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  1. Hi!So I've been having the most annoying problem with my graphics card.Problem:My computer crashes with BSOD with the error code "video scheduler internal error". at random times.What ive done:Reinstalled WindowsReset WindowsReinstall the NIVIDIA Drivers(Used DDU and selected Clean Install)Used Safe modeUpdated BIOSUpdated all driversDisabled anti-malwareWhat ive determined:Safe mode doesnt trigger the BSODWindows Generic Graphics drivers doesnt trigger the BSODNewer NVIDIA driver updates cause a faster BSOD (more unstable)Older Nividia driver is more stableDriver gets corrupted perhaps?Specs:Motherboard: Msi x370 Gaming Carbon ProCPU: Ryzen 2700xRAM: Corsair DDR4 3000 16gbGPU: GTX 1060 Strix 6gb Asus OCWhen did it start happening:After upgrading my CPU, Motherboard and RAM then less than a month later.(Early 2019) UPDATE:Ive discovered that disabling NVIDIA LocalSystem Container and NVIDIA Display Container LS prevents a BSOD Error. Ive just updated my graphics card firmware for the new Displayport versions. Please help? Any fixes?
  2. The neat thing about this is that it actually works really well but also depends on what youre displaying. It wont necessarily cover up all the RGB inside your case. Light can still pass through from those RGB lights. A lot people would want to put custom images but still be able to see into their computer. And i thought so my self about the intensity of color from the lights, the colors are actually surprisingly deep and easily contrasted. Deep colors and light colors are still easily displayed. I mean who wouldnt want a nice widget of dancing anime or something along those lines to spice up how their computer looks. When you walk into a room and see a transparent display people would spend so much time looking at it and looking behind it. Linus and Luke both found this super interesting at CES and how amazing it is to see it with your own eyes and how well it actually works and performs.
  3. Transparent Side Panel Displays A startup campaign on indiegogo that takes case modding to the next level. Transparent side panel displays aimed for all cases and colors! Have custom images and video play through! Short Summary Probably unlike most campaigns this one started with nothing. No funding and no team to help bring this idea to light. Sure, the idea can be seen in fancy companies today that can easily do what ive done such as LG. But as a PC gamer myself I felt the need to strive into even more ways to customize what a computer is today. Why focus on just a few LEDs to make a computer case look fancy when I could focus on an image of many pixels displayed on my computer but still letting me enjoy the internals of my beloved computer. Through saving up and working alone figuring out how i can make this product come to life I have developed my first prototype which still amazes me every time I still look at it and how elegant and how it has come to be just what ive imagined. But, i didnt want to stop there at my personal experience, I knew that this idea was important to me and it gained so much interest by my family and friends of how amazing it looked to see a floating image but still see behind it. I wanted to give this to everyone, I wanted to be able to allow people to customize their computer to the max level possible with such ease and simplicity but also way more affordable. Some companies out there have a similar project, but like all a major companies they come with a hefty, un-necessary price tag that no gamer would pay for; did i mention they dont sell these separately, that they only have one case and that it all costs over $4,000? I thought it was about time i reached out to as many people as possible, their case and their budget. Overall, I still struggle with nothing. With any amount and contribution im pushing forward making this idea possible for everyone out there rather than just me and by introducing more and more innovative ways to continue on what this product can do. What I need is a lot, im one person with a dream and I need your help to allow me to continue on making this a full product.