DC-DC PSU. what does it mean? I mean how can i connect it to AC output? And i have 1200va simulated sinewave UPS, Also ups's converts DC TO AC, So question is what is DC-DC, and i use it in ac output+UPS?
  10. No problem, Now i think i'll go for this one (corsair cx650) If i can't get that antec TP
  11. Oho,now i understand, Thank you very much. By looking at this image it should be 2017 (best one of cx series right?) Noiw
  12. @Sir0Tek I'm not sure if i can get the antec TP one, I showed this to the owner and he said you can get me this one, But the main question is, in which tier this PSU is? There's so many cx model in that tier list, I'm confused, I don't know if it's 2017 one or not. Here's the link https://www.techlandbd.com/Corsair-cx650M-650-watt-power-supply There's also cx600 v2, i don't know difference between these two,which one is better? http://www.pcgardensylhet.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=88_227_231&product_id=222 If cx600 v2 is better then I'll get this one, so help me select the better one
  13. Thank you very much. I messaged the owner of that shop, and asked him that can i get this one https://www.techlandbd.com/Corsair-cx650M-650-watt-power-supply He said yes, Even if the site is showing antec truepower is out of shock, I'll ask him again, maybe they haven't updated it. Since it's only 300Tk more, But you're saying antec should be way better than cx650? Edit : by that psu tier list truepower looks like tier B, And corsair cx series has 2012 and 2017 version? The line i mention above, which one is it? Cx from 2012 or 2017? How can i be sure if it's 2012 one or 2017 one?
  14. Which one you're saying maybe a worst model? And my spec is i5 6400 Gigabyte h110m mobo 8+8gb ddr3 ram 5 cassis fan, 2hdd 1ssd Rx 590 oc edition And is it safe to use pc right now? Or i should keep it off until i buy the new PSU? (Since it doesn't restart if I don't stress the GPU)