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  1. It wasn't no worries! but yeah I've done that, I've tried to access the mouse's settings but I guess you have to access it through setpoint and have a unifying receiver? I'm not computer savvy whatsoever, and the only problem with using the middle button is it's a little tough pressing the button with my limited strength
  2. Do you have any suggestions on what companies I should try contacting?
  3. Would you know how I would go about doing so?
  4. Problem 1 I'm physically disabled and unable to open my hand much and can't move my hand much either. I have searched high and low for a small compact mouse that has a high sensitivity.. right now I just have a run of the mill "logi" mouse (logitech) and it just is not doing the job sensitivity wise, the size is great as it is tiny. Any suggestions would be super appreciated.. Problem 2 As seen above I have a logitech mouse and I recently purchased an Acer Nitro 5 and none of the logitech mice I own will double click.. any help would be fantastic!