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  1. 16gb DDR4 3200 on the way, FX rig about to be replaced - Im stuck between a noob and a dumb place (cant help but scratch the itch, feel free to yell at me and tell me to wait). Help me decide: ASRock X370 ATX Pro 4 mobo on sale in my price range: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157800&ignorebbr=1 And either getting another Ryzen 7 1700 or Ryzen 5 2600/X or getting the combo deal below, HOWEVER I have a question (would be first ever MATX board for me, Im a full size ATX kind of gurl) - I have an R9 Fury Tri-X Nitro (slightly larger than 2 slots card), can it fit on this motherboard or will it block required headers on the mobo? (case is plenty big enough for it all) Its within my price range and I think the best route to go if my GPU wont block necessary ports/cant mount that card on its side in this case without modding and I don't want to mod this case) https://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboBundleDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.3885177&Description=Ryzen 5 2600x EDIT: I think it will fit, Im just stuck hitting the buy button on that combo so came here to ask tbh, unless the X370 is a far superior mobo, but by the tier list it isn't)
  2. @MadmanRB@trevb0t@Juniiii@BuckGup

    What other tests do we want ran before the 3200mhz shows up (will do games on the same day I get to do the tests)


    With 2133mhz Patriot 2x8gb

    Monitor: Acer XF270HU w/ DP cable





    Heaven on Extreme preset (1600x900)









    1. MadmanRB


      I say this is a good basemark, but note down the FPS in the games you play most.

    2. Tristerin


      Yup I plan on it, Ill have to DL a few (small SSDs in that rig) and do it in one go when I get the time after the RAM arrives (hopefully within the next week Ill find the couple hours to get it done) 




  3. Tristerin

    Stock Ryzen Air Cooler question

    Im always looking for the best bang for buck. Currently getting parts brought in to replace my FX rig. I can either spend $10-12 on an AM4 bracket kit for my H100i GTX AIO or use the air cooler that comes with my CPU (or I have one left over from my Ryzen 7 build still if I get just a CPU off ebay) (I do have a side built with water cooling but would have to order an AM4 cpu block for it specifically and use the parts I have but don't want to do that just yet) The H100i is nice, don't get me wrong, handles my FX like a boss. So I have a couple questions from those of you who have the air cooler in use: Can you hear it? I have a very good airflow CoolerMaster HAF case, so that wont be the problem, but I also don't want to hear it. My AIO I keep pump at 3000rpm (cant hear it) and fans at 40% (barely audible) and the results are great temps. What are your temps like? I like things being cool. How is the dissipation in a well vented case/open air rig (the air flow I have may as well be open air, nothing sits in the case and gets hot)? Thanks for your time.
  4. Posts like these (people way more versed than I am on a topic) are why I love this forum. I just read all of that and I will easily admit I have no idea whats going on here - However I am more educated than I was 15 minutes ago. Continue please...lol
  5. Tristerin

    2133 MHz too slow for ryzen?

    Ill go with 2133mhz, straight to 3200, if it takes Ill do results there, if I have to downclock and tighten Ill do results there, cant spend a ton of time on it but will vet it out!
  6. Tristerin

    2133 MHz too slow for ryzen?

    Will do! Im usually too little butter spread over to much bread so it may take me a week to get to this after I receive the RAM Did a lot of research on reddit prior to going with the V-color (cause brand, Taiwan just emerging in the states basically) but they have great reviews on reddit for compatibility at 3200mhz, figured if I was going to jump in Im going balls deep, can always down clock lol
  7. Tristerin

    Ryzen 2700x with Asus B350 plus

    My 2 cents: That board was introduced for 95w TDP processors 2700x is 105w It will handle it, but its asking for potential trouble.
  8. Tristerin

    Nvlink 2 different RTX 2080's

    My only thoughts would be - does the NV Link fingers on the custom PCB's match up for height of NV Link (its solid from what I can tell) and the spacing horizontally
  9. Tristerin

    2133 MHz too slow for ryzen?

    ILY I Love You
  10. Tristerin

    2133 MHz too slow for ryzen?

    @MadmanRB@trevb0t@Juniiii@BuckGup Said F it, bought 2 sticks, going to test it myself and give myself another reason to start the upgrade from my FX lol.
  11. Tristerin

    2133 MHz too slow for ryzen?

    Worse case...I have ram for my next build bwuahahaha (if increases aren't phenomenal)
  12. Tristerin

