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  1. Man, asian culture is crazy. Kpop, all the self absorbed Koreans and other asians caring about their looks constantly.. My mom tells me about how it was in Korea before she was adopted. I feel pride for being half Korean but sometimes it feels kind of empty since I really have no background history. What my mom has told me about her time in Korea is really depressing and it fucking sucks. Filipino kids call me white washed, which is true but it's completely out my control since my mom was adopted and she got white washed. I usually just call the filipino kids fake asians and boy, does it make them fucking mad. It's so funny when they get all pissy about it, but honestly it's kind of true. I say it to make them mad but I believe it a tiny bit. They're not part of mainland asia (neither is japan or indonesia, but eh) but what stands out to me is the clear Spanish heritage in a lot of the Filipino kids. Lots of them have Spanish last names and they say "I'm pure" but they're obviously a tad bit Spanish. Of course a lot of it is gone but, I mean the evidence is clear. Hell, my great grandpa's last name is Marquez..


    Idk if anyone will read through all of this but I've been thinking a lot about my background and I'm really curious to learn about it. I'd love to go to Korea.