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  1. What do you mean? are you saying that GeForce experience optimization is not changing the settings, from default? @dfsgsfa
  2. Thank you Tofu but I am looking for a overall solution for my build. But, I'll surely try your solution too!
  3. Hello friends, I am desperate to understand what makes my build bottleneck. I've been playing games like Fallout 4 or Skyrim and I don't get the performance I was expecting. I always update my gpu and optimize my games with the Nvidia experience program. I've most recently been playing RDR 2 and at first, my gpu usage was around 60% and I could play on high to ultra settings (60 hz). Since a recent game patch, the gpu usage went down to 30-40% and I can't get the same graphics performance. I've tried many thing like turning the freesync on and off, putting my pc in performance mode (windows) and gaming mode (BIOS). I did not overclock my system. I understand that I do not have the latest tech, but here is my system: Ryzen 1800x cpu Asus mobo stryx b350 f gaming Msi duke 1080 graphics card 2x 8gb 3000 ram sticks Cooling master 240mm rad with 2 120 mm fans Evga 750w gold plus psu LG monitor ultrawide screen (2560 x 1080 75hz) I am looking to upgrade the part(s) that is causing this. Thanks guys for your help! Gab
  4. Ok cool thanks guys! I haven't shut down my pc yet. I hope it will boot normally once I shut it down.
  5. I did and everything is connected the way it's written in the manual. Now my computer works fine on windows10 . I still have the orange light on the motherboard though.. I am afraid that if I shut the computer I might have to open the case, use my screw driver to reset to boot it. Any ideas what the orange light might be? I've check in the manual, on the internet. Nothing helpful., Thank you guys for your help anyway!
  6. I am installing it right now and so far the pc is working just fine. It's just that I need to use my screwdriver to start the pc with the restart pin everytime
  7. Yes I have a ssd and a Hdd. I even have an external drive with all the drivers update on it and windows. They all appear in the bios. I will try to clear the CMOS like ypu guys said.
  8. I honestly don't know how to clear the CMOS or what it is ahah..
  9. Hi everyone thanks for reading this (if you do). I am a first time builder with the following parts: Ryzen 1800x cpu Asus mobo stryx b350 f gaming Msi duke 1080 graphics card 2 8gb ram sticks Cooling master 240mm rad with 2 120 mm fans Evga 750w gold plus psu Basically the computer is completely build. When came the first ever boot: nothing but a orange light and some rgb lighting. After some digging, i found how to restart with a screwdriver on the mobo. It booted to the normal mobo menu (i guess). I did a restart to get into the bios. From there, i can only boot straight to the bios now. Every components worls fine and in the bios everything appears to be fine. I cannot cold boot. I've triple check everything connections, cable etc and still nothing. Please someone help me!!