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  1. Greetings, i wanted to get a second, cheap and small monitor for two possible uses: -obs, media player and/or youtube in the second monitor, games in the main one. -stackoverflow, c++ reference, youtube in the second monitor, visual studio in the main one. Now my questions are: Will using two monitors heavily affect my graphics card performance when gaming in one of them? It's already at the limit when i play Kingdom Come Deliverance as it seems to struggle having all textures loaded. If i add a weak second graphics card from an old computer, will each graphics card take care of graphics in the monitor they're connected to? In other words, is it possible to dedicate a specific card to tasks in a specific monitor?
  2. Greetings, i found finally good discounts on italian layouts with brown switches. The Corsair K95 Platinum at 160€ The Asus ROG Strix Flare at 140€ Both have full keyboard, brown switches, programmable keys, usb passthrough, multiple profiles, volume wheel, media buttons, lights... The strix flare lacks additional macro keys, and the surface is plastic rather than alluminium, but unlike the Razer and Corsair options, there's (or at least i didn't find any) no mention about instances of chattering. Heck my 7+ years old membrane 5€ keyboard doesn't have chattering, i don't want to spend 100+€ in a keyboard with such issues. Ducky seems to not experience chattering but it doesn't come with ita layout. Finally the strix flare has a standard bottom row size. So, before i click a buy button, does anyone have any positive or negative experience with Asus's mech keyboards i should be aware of?
  3. ever heard of customization?
  4. Greetings, while waiting to see black friday's discounts over Blackwidow v2, K95, K70 and Fnatic Sreak, a huge doubt came to my mind: is the way the iso enter key is attacked "standardized" or every manifacturer does it a different way? I've read about cherry stabilizers/bar stabilizers; but in keyboards that share the same stabilizer, is everything place in a compatible place? I really wanted to get a custom ISO enter keycap from max keybards, but this doubt might destroy my plans; moreover, max keyboards website talks a lot about different spacebars sizes but doesn't say a word about how the iso keycap is mounted. Does anyone know? custom keycaps
  5. Barnack

    Keyboard final decision

    wow in € it's average price is 200€, which is 860pln o.o
  6. Barnack

    Corsair K70 vs Fnatic STREAK

    i'm from italy, looking for iso italian layout. Unfortunately i just noticed the RGB and MK2 cost 160+€ on amazon, the one i saw for 120-130€ was the static colors one. And it doesn't come with (or at least isn't available with) cherry silent switches. (K70 LUX (non rgb)). So between the 120-130€ models they're on par except for full rgb for the fnatic vs full r for the corsair the 160€ price range would give me everything on par with silent switches over the other keyboard, which would be cool, but it's out of my range
  7. Barnack

    What language to learn for programs and 2d games.

    ops i edited my post 1 second before you replied
  8. Barnack

    What language to learn for programs and 2d games.

    If you're just a beginner you should start with premade engines, like Unity and Game Maker (the former is better for 3d, the latter for 2d, although both can do both) Unity lets you code in C# if i remember correctly, Game Maker uses it's own gml language which still has C-like syntax as C, C++, C#, Java... If you wat to code the game from the ground up, then you could check C++ with SFML; it's amazing for 2d, portable and, like game maker while being based on 2d it still allows 3d https://www.sfml-dev.org/ That said, if you never programmed before, i heavily suggest you to stick to unity or game maker Python is a good programming language, it's just not best suited for games. Most games skeleton consist in C/C++ code for a good reason
  9. Barnack

    Keyboard final decision

    May i ask you what country is that and how much do they both cost in your local currency?
  10. Barnack

    Emergency! SSD choosing

    they *in theory* last longer. Haven't been around long enough to hold that claim with data
  11. Barnack

    Emergency! SSD choosing

    the question stands, what is the source of your claim?
  12. Barnack

    Emergency! SSD choosing

    either that average is wrong, or i've been crazy lucky my whole life
  13. Barnack

    Corsair K70 vs Fnatic STREAK

    Hi, i finally shrinked my keyboards options to the two on the title. Both have the "all reprogrammable keys" feature i was looking for way more than fancy lights and loud clicks. Both lack additional macro keys i could get with a way too costy K90 Both seem to have quality materials (metal top plate in both) Both come available with ISO layout. Both have a fancy volume wheel i'll likely never use None comes with cherry silent switches Both come with brown switches (not silent but can do, i'll spam o-rings eventually) The K70 has the dedicated media keys the STREAK lacks of The STREAK has the usb passthrough the K70 lacks of Both cost 120-130€ so… based on what should i decide? Any information to make any of the two my choice?
  14. Barnack

    Looking for Ultra Quiet Gaming Keyboard

    Silent? Membrane. There's no other answer. Membrane isn't as bad as some elitists wants you to think. If by "gaming" you mean "feature fancy pointless and cost rising lights", as the market seems to define that word, then there's plenty of 50€ and less membrane keyboards like that. If you enjoy programming each key individually, then the Razer Cynosa is the only one i found in my searches (i don't own it, just considering to buy one). If you want mechanical, there's Cherry Silent switches but they're available in few and high cost keyboards; and they are still louder than the loudest of membranes