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  1. I made a post earlier asking for advice on whether people thought it was my motherboard or my gpu thats stopped to work and although the help was appreciated i did not come to a conclusion and so now i am looking for specific tests i can make to try to deduct even further. The motherboard has rgb and LED lights on it that usually light up and are also doing so right now, the fans connected to the motherboard are spinning away fine but when connecting accessories like microphones, keyboard and mouses, they do not seem to be getting power., the gpu on the other hand when connected does not seem to get any electricity, or its broken. The fans on the gpu are not spinning neither does its lights light up, even when tried in different slots. now i know it might sound obvious that the gpu is broken though it was attached securely and did not seem to move at all during teh shipping phase, the motherboard on the other hand is lost a screw or 2 and was sitting a bit looser than it should. Motherboard, lights up fine, spins fans, does not seem to give power to accessories like mouse, keyboard, phone charging or microphone, possibly not to gpu????? Was a bit rattled during shipping and lost a screw or 2. GPU: Does not light up at all nor do the fans spin, in any slot. Are there further tests i can do to deduct what the problem is?
  2. Huh, that is completely new info to me, just to be 100% sure, if i get a say, Asus z390 Express for my current i7 7700k, i will have to replace the motherboard as well when i eventually upgrade to a i9?
  3. i7 7700k and a gtx 1080. if the 3070 is in stock when it releases imma get one of them and shortly after upgrade to some kind of i9
  4. Replacing my current motherboard which im pretty sure is malfunctioning, im going for a budget board which is preferably white and ive come across the 2 mentioned in the title. The price difference is 5 dollars and they seem to be of the same model, both being a 365 board whatever that means. Itll be a gaming pc which ill eventually upgrade to some beefy components like 3070 or 3080 and an i9 cpu. Im not very good with the details of a components so idk what the difference between these are, any help is appreciated!
  5. We have the same voltages, you got me really happy for a second thinking the solution was gonna be that easy. Thanks tho, good call!
  6. The usual lights and indicators on the motherboard are lighting up like normal, and the fans connected to the heatsink and the rest of the case are spinning fine, idk if the ram or cpu is getting power tho and idk how to check that either
  7. So i shipped away my old pc to my girlfriend who lives overseas, worked perfectly fine before i sent it but when she tries to power it up at her place the gpu doesnt seem to be getting any power, no matter the slot we fit it in as we have tried all of them. The gpu has rpg lettering that usually lights up which isnt in this case, neither are the fans going, now id usually think that its the gpu thats messed up but the motherboard arrived a bit loose as a screw or 2 got shaken out, and none of her accessories power up when she plugs them in, so keyboard and mouse rgb. The rest of the cooling fans connected to the the motherboard are running fine though. Can yall help me troubleshoot to better guess what component we should replace, motherboard or gpu? Any additional tests or whatever that would aid us with find the problem is appreciated.
  8. Ill definetely look into the rf headsets, if theyre not mind boggling expensive it might be worth it. Thanks!
  9. Oh wow thats incredibly generous of you, the model is samsung UE75MU7005TXXC. I really appreciate it, i have no clue how these things work sadly.
  10. Are there other headphones you can do this with? im willing to buy new ones but i wanna make sure beforehand. Ive tried connected 2 things to my phone by bluetooth but itll only play audio to one of them, so i guessed itd be the same case with the tv.
  11. Hello! Just got myself a new samsung smart tv and im wondering if its possible to connect several wireless headphones to it for watching movies at night without shaking the entire house. Ive got me a pair of wireless logitech headphones that us that little usb knob for connection, conencted the knob to the tv and i wasnt getting any audio, and in the tv settings there were only options for bluetooth and optical audio. How would i go about pulling this off?