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    Weird Flex But Okay
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    Game Development / streaming / youtube
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    Video Game Developer / Streamer / Youtuber


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    Celeron 2.16ghz dual core
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    uhhhh... what was the question?
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    4 Gb DDR3
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    Intel HD Graphics
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    Basic laptop case
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    500gb HDD in laptop that sounds like a jet engine on crack
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    Laptop charger (no battery)
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    4k monitor (yeet)
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    Cpu fan
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    Speakers which sound like a movie from 1962
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    Windows 10: lag edition

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  1. So for $100, is this a good deal I should snag and work it into a gaming PC? Of course I will add more ram, change the case, and change the PSU, but here are the specs


    Core i5 Sandybridge (which is the i5 2500, right?) (better then what I have now)

    4gb DDR3 (which is better then what I use now)

    500gb HDD (will switch it out with a 1tb 7200rpm that I have, same day if I buy this)

    240w PSU, which will work until I upgrade


    claiming to be 790, but I can’t find any specs of it online, so I guess I could buy it, since it’s better then what I have?


    been selling for 24 days now, still not marked as sold


    what do you all think? I could throw in an rx 580 4gb or something cheap, change the PSU, and add the fastest RAM the mono supports, and I can officially say I’m part of the PCMR

    /s to that pcmr part


    but I just want a pc that I can get for cheap, and for $100, in my opinion this seems good, and it is better then what I have


    from the pictures it seems to just have a few scratches, but it will be out of sight for the most 

    part, so I don’t care about how it loooks