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    Ottawa, Canada
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    Cars and computers
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    My mobos Channel b is not working :(
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    X58 Lad


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    X5675 @ 4.25ghz
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    16 gb 1670mhz (OC)
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    R9 Fury X (XFX)
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    Thermaltake core G21 tg
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    Kingston A400 SSD 240 gb and 1 TB WD blue
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    650w 80+ gold Seasonic
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    1920 x 1080p all in one lenovo and a 1080p asus
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    3x 120mm front (deepcool) 120mm rear (thermaltake)
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    Aula Demon king
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    Aula Ghost shark
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    Senhieser gsp 301 (headphones with mic)
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    Windows 10 Home
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  1. I recently found an old game I wold like to get (endi tank battle hd) the issue is that it is missing from the app store. Is there a website full of ios game files or somwhere I could downoad it from? Id like it on my android device but I cold live with an emulator on pc or bootloading it onto an ipod4. Hope someone can help!
  2. Holy shit I found it! it was called ENDI Tank battle thank you so much! now to try and download it on an Ipad 1 lol
  3. only use the main graphics settings menu the Advanced menu has a lot of extra features that dont really change the game but love to eat frames.
  4. Depending on the PSU A low profile 1050 ti or 1050 could be your ticket without much bottleneck. A 750 Ti LP would also do the trick. The psu depending on power would likely need to be 250 Watt or 300 on the low end.
  5. Hello avid gpu overclockers! I recently decided to overclock my Fury X before I purchase a 5600 xt or some big navi card. In the picture I attached is my best overclock before artifacting @ 1160mhz on the core. Just wondering if there's anything else I could do! thanks in advance. (I was using Furmark)
  6. Are you able to test the GPU in another system? Other then that it sounds like your GPU may have bricked itself.
  7. I'll give as many details as possible! Okay so it's a tank game from 2006-2010 (somewhere in that timeframe) In the game you played miniature tanks so levels were huge plants in a garden. Or a kitchen with a huge cereal box. The game was simple but still awsome 3D graphics. One tank in the game had 3 barrels. I believe I played it on an original iPad. You fought ai tanks and ai turrets (rocket turrets n stuff) It also was a 3rd person camera. It had a generic name like mini tanks or something. One image vivid in my imagination is winning a level would make you tank dance like wall e and play music. Hope someone can help. If you have questions I'll try to answer!!
  8. I will try that. I'm upgrading my CPU and Mobo rn so my PC is apart
  9. I ask because if it's a power delivery issue I'll go out and buy another seperate 8 pin as my PSU is semi modular
  10. So my my R9 Fury x has an artifact when booting and when playing a game like doom 2016 (multiplayer) I'm wondering if that's not a dying vram chip but instead my pcie power. Don't kill me but could this happen if you use a pigtail 8 + 8 pin? As in one 8 pin that splits to another. Hope someone responds with info.
  11. Thanks everyone for the help because it seems like it was a hardware issue and I've been wanting warrentys on my hardware I upgraded.
  12. Fair point but other x58 boards still work on windows 10. It's fine I have a new CPU and Mobo deal lined up. I'll hold onto it until I can find a better board for x58
  13. Okay I have done everything to the Mobo cd which I don't have being that it's second hand. This started after windows updated from the 14-15th and yes those drivers say windows 7 it's a Mobo from 2010 (X58) windows 10 drivers don't exist. Its been working with windows 10 for a good while now.
  14. Mabey it's time to upgrade? A new Mobo should fix the issue
  15. In my bios there is this and the rj45 lights on the Mobo and router are working