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  1. i know im late but looks fine to me not a great board for crazy overclocking or something but it doesn't seem like everyone does that
  2. a 2700x is a decent gaming cpu (it's kind of meant for more than just gaming though) make sure you're getting a good motherboard for it, a reliable b450 board perhaps.
  3. You shouldn't add paste onto the paste so you probably have too much. Maybe your fan configuration is messed up?
  4. it depends on what i5 you're changing from and what you'd be doing with the 2700x also I hate to break it to you but your card sucks
  5. it seems like a normal csgo player knows nothing about how the game actually works and they don't know how cheats work either.


    I get so many retards trying to tell me random shit that they believe from idiot youtubers d-_-b 


    people who say enjoy vac and shit like that is so funny because most people are using cheats that bypass vac lol

    1. Schnoz


      pReSs AlT f4 FoR mOrE fPs



      *someone actually disconnects*

    2. mxk


      lmfao @Schnoz people seem to take the bait for "demos in console" more but I don't even try they just get mad as hell at me and I argue with them to make them more mad.


      Also are we allowed to talk about cheating it seems like its against TOS but the TOS are kinda general.

    3. Schnoz


      @mxk I think cheats are okay. The TOS on this forum boil down to


      1. Don't piss off the mods

      2. Don't piss of @colonel_mortis

      3. Spam a lot, but not enough to get yourself permabanned

  6. my dad told me he's going to talk to the sheriff tomorrow. I'm pretty happy that one of my friends saw the whole thing and my other friend saw what happened after.


    The guy didn't even get out of his truck, like what the fuck you just hit me lmfao.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. amdorintel


      mxk - you are now bragging about your karma


      its worth  a go at it $

    3. mxk


      honestly dizmo I'm not actually entitled to money im just also in with the joke of my friends saying free college a ton of times 


      amdorintel I was forcing it with the overuse of emojis d-_-b

    4. dizmo


      That's good, because it was most likely an accident by the sounds of it. Not really sure what going and talking to the sheriff is really going to accomplish.

      Mistakes happen, it's part of life, and you were as much at fault as he was.

  7. yeah that'll work but like skipple said it's a far better deal to build your own pc. It doesn't take much time to build and set up. The people here on the forum can help a ton on picking parts and videos online can help with the rest. If money isn't an issue than you should get this since it sounds like you're a busy person.
  8. i got hit by a slow moving truck today on my bike O_O


    i was in a rush to get to school and I went out into the intersection after riding off the sidewalk. the guy was turning right and he was moving really really slow and started turning when I was in front of him and I was standing out of my seat so I didn't get hit but my bike did and I just flew.


    It's kind of my fault for darting out but the guy says he didn't see me so either I was going to fast or he wasn't looking right


    my dad told me that legally I had the right away but what I did wasn't very safe (which i know but I was gonna be late -_-)

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. mxk


      @dizmo thanks for caring


      it seems iffy to me because I usually ride on the sidewalk on the left side of the street on my way to school since the bike lane is pretty short in comparison of how long my ride to school is.


      I was in the crosswalk when he nudged me, so I'm not entirely sure but I keep getting told I had the right away. Anyhow, it was both me and the guy since I went out and he wasn't looking right. I wish people wouldn't just look left because they're turning right, thats how I've almost been hit every time up to yesterday.

    3. dizmo


      Yeah, it really depends on your local laws. For example, in a lot of places you shouldn't have been riding on the sidewalk to begin with, and you should have been walking your bike across the crosswalk. If you were on the road with traffic, it sounds like he would have either A) seen you, or B) you should have yielded to him.


      I agree. Even walking I've had people do that.

    4. amdorintel


      " I wish people wouldn't just look left because they're turning right " i would say most, but some drivers are absolute crap, thats not the only problem with drivers and bicyclists and pedestrians. There is a host of other things idiot drivers do.

  9. bruh I stop using the forum for a bit and I miss a funny thread d-_-b


    people like the lime guy who were crazy or like the betterthanlife guy made the forum funny for a day (or like a week with the old guy)

    1. .deco.



    2. Schnoz


      You called?

  10. one of the funniest threads i've seen since the old lime whatever guy and betterthanlife with his psu shit
  11. I'm pretty sure thats just a bug with cod
  12. it would help if you told us the AIO you want to use
  13. thank you so much I'm not sure how I could live without you. You are my savior..
  14. history always repeats itself kids my age are wearing 80's and 90's clothes again, we're getting flip phones again