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  1. this response if from my experience with discord.py, not js I learned this one the hard way. I also tried using time.sleep() and it didn’t let me use any command until the timer ended
  2. You’re asking tech people if we are going to take a vaccine as if we leave the house anyways /s but I will probably get a vaccine if it’s proven safe
  3. Depends on how honest you are about the specs when selling it
  4. Did they have the keyboard in the images? If they did I’m pretty sure they would have to specify that it doesn’t. That would be like me posting a phone on eBay but shipping it without the screen protector or case.
  5. I went to change my pfp and completely forgot that the banner on my profile is Cropped Siri 

    1. Eschew


      Welcome to the cult.

    2. iLostMyXbox21


      I want to type in rainbow


      curse iPad

  6. Personally, I do not see a reason in waiting. 1x8 ddr4 can be bought for less than $40. I plan on adding another stick soon. not to mention, I do not think any of us know the ddr5 release date
  7. The fact your name is “shouting Steve” but your pfp is shouting Jon triggers me

  8. Have you contacted the seller? Maybe they will refund you. If not, report the problem to eBay and PayPal (or your bank) edit: try to troubleshoot the device before doing anything with PayPal or your bank though
  9. Where did you buy it? is it connected properly? Any lights that would indicate the keyboard is on?
  10. if the words are just common in appropriate words, I imagine it would be okay. But if you ban random words like “Netflix” or “Telegram” then you need to add it back
  11. I’m gonna post a pic of my redneck engineering to get the 2nd hdd to fit in my pc (hint, it’s not in the hard drive bay)

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    2. iLostMyXbox21


      That’s the closest thing I could think of since I don’t think I can say the name i grew up being taught in this forum

    3. The King of the Undead

      The King of the Undead

      redneck enginering is more duck tape then zip ties.


      I am the son of a redneck.

    4. TopHatProductions115



  12. Someone remind me to set this up today. This is gonna by my first time folding. I won’t be able to do much due to my low specs, but I figure I will try
  13. Over the weekend I remembered I have a HDD in my drawer. With a lack of better things to do, I took mine out and put that one in, right off the bat I was met with a login screen. Took me about 5 minutes to get the password correct and I was met with windows 8.


    i went exploring around the files. I found my step dads resume from 2015, assignments from 2015, and yandere simulator files from the same year


    all the music was random letters and numbers and were 0 seconds long. There was a typing program from 2005 installed. After exploring for a bit and countless “update windows”, “your settings are out of date” and a horrendous frame rate (mouse was stutters, looked like it was set to 30fps at most) I reinstalled my hdd


    when I booted up windows 10 from my main, I opened up file explorer and went through the files again. I was actually able to get the typing program open and running. I typed at 57wpm with 94% accuracy so that was Ight, the black bars on the sides and top of the full screen window was harsh. 

    after a bunch of exploring, I wiped the hard drive and now I have 2tb

  14. “So until we made cpus out of sand” **laughs in florida**
  15. Take a flashlight, turn off the pc, and closely examine the fan. Check inside, outside, sides. Every angle you can. See if you can see something that is not supposed to be there
  16. Re export your video, I cannot think of any reason your video is that big for only 30 minutes. That’s about 1gb per minute.
  17. Have you tried going into windows settings and changing the screen resolutions there? never seen a monitor that supports something like this, but since this one does, I assume it would list both sides as different screens, allowing you to change the resolution in Settings > Display
  18. Are you using the stock charger that came with your MacBook?
  19. I think 32gb is kind of overkill for gaming. I’d suggest 16gb
  20. Check to make sure nothing is in the way of the fan also make sure that the fan is not faulty if you can disassemble your fan, check if there is something in the rotor when all else fails, Amazon has 2 day price shipping