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  1. not enough information, please provide more based on what you're saying, the card is done for or maybe something is wrong with your monitor
  2. I'm pretty sure that it's just going to throttle back because it's a laptop. It'll drop to 1.6ghz if that means keeping the laptop cool. You can make sure that your laptop is on high performance for it's power plan but I think that's all you can really do besides every other measure that you've taken. Is it really impacting performance?
  3. yeah hopefully, I had to learn everything myself researching my PC. yeah I was going to get an app like that or that exact app, I looked into it with him last night. I was going through and getting the drivers for his motherboard last night and i don't think I got to installing the drivers for the chipset but I'll make sure I do that next time I'm able to help. I honestly think it might be the RAM or something with the drive we installed. He bought two samsung 860 drives and we plugged the second mass storage one in much later because I had to get another SATA cable for him. It hasn't blue screened since I put the RAM to 3000mhz (even though it's rated for 3200 -.-) The first blue screen was in csgo, which was installed on the new D drive after we plugged it in and added it with disk management.
  4. from what I remember since I'm at home now is that he has Razer synapse, steam, and discord all run on startup. I'll send my friend what you've told me though I doubt he'll do anything without me being there. Even though it's simple he has no idea with anything more complicated than just using the computer.
  5. yeye I've heard it all before and told many people. Not like 200mhz is much a difference anyway so I don't see what the problem is especially since it hasn't blue screened since
  6. Dual channel rated for 3200mhz. I just changed it to 3000mhz.
  7. It just blue screened again and said "MEMORY_MANAGEMENT" edit: i changed the memory speed to 3000mhz in the bios to maybe see if that would help.
  8. yeah I'm just going through and installing all the different drivers right now. So far this is the longest we've gone without any bluescreens though we haven't opened counter strike.
  9. shittttt I don't remember what they all say. One of them said something about drivers so we're going through and updating all the drivers.
  10. Hi everyone, I just helped my friend build a new PC and it's blue screened 3 times within the past 10 minutes. First and second time it blue screened at the counter strike menu and the third time it was right on the login page for the computer. I have literally no idea what the problem is. It just blue screened a fourth time while he was at the csgo menu. It actually just blue screened a fifth time while at desktop. Both of these were while I was typing the specs Here's the specs ryzen 2700x Asus x470 prime-pro evga 1070ti ftw2 t force Vulcan z 2x8 16gb 3200mhz evga g5 750w Any help is appreciated for my friends sake as this is his first pc.
  11. ughhh recording with ffmpeg is so confusing. I'm trying to do it with HLAE (half life advanced effects) and I think its working fine but i have no idea how to stitch together the files that come out of the recording


    then I tried it with this open source program called ShareX and for some reason the video recording is laggy as fuck I can't seem to get it to work


    im just so lost but there is no way im going back to recording with shadowplay


    if anyone knows how to use ShareX and can help me thatd be appreciated.

  12. never seen it called 4 MiB im assuming thats megabytes? I don't really see why you're worrying about 4 megabytes its basically nothing. Like I said all drives have a little bit of space taken up.
  13. 1) give more detail 2) they don't have as much space as advertised, all drives take some of their own space
  14. going to change the skybox and maybe the resolution to 4:3 black bars


  15. I'd get a better power supply anyway the VS power supplies kinda suck.
  16. goddaamnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn interstellar was good. I never saw it when it came out because I wasn't interested back then but I don't think I would of had the attention span to sit through it when I was 11. It was really good and I saw some additional info about how the wormhole and black hole depicted in the movie was very accurate to what you would see (supposedly).


    I also watched Inception yesterday. Christopher Nolan is an amazing filmmaker I gotta say

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    2. LunaP0n3


      It was good. I had the fortune to watch it in theaters when it came out, then grabbed it in 4K bluray when that was released.

    3. mxk


      @dizmo definitely give interstellar a watch I thought it was amazing.

    4. dizmo


      @mxk Have you seen Pandorum?

  17. finally I got 3 people through the wall


    the bot counts he was jumping in the air


  18. Modern warfare is sooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun holy shit I love it so much and I'm running it so well. Some dude today was screaming at our team even though he had 6 kills and was near the bottom of the leader board. He wished cancer and death upon our team and I's families. Feels just like cod.

  19. might be your motherboard then
  20. i doubt that you have two faulty cards, but it's possible. It sounds like it might be an issue with different hardware in the PC that's causing the issue.
  21. does the pc work without any cards
  22. op doesn't need more power lol
  23. Not to be rude but it's just not practical. Slottr is right, the cheapest RTX card isn't even good for ray tracing it's just not worth it. Unless you get lucky like my brother, who got shipped a 2070 super when he bought a 2060 super, it's just not a good idea or worth your money.
  24. did you consider the fact that you might be using both sets of drivers for the nvidia and amd card? Having both sets of drivers and mess things up.