    2133 MHz too slow for ryzen?

    Fantastic chip. I honestly have almost just built my next rig on the around the same chip. It is just bad ass (and only $146 new on EBAY right now). I need to go ahead and just bite the bullet and get the ram next pay period when my wife gives me my allowance from my own income and get the 3000 or 3200. I put an R9 Fury in it recently and that (GPU prices were just so LOL when ram was just so LOL) breathed some good life in it, but I feel it could do more. Maybe this is where it needs to come from. OP already has the RAM - that's the only reason I would say it wouldn't be worth replacing. In CAPS (I think) in another post in this thread I put - if system building, then yes of course get the higher MHz ram always. IIRC he said its single channel 8gb stick in another post. Yes I agree he would notice better, cheaper gains buying another for dual channel - but can agree it may be worth scrapping completely since hes likely only $50 bucks in.
  13. Tristerin

    Does Facebook even care anymore? - Plain Text Passwords

    This never gets old. I mean you can just feel the evil in this picture.
  14. Tristerin

    2133 MHz too slow for ryzen?

    Now testimonies like this I like to hear. My information is dated from 2017/Jan 2018 - and as you noted in your post there was likely optimization that's come over the last 1.25+ years. This is good information here.
  15. Tristerin

    2133 MHz too slow for ryzen?

    Please equate out what you guys are seeing - a 3-5% gain is marginal. A 10-15% gain is wow. A 20% gain is incredible. If you are saying 30% (I would call that a HUGE DIFFERENCE) than we are talking about an astronomical increase in performance per $100 invested in a PC. My use case showed 3-5% increase in frames across all the titles tested, I don't have my numbers because I didn't plan on defending them (and we should all go off our laurels of, we should be telling the truth). What actual gains are you getting now over previous average FPS sessions.
  16. Tristerin

    2133 MHz too slow for ryzen?

    My tests were ran in 2017 or like January 2018 so things could have changed for optimization. But what is a huge difference? Did you increase Frames Per Second by an equitable percentage? If so what was that percentage. When I ran my tests, across my Steam library it was 3-5% gains.
  17. Tristerin

    Sceptre Monitor

    Hit or miss if you read a ton of reviews. Ive debated, and not bought these, a few times.
  18. Tristerin

    2133 MHz too slow for ryzen?

    How about this, next paycheck Im going to buy a kit of 3200mhz if I can find one on sale for under $100, and will (given I can do the purchase without my wife killing me) do some more testing. *this isn't for you, its so I can then say I need to buy a mobo and chip for myself to replace my FX*
  19. Tristerin

    2133 MHz too slow for ryzen?

    So you are saying its a bottleneck? If that's your definition of a bottleneck than you must upgrade with this in mind "In Today, Outdated Tomorrow" There is breathing room to be gained, mostly in synthetic benchmarks. Unless there have been an overhaul since I last tested, it wasn't some SERIOUS OMG THE GAINZ BRO when I tested it...or my not poor ass would have swapped to 3000+ MHz because Im a gamer and my Ryzen rig is pushing an Acer pred 144hz monitor...wasn't enough gained there to care. But as others have stated in this thread - this topic sucks cause everyones an expert (sans those who own the equipment)
  20. Tristerin

    2133 MHz too slow for ryzen?

    I cant see videos where I am at right now. Are these benchmarks or games?
  21. Tristerin

    Buying tools from amazon?

    If that was my situation, I would purchase a good set of gauge blocks to ensure my equipment was actual zero, and reading actual measurements - if they are they are good to go! If they aren't, or are constantly losing zero with minimal to no shock..they are junk junk tools.
  22. Tristerin

    Buying tools from amazon?

    @Mr. Cucumber I just read some reviews on them - imho a lot of people abuse precision measuring equipment. Ive seen guys destroy Mitutoyo's, Starrets etc within 10 minutes of issuing them (shop foreman) cause they were dumb and dropped them etc. From what I read, just use them with careful in mind and I wouldn't mind saving a buck. My one question though - is this a hobby or professional endeavor. If professional for money making...and you can afford it...invest in the better known brands. And in Asia....good luck lol
  23. Tristerin

    What 120mm fans would you recomend for low noise & low cost

    @Necrocomputing I just swapped all the fans about a month or so ago in my Ryzen rig with Arctic P12's (as intake, exhaust, radiator fans) and am very pleased as well, great budget fan.
  24. Tristerin

    Is this technically better than Ryzen 3?

    https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/AMD-Ryzen-3-2200G-vs-AMD-FX-8350/m441832vs1489 Much faster single and quad core on the R3
  25. $16 shipped MATX DIYPC case - amazing deal, all black cables, screws used in some of the chassis to remove the panels if you don't want them there, no damage in transit or on case.  Materials are as expected, budget case.  10/10 will buy again