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Preston Taylor

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  • Birthday 2004-04-16

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    Casual Combine#3056
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    Preston Taylor
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    CasualCombine - Siege Main
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    IlluminatiI#12764 - Yes, the original...
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    Earth!... Wait
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    Gaming, CAD design, building computers, and 3D printing
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    High schooler in manufacturing
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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 1600 af
  • Motherboard
    Asus b450m-a/csm
  • RAM
    16gb (2x8) 3000
  • GPU
    Power color Red Devil Rx 580 8gb
  • Case
    Corsair carbide 100r
  • Storage
    250gb crucial ssd, 1tb Seagate Barracuda
  • PSU
    Evra 550 g3 (550w 80+ gold)
  • Display(s)
    Dell s2719DGF
  • Cooling
    3 120mm, 140mm
  • Keyboard
    Logitech g213 prodigy
  • Mouse
    Logitech g502 SE
  • Sound
    Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless
  • Operating System
    windows 10 pro
  • Laptop
    Acer Aspire 5 (16gb 3600)
  • Phone
    Pixel XL 128gb
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  1. Hi, Im a cad designer looking for a laptop $1000. I will be using it for Solidworks (flow simulation, ect.). I need a number pad, 15in screen max, a dedicated gpu (or high end apu, vega 8/11 graphics), and 16gb of ram. Looking around I've found a few that work: Acer Nitro 5 on newegg - The issue with this one is its size and the colors, something more muted wont bring as much attention to me in a work environment. ASUS rog G531GT-BI7N6 on Amazon - The issue with this one is the missing number pad, which is essential to my work. The colors aren't as bad because I can just turn them off. Other than these I've been having trouble finding any that fit my needs. I know With the laptop being such a small size number pads are hard to fit, but if the acer aspire 5 can do so can others.
  2. So, I know that the 2600k has been out for a long time, but it can still pump out enough performance so I don't want to upgrade. I have it oc'd to 4.43ghz but my gt 1030 @1610gpu 6596mem just doesn't cut it. Does anyone have experience with the rx 570 4 or 8gb, as that is the GPU I'm leaning towards getting. Is there a better option for my processor? Or am I screwed?
  3. Ok, thanks. I've been looking at 4 fans, just wanted to know if 2 fans where possible.
  4. Seems fine to me... although, why not get the 2070? Might be a more price oriented option.
  5. Anyone know the best 2 fan setup for this case? The gpu will be an rx 580 and the cpu cooler will be the hyper 212 evo.
  6. I have a gt 1030 right now but I have the Aorus engine installed, do I need to uninstall the Aorus engine before getting MSI Afterburner? Or will it even work with my Gigabyte card?
  7. I'm in the market for a used rx 580, should I get a 4gb or 8gb. The 4gb is usually $20-$40 less than the 8gb models. It the price difference worth it?
  8. So, I made a bet with my dad about if overclocking can get me higher fps in-game. I think that my gpu being a gt 1030 OC might be a limitation but I am seeing lower fps in some parts of my r6s benchmark and higher in others both before and after the overclock. I believe this is due to the heat being 19%ish hotter, is this my only problem or is my gpu also limiting it? Before OC: After OC: Sorry if they are a bit big... And I know I haven't activated windows, I'm cheap.
  9. Is there any other GPU that y'all would suggest for the i7-2600k? This is ignoring costs entirely.
  10. So if im understanding you, I shouldnt get a 970? I should get tge 570 because it's cheaper?
  11. I dunno, I just figured id do it to save unnecessary heat. I dont have to. So, no 960 or 560.
  12. Update: Looks like the rx 580 wwuld be good for my cpu's current clock. I dont care about turning down the clock, it could probably benefit from going down heat wise. The rx 570 will require me to turn down the clock speed. (Probably the same for the gtx 970). Will also be cheaper. So what about the gtx 960 and rx 560?