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  1. BAsically my friend said he got 25-30 more fps just by upgrading from i5 6600k to i7 8700k while keeping everything the same. And I don't believe him. I am basically saying that there is no way a cpu upgrade like that can get you 25-30 more fps. So I am wondering if it is even possible to get that much fps increase just by upgrading cpu. Keep in mind that this is a cpu dependent game
  2. Yes it is a cpu dependent game. So will I have a huge fps difference if I switch from i5 6600k to a i7- 8700k. I just want to know the max fps I can increase cause me and my friend are in a heated argument
  3. its from a i5 8600k to a i7 8700k. Will i get a huge fps difference
  4. Hi, I have a question. I have a i5 playing escape from tarkov with a 1060 6gb getting 60 fps. I was wondering if I upgraded to i7 how much fps max would I increase by just be upgrading cpu to i7 but sticking to 1060 6gb
  5. Hi, I plan on buying a 75hz monitor for my brother. My question is can I use any connector to get 75 hz or do I have to use like D-sub to get 75hz? I am planning on buying the AOC 22" G2260VWQ6 Extreme Professional Gaming Monitor.
  6. Hi, I am waiting for the perfect chance to snag a gtx 1080 from my local store. I am just curious to know if I should keep waiting for prices to get cheaper? right now my local store is selling it on sale for around 600 cad (470 usd)
  7. ya its a usb razer chroma 7.1
  8. Basically I just get a really bad static sound out of nowhere sometimes and I have to restart computer to get rid of it. OR the static sound happens I wait like 30 secs and it goes away. I'm not sure what's causing this but I'm thinking it could be spotify so, I reinstalled it and so far so good but I'm not sure if I fixed it. Any help would be awesome!
  9. Hi I just figured out why. I am a real newbie lol. So my four case fans all need there own connection. So one of my fan is plugged into SYS FAN 3 Header on mobo while the other three are plugged to a SYS Fan 2 divider. So I plug divider into SYS 2 and then it gives me three extra fan plugs. Then each one of my fan is plugged into one of the plugs on divided. So basically one fan on SYS 3 and 3 fans plugged into SYS 2 on mobo. Then my cpu liquid pump is plugged into CPU_FAN header on mobo and my FAN ON RAD is plugged into SYS fan 1. Then I changed the settings for the pump to run at full speed. Do you think my setup is good/fine now?????
  10. Im a newbie but the temperature interval can be set from 1-3 Idek what that settings suppose to mean but it is in the smart fan 5 settings in gigabyte bios. So idk what it should be set to. I just saw a vid. So to get 12v I just set speed to full speed. But I am tryna find out what the hell temperature interval is and what it should be set to
  11. Okay and what should the temperature interval be for my cpu_fan(pump) and my case fans???
  12. ok but what should I set the speed to normal, silent, fullspeed????? and I can set the control mode to voltage but it doesnt gimme a option to set the volts for the header cpu_fan
  13. Should I change the cpu _fan speed to full speed instead of normal btw????? cause right now it is running at normal with temperature interval @ 1???