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  1. 30 minutes of Heaven, GPU balanced out around 5 min in and fluctuated from 52, 53c for balance of run.  CPU wasn't adding much to that equation but Im happy overall with the overall temps during heavy gaming (CoD Warzone for a few hour sessions) the loop runs at 50-51c for both CPU (OC) and GPU (stock) with occasional spiking on CPU a few degree up.  


    Going to work on GPU overclocking later this week (been on vacation, out with kids all day at State Parks this week) or weekend to see what I can hit.  If the GPU overclocks well Ill drop the CPU off the loop and give it the entire radiator space (600mm) to see what we can pull out of it:



    temps heaven.PNG

    1. Tristerin


      Also added an Arctic F8 to blow on the VRMs :)