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  1. a update. after pulling all pc etc. from room. doing power box bracker. etc it was a bad psu causing a low sort to occurrence. on power strip i was using. that affect the other one to plug into the wall socket.(after power cycle them ) then taken the psu off of the one bad pc build. everything works now.
  2. he most likely drop it out side...
  3. no i tried different monitors ans cables.
  4. ok this is beyond strange. so i have 3 desktop in my garage that are for boinc. so none of them are showing display but will power on. their behide a ups and a surge strip on 1 of them. the other stuff i have in their are the switch,camera system and modem. none of them are having a issue. and i tried the clearing bios option and different card.
  5. ask him who standardize the normal hdd or ssd body
  6. ahh. but still h500 version i got was a tight fit with mobo. and cabling management in the back their is almost none. wires overall for everything are not the length need to do proper .
  7. true but it is widder then a normal atx mobo. seeing my old gaming mobo from a long time ago was less wider and a few year like 3 year old mobo i have is also less wide. seeing their the space for the cable on the sata drive to bend and that it. their no more space at all inside the case on mobo. also a bit longer thru. it fit in my current case. but it was a tight fit
  8. just a heads up all am running a etax mobo. so..... the cases mention should work.?
  9. that would be a good price to. does anyone have the link to said version to look at it?
  10. am not running them in cross fire. i run a quad monitor set up. i don't game hard. i got 4 580s for 240 bucks last year. moron had no clue what he had.... i sold one and keeps 3 and made the cost of the 3 cards back. i got ever ssd(not the m.) so dirty cheap . i use the 500gb ssd for 4k file server the other ssds will be combine into 1 and last one is a intake. for my camera. then i have both a 8tb hdd and the 4tb hdd. i do photography now and slowly getting into video again(old hard ware for a long time stop me doing it)
  11. what would be a better case with solid air floor and space? i could care less about rgb https://pcpartpicker.com/user/firedrakes/saved/NgFJ8d
  12. pn you battery back up. how long have you had it? any brown out or black happen to?
  13. just see drives like they get sold used. some still come with a warranty. linus just recent did a video on intel ssd from facebook