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  1. I'll upgrade my system this month so i'll only mention those component that i'll buy i5 6400 16gb ddr3 1600 bus (dual slot) gigabyte h110m-s2pv ddr3 Motherboard rx 590 8gb 1 7200rpm hdd 1 portable 5400rpm hdd 1 240 gb ssd 5 120mm cassis fan and Antec neo eco 650w PSU 80+ bronze So my question is can this power guard 650va ups handle my whole system?
  2. im my country they're selling these cards at the same price only 5-10 dollars difference so,,,,,
  3. Chokez

    1060 6gb or Rx 590 8gb for i5 6400?

    Hahahah, first of all it's not my Picture. I'm a big fan of this singer, His name is Faydee, you can search on Youtube for his songs, he's an Australian singer.Just like you said i'm not gay or something just a biggest fan. Btw yeah i know this potato cpu will bottleneck, but i'm buying gpu mainly for rendering, this cpu can still handle some 3D software,(specially blender) but my gtx 950 is very slow in rendering, that's why i'm upgrading, In future i'll try to upgrade mu cpu for sure, but i have to stick with this cpu for another 1/2 years. Oh and i don't need 120fps, cause i'm using only a 75hz freesync monitor. so 60+ fps is enough for me, unless this cpu bottleneck me to under 40fps or so.
  4. Chokez

    1060 6gb or Rx 590 8gb for i5 6400?

    I didn't know that only a few amount of games require physX, BTW in my country rx 480,580,590 and 1060 all are selling at the same price, only 5-10$ differences. So i'll go for rx 590 since it's their latest card + giving 5-10fps more than 1060 is some games
  5. Chokez

    1060 6gb or Rx 590 8gb for i5 6400?

    Ow thanks for your help I didn't know that only a few amount of games require PhysX
  6. I just realized that AMD series doesn't support PhysX. Getting a new GPU specially for rendering, but i have to play games too, Since my cpu is low i'm worried about bottleneck, if i use nvidia gpu can handle physX, but what if use Amd gpu and PhysX with cpu will it bottleneck more ?
  7. Chokez

    Rx 590 with 3 games

    You had to sign in somewhere?
  8. Chokez

    Rx 590 with 3 games

    everyone must've heard that rx 590 giving away 3games when you buy it. But my question is how to get those games? will there be any code inside the package or i have to sign in somewhere then to get those games ?
  9. I know but in my country rx 480,580,590 and even gtx 1060 selling at a same price only 10 dollar difference
  10. https://www.startech.com.bd/component/power-supply here's another one but this one has limited storage, but i have other local shop in my area they don't have any website lol, you know it's poor country so... i have to but everything from pcgarden cause atleast they have some good model than other's shop
  11. That's high too, everything in my country is high rx 590 is 290$ in other country but 350$ in my country, i have to buy gpu psu and ram, so i have to consider everything in my budget
  12. The price is too much high, that's 120$ my budget is under 75$ antec550w/6502 corsair 500 v2 is in my budget
  13. Okay, here's the link, suggest me which one you think is good enough TIA http://www.pcgardensylhet.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=88_227
  14. Here's found another one Thermaltake SMART Modular 630W 80+ bronze, how's this one ?
  15. Corsair CX 500 V2 - 59.70 in dollar Corsair CX 600 v2 - 77.58 in dollar Antec NEO ECO 550M - 64.45$ found another one EVGA 600W 80 Plus efficiency- what about this one ? looks like it's 80+ white