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  1. Barnack

    noise questionmechnical

    Greetings, how much noise does a non clicky switch (brown or red) compared to membrane keyboard? and what about silent switches in the same comparison? All the yt videos comparing mechanical to mechanical don't help understanding that
  2. Barnack

    mouse clicker?

    Make an ahk script (auto hotkey), it's free, software solution, you don't need a specific brand for macros.
  3. Barnack

    In the process of chosing a new keyboard

    you missed the fact i don't want a mechanical keyboard unless it has exceptionally silent switches, which happens to cost more than 150€, not 60€. Unless you can suggest me a full format mechanical keyboard with silent switches and programmable keys, i'm not interested.
  4. Barnack

    In the process of chosing a new keyboard

    but what about materials quality? are you implying razer cynosa's double price compared with skiller sgk4's is not justified by longer lasting materials?
  5. Barnack

    Size vs Size on disk?

    also remember to defrag your system if you're running windows
  6. Barnack

    Windows 10 vs Ubuntu 18.04

    this is one of the few instances in which i drop my Microsoft bias and i go suggesting linux, BUT there's a but: get some more lightweight linux distro than ubuntu. If what you mostly do is word processing you have a potential very long battery life, which both windows 10 and ubuntu will negate. Keeping in mind that your main purpose is word processing, if by chosing linux you'd go with ubuntu, then there's no reason to chose linux over windows, where you can run real ms word rather than the open source rip-off.
  7. Hi, i was looking for a new keyboard with the following criteria: ISO italian layout reprogrammable key (without using third party .ahk scripts i mean). I valued less having additional macro keys without chance to reconfigure default keys. (ofc having both would be amazing) IF there is backlight, i see no point in having it when keycaps don't have transparent letters. I'd use the light to show keys in the dark, not to have fancy distracting stuff under my nose. possibly membrane, but since some get more costy than cheap mechanical, and market-wise mechanical ones are considered more valuable, i took into account some mechanical too. full 105 layout with all keys, no compact stuff 70€ is already costy to me for a keyboard Now, i had to discard all the "cheap" mechanical ones because most of them use compact formats, and the few survivors only come with "clicky" switches, which i really can't understand why people love so much. Now here's a list of the keyboards i checked NAME PRICE SWITCH MACRO KEYS REPROG. KEYS USEFUL-BACKLIGHT PER-KEY-COLOR Trust GXT 285 <30€> <memb> <yes> no no no Razer Cynosa 68€ <memb> no <yes> <yes> <yes> Skiller SGK4 <30€> <memb> no <yes> <yes> no Klim Chroma <30€> <memb> no no <yes> <yes> Klim Domination 60€ blue no no <yes> <yes> Corsair K55 80€ <memb> <yes> ? <yes> no Now my opinions on each Trust GXT 285: pointless backlight, can't change keys functions although macro buttons reduce the issue. Seems overly huge with all the decorative corners though, plus i've seen reviews about keys being messed up without too much usage. Klim Chroma: they put too much effort on lightshows without taking care about actual quality of life features (like keys remapping/macros). I love the "no useless software" philosophy of klim, but that's a bit too little. Klim Domination: i thought about it just because it costs less than some membrane keyboards i was looking at (of which only cynosa made to the list). But if i'd ever go for a mechanical keyboard, you can bet it's not gonna be one with switches which purpose is making goddamn noise, so that's a no-no. Corsair K55: 80€ for a keyboard that differs from a 30€ one by just having transparent symbols in keycaps? No thanks Finally Razer Cynosa and Skiller SGK4 survived my complex tastes, and while the former seems quite costy to me, i'm worried about the latter being made of reaaaaaaaaaaaaally low quality plastic. We know, there's cheap water bottle quality plastic, and there's Lego plastic which is more expensive than steel (maybe i'm exaggerating but that's the idea xD). So, to anyone into membrane keyboards or anyone who generally used Razer Cynosa and/or Skiller SGK4, which one of the two would you suggest? Is there any other membrane keyboard within that price range i should take into account that i totally missed? (remember i discarded many because of the lack of ISO italian layout) Is there any mechanical keyboard within that price range i should take into account with red/silent or whatever the switches that don't mess with my ears are called? I'm used to program in night's quiet, when you can easily hear music at 5% of maximum volume, in that instance even membrane noise is noticeable so don't come up with he "mechanical audio feedback is superior" stuff. Bonus question: razer keyboard's software used to remap keys changes something in the actual keyboard so you can have remapped keys without having the software actively running on windows, or it just adds a remapping software layer like ahk scripts?
  8. Barnack

    Linux or Windows

    like terminate explorer.exe and run cmd or powershell in fullscreen? Same effect. Also what harm do drive letters do to you? Lol. Andupdates being forced is a lie that gets repeated way too frequently. Finally, even a proper linux user would tell that linux is not perfect, the same way a windows user would say windows isn't perfect. Probably apple users could say apple is perfect just because they're more biased (joking)
  9. Barnack

    Windows Tablet

    with windows phone you can control your pc from the phone, i bet you can with a tablet as well. Basically you view your pc desktop on the device and work on it. Some google should give you the answer (for windows 10, unsure about previous)
  10. probably wait for someone else to reply to the topic, do an edit to your main post with "still looking for help" or make a new one idk. If this happens frequently i suggest you to save your data externally or in a cloud in the meanwhile.
  11. If diskpart doesn't detect the disk, as far as i know, you shouldn't even be able to install windows because the installer wouldn't detect the disk either. But you said you used it plenty of times before so whatever the problem is, it goes beyond my knowledge. Sorry.
  12. now try to type "diskpart", then "list disk", what do you see?
  13. type C: or D: then "dir" and see the content
  14. from the installation disk there should be somewhere some option to open a terminal https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/2880-open-command-prompt-boot-windows-10-a.html tell me when you're there
  15. to ask for windows 10 installation you must have the windows installation disk in your reader / windows installation usb in an usb port though, it doesn't get windows installation out of nowhere