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  1. I need help building a gaming pc. My budget is $700 USA and I need cpu, gpu, case, power supply, memory, storage (both ssd and hdd), mobo, pretty much everything for a new gaming pc. I need it to be minimum but I want it to blow fortnite out of the water. It's a present for my nephew. Please and thank you.
  2. Is there a way to include the OS and make it still be under $700 and still run both games efficiently.
  3. Do I not need a cpu cooler? Also do I need an OS?and a sound card and wireless adapter?and if I get a sound card do I need speakers? Or will headphones work?
  4. Ok so now I need help. I bumped the budget from $200 to $700 ). Can someone build me a computer that could easily run both fortnite and minecraft on
  5. That's great but can you make me a complete list with keyboard and mouse and all parts together so I can see the total please
  6. Need help building a cheap computer for my nephew. He wants it for fortnite and minecraft. Maybe a few other games but mostly those. My budget is $200. I don't need a monitor. Need a keybard and mouse.
  7. Thank you I will be using your pc build list on here has my main source for ideas to build my pc. Meaning I'll probably end up using most of these things...lol..anyways thank you for all your help
  8. Also yes the $1200 would be for just the computer. Do you know if this computer will be able to play either rift or vive. Not both I just want to buy one but haven't decided on that yet.
  9. Sorry that message got jumbled. Is the one your recommending being the video over the text or text over video pc?
  10. I do need a monitor and don't have either vr system yet. I didn't know if each require a different pc build. And it will be for pure gaming
  11. I do need a monitor and don't have either vr system yet. I didn't know if each require a different pc build. And it will be for pure gaming.
  12. I need help building a vr capable desktop computer. I have a rough budget of $1200 american. I will need everything. From cpu to gpu. From keyboard and mouse to os. I am just so overwhelmed with trying to figure this out. I just want an awesome computer that will rock any vr game I play on it. Also I will be using the htc vive or the oculus rift. I don't know if that matters on which I choose if the type of computer has to be different to run either. Please help me. Thank you all.