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  1. kebabguy99

    I need help

    wow didn’t expect this quick of a reply! Thanks! DDR4 2400 it is then! Thanks!
  2. kebabguy99

    I need help

    Hey guys, I need help. I’m considering upgrading my laptop by adding an 8gb ram, but I’m not sure if this is a RAM slot or not. If so, is this a DDR4 or DDR3? My laptop specs said that this runs a DDR4 2400 memory. For the upgrade should I get the exact DDR4 2400, or can I go for higher clock speed? Thanks!
  3. kebabguy99

    Macbook pro 2016 vs 2018

    Alright! Thanks for the opinion!
  4. kebabguy99

    Macbook pro 2016 vs 2018

    I have another question! is it worth it sacrificing the specs on 2016 for a ‘better’ 2018 with less ssd and ram?
  5. kebabguy99

    Macbook pro 2016 vs 2018

    Thanks for the opinion!
  6. kebabguy99

    Macbook pro 2016 vs 2018

    Hmm that’s what I thought of, but i’m still open to more of this forum’s member’s opinion!
  7. Hi guys, so i’m looking to buy a macbook pro for school use (i don’t want to get a new one in at least 4 years) i can’t decide between a 15 inch 2016 macbook pro touch bar (16gb ram, 512gb ssd, core i7 2.7ghz turbo 3.6ghz) and a 13 inch 2018 macbook pro touch bar (8gb ram, 256gb ssd, quad core i5 2.3ghz turbo 3.8ghz) they jave pretty much the same price here in Japan, so which one should I get?