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  1. Tristerin

    Ebay graphics card

    I was always a nay sayer about Ebay used GPUs...until I bought 2 a few months back. Just use paypal and ebay guarantee and you cannot get scammed. Easy as that. Im tickled pink with my experience. Saved quite a bit of money.
  2. The company from Asia where I got my radiators sent 1 without the screws (fans and mounting) so I emailed about getting a pack of screws (its principle for me) and they sent me an extra entire other radiator with screws.  



    I should mention this is an extra 80mm radiator.  Not sure what to do with it but kudos to them for making it right.

    1. imreloadin


      How long did it take you to get the new rad lol?

    2. Tristerin


      3 weeks to get them then another 3 weeks (I honestly had forgotten about the screws) to get this extra rad / screws that was forgotten.  This overseas purchase was from Ebay, Aliexpress seems to take quite a bit longer (my 240mm rads have been stuck in customs for over 2 months lol...I have buyer protection and Aliexpress and seller keep extending it but I honestly only saved a little money, its only worth it if you don't care how long it can take - like my GPU block got trashed in transit, still waiting on its replacement) 

  3. Tristerin

    FREE $14.99 Elder Scrolls Game March 25th

    Thanks Dr. Historic Low!
  4. Ive been trying to keep myself from not buying an upgrade for the FX. But I have bad self control in this regard once the itch begins.
  5. Tristerin

    SSD lifespan (read only)

    My 840 has 22.6tb written with zero issues
  6. 16gb DDR4 3200 on the way, FX rig about to be replaced - Im stuck between a noob and a dumb place (cant help but scratch the itch, feel free to yell at me and tell me to wait). Help me decide: ASRock X370 ATX Pro 4 mobo on sale in my price range: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157800&ignorebbr=1 And either getting another Ryzen 7 1700 or Ryzen 5 2600/X or getting the combo deal below, HOWEVER I have a question (would be first ever MATX board for me, Im a full size ATX kind of gurl) - I have an R9 Fury Tri-X Nitro (slightly larger than 2 slots card), can it fit on this motherboard or will it block required headers on the mobo? (case is plenty big enough for it all) Its within my price range and I think the best route to go if my GPU wont block necessary ports/cant mount that card on its side in this case without modding and I don't want to mod this case) https://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboBundleDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.3885177&Description=Ryzen 5 2600x EDIT: I think it will fit, Im just stuck hitting the buy button on that combo so came here to ask tbh, unless the X370 is a far superior mobo, but by the tier list it isn't)
  7. @MadmanRB@trevb0t@Juniiii@BuckGup

    What other tests do we want ran before the 3200mhz shows up (will do games on the same day I get to do the tests)


    With 2133mhz Patriot 2x8gb

    Monitor: Acer XF270HU w/ DP cable





    Heaven on Extreme preset (1600x900)









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    2. Tristerin


      Came home to a package...nope not it (extra radiator...cant complain, they forgot screws so I emailed them and they said they would send me the screws...sent me an extra radiator and screw pack lol), should be here tomorrow per tracking.  If I have time will complete the tests tomorrow

    3. Tristerin


      Still in a sorting facility...cause they mis-shipped the package...5 minutes from my house, then sent it back to right outside St. Louis...good job USPS! lol





    4. MadmanRB
  8. Tristerin

    Stock Ryzen Air Cooler question

    Im always looking for the best bang for buck. Currently getting parts brought in to replace my FX rig. I can either spend $10-12 on an AM4 bracket kit for my H100i GTX AIO or use the air cooler that comes with my CPU (or I have one left over from my Ryzen 7 build still if I get just a CPU off ebay) (I do have a side built with water cooling but would have to order an AM4 cpu block for it specifically and use the parts I have but don't want to do that just yet) The H100i is nice, don't get me wrong, handles my FX like a boss. So I have a couple questions from those of you who have the air cooler in use: Can you hear it? I have a very good airflow CoolerMaster HAF case, so that wont be the problem, but I also don't want to hear it. My AIO I keep pump at 3000rpm (cant hear it) and fans at 40% (barely audible) and the results are great temps. What are your temps like? I like things being cool. How is the dissipation in a well vented case/open air rig (the air flow I have may as well be open air, nothing sits in the case and gets hot)? Thanks for your time.
  9. Posts like these (people way more versed than I am on a topic) are why I love this forum. I just read all of that and I will easily admit I have no idea whats going on here - However I am more educated than I was 15 minutes ago. Continue please...lol
  10. Tristerin

    2133 MHz too slow for ryzen?

    Ill go with 2133mhz, straight to 3200, if it takes Ill do results there, if I have to downclock and tighten Ill do results there, cant spend a ton of time on it but will vet it out!
  11. Tristerin

    2133 MHz too slow for ryzen?

    Will do! Im usually too little butter spread over to much bread so it may take me a week to get to this after I receive the RAM Did a lot of research on reddit prior to going with the V-color (cause brand, Taiwan just emerging in the states basically) but they have great reviews on reddit for compatibility at 3200mhz, figured if I was going to jump in Im going balls deep, can always down clock lol
  12. Tristerin

    Ryzen 2700x with Asus B350 plus

    My 2 cents: That board was introduced for 95w TDP processors 2700x is 105w It will handle it, but its asking for potential trouble.
  13. Tristerin

    Nvlink 2 different RTX 2080's

    My only thoughts would be - does the NV Link fingers on the custom PCB's match up for height of NV Link (its solid from what I can tell) and the spacing horizontally
  14. Tristerin

    2133 MHz too slow for ryzen?

    ILY I Love You
  15. Tristerin

    2133 MHz too slow for ryzen?

    @MadmanRB@trevb0t@Juniiii@BuckGup Said F it, bought 2 sticks, going to test it myself and give myself another reason to start the upgrade from my FX lol